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1 Hanna Marin Hanna Marin Hanna Olivia Marin is a fictional character created by Sara Shepard for the Pretty Little Liars book series, and later developed for the Freeform television series adaptation by I.

She is the most amazing and passionate character in the series and shows great credibility!

Hanna is funny, cute and lightens up the mood with her jokes. She's also extremely protective of the ones she love like her mom, the other liars and Caleb. She's also intelligent, though she seems like the dumb blonde. In the finale of season 1, Hanna was the one who didn't trust the police officer and told him that she had written a note for her mom. She also doesn't care what other people think of her and is really daring and brave. She always stands up for herself and especially for the ones she love like Caleb's foster mom. I think Hanna is a very deep and complex character and it takes a lot of "reading between the lines" to understand her personality. She's very smart, people just don't see it. She isn't book smart, but she's got a sharp mind that helps the liars a lot in times of crisis.

I LOVE her

Shes my queen

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2 Spencer Hastings

I love Spencer Hastings because she reminded me of your sister Alex Drake she is a bad person not Spencer Hastings isn't bad but the real Spencer Hastings is a nice girl I know I am very so lucky to have her as my best Character on pretty little liars because I don't know why she is so speeding so fast on that medicine on the show is she Always like this you know that is not good for her to take medicine without Adult knowing she is taking the medicine without her parent knowing you why she is speeding just like Alison DiLaurentis, is right you all know I am always right I did that once I got in trouble for that and so as you Spencer Hastings you might getting in so much trouble to take medicine it is not right to do that please don't do that okay it might hurt you on doing your suppose to taken it safe not putting your life in Danger to your body... that is my fact about Spencer Hastings

Sexy, gorgeous, insanely intelligent, funny, and can be snobby when she wants to be. If Spencer wasn't a part of the liars they wouldn't know a thing to do. Without her they'd still be at square one. Even though she went to radley she's still the one most focused on finding A. Toby shouldn't be second best though, she deserves so much better than him. I get he wants to find out what happened to his mom but it was selfish of him to give the van to a just for a file. Especially when he knows how A is.

Spencer is intelligent and witty. She is a very strong character, which is shown through the way that she is constantly defending her friends. -A (Mona) actually admires Spencer's intelligence and bravery. She taught us that it is okay to not be perfect. She puts other before herself, this is shown when she says in the Season 3 finale 'I stopped worrying about myself a long time ago'. She defends Jason and Melissa, besides the mounting evidence toward them being -A and killing Bethany. She is the BEST character ever!

Spencer will always be my favourite. She understands everything perfectly and is the first to tell the truth. "I never want to go back to the way I was. All I cared about was winning, now all I want is to be happy"
The other Liars always blame spencer, and expect everything from her. They can act hypocritically towards her if she ever does anything slightly wrong, but don't expect her to do the same. It drives me crazy how Ali says she 'doesn't trust her' when Spencer does the most to help her. Spencer is beautiful and so incredibly intelligent. Without her, the others would be utterly lost. I love Pretty Little Liars but relate to Spencer so much more than the rest. Always a Spencer fan!

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3 Aria Montgomery Aria Montgomery Aria Marie Montgomery is a fictional character and a central protagonist in the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard.

She's so sweet and pretty

I just love her!

Aria is my favorite and has the best personality of all the liars, also she caring for her brother Mike and is caring to people she is close with like her family. She is a unique character on the show from her personality to her fashion style and has a spunky attitude that I like. Aria is mature for her age and is smart in dangerous situations, also is always there for the liars all the time. She is a cute pretty girl that I can hangout with or can probably date and is cool to be around, also is a outgoing person that is bold, fearless, and fierce.

Really, how can you not love her? Not only is she insanely gorgeous, pretty and has an amazing smile (even when she's frowning, she's still really, heckin' beautiful) but she is mature for her age. Yes, she also has an amazing personality, and cares for her friends, and especially her family. She can be witty and sassy if she tries and wants to. She is smart in adversities and in the face of danger; fierce and brave. Definitely my favourite, will always be my favourite.

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4 Alison DiLaurentis Alison DiLaurentis

! I love Ali so much! She is by far the best liar, she is sexy, beautiful, smart, funny, confident and knows what she wants and isn't afraid to do whatever it takes to get it. She can be a bit rude and manipulative sometimes but we all have good and bad qualities about ourselves and I think it's better then to be boring! Also, to get what you want you may have to hurt people in the process and if other people find it rude that is their problem! She is an awesome leader but maybe should toughen up a little, instead of leaving her friends to deal with her mess. Overall, she is amazing, so talented, mysterious, passionate, daring, straight-talking and full of suspense. Her character is very complex and I think Sasha Pieterse plays her perfectly. She always turns me on when she's on screen and I wish I was more like her! Go Alison!

Love her

Alison is so awesome! She should be number one. Without her, the girls personalities would be so different. She shaped them into the liars they are.

Strong personality, very smart and maybe even too smart for her age. And it's so amazing how she effects the entire Rosewood for years.

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5 Emily Fields

Emily is actually the best character on the show. She's super pretty, brave, and smart. She's been through so much. Personally I love Emily and Paige because Paige is so protective of Emily. Emily is also the most loyal of all the girls so I think Emily should be higher up on the list.

She can be funny sometimes, but she's always been an interesting character to me. She goes through a lot! I'm sure this season has lots in store for her. There's cars crashing through her house, and family services after her. Emily's a great character. She'd be better without Paige, though. I like seeing her character on screen without Paige. It makes her a whole lot more fun to watch.

Emily is relatively underrated. Despite all she has been through and her sweet, trusting persona, people rank Alison above her. Quite a waste if you ask me.

How is Emily this low!? Emily is a bit quiet and shy but she stands up for herself when she needs too! The poor girl has almost gotten killed multiple times! She is also the sweetest and nicest person out of everyone. She's also gorgeous.

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6 Mona Vanderwaal

She is really the most interesting character in this show.

I feel bad for her all the time though.

Even though she didn't fully admit it, she has been trying to get the liars to forgive her since season 3.

Remember the fire at the lodge? Mona screamed that she'll "never get to know who she is", referring to Redcoat. That same episode, Hanna stated that if (Spencer, but the same applies to Mona) didn't know who Redcoat was, "you are still one of us." Mona had been trying to discover Redcoat's identity and tell the Liars throughout all of season three. She fooled everyone into thinking she was on A's side; Toby, the Liars. Everyone except Charlotte, obviously.

After 5x12 it is more than clear whose side she's on. And I think after what she did for them in that episode that she deserves the Liars' forgiveness. Sure, her plan failed, but she proved that she was willing to die for them - and almost did on a few occasions.

By season 7, when Mona is ...more

Believe it or not, Mona is the character that scared me the most (she doesn't even need a black hood to be scary; Janel Parrish does an A-mazing at giving me the chills on her own). Despite her insanity and mind games, she feels like the most complex character and a very sympathetic one. I loved her so much that she was the character I cared about the most, more than the Liars.

Mona is just brilliant! Janel Parish is an AMAZING actress! LOVE HER!

The only character I liked from the beginning to the end of this show

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7 Toby Cavanaugh

He should be a regular on the show as he is the best male character on the show and much more interesting than Ezra and Caleb combined. The only reason I believe he's not is because Keegans last name is Allen and the main cast list goes in alphabetical order therefore he would be billed first before Trojan Bellesario but it's a stupid and unfair reason if you ask me. Spencer is the best female character on the show therefore Toby being the best male character it was inevitable and a smart move putting them together. Those two are so good together they can have their own show. Another point to be proven that Toby is the best male character and one of the best if not the best character of the entire show, in season 3 Toby was given a central role and the best storyline that any character including Spencer has been given, in season 4 Ezra was given the same opportunity but wasn't nearly interesting enough to effectively pursue it and finally Caleb of all characters played by Tyler ...more

Okay, I'm a die-hard Spoby shopper, so this was an easy choice. He's my favorite boyfriend out of the others! Toby is a hottie, and he's totally amazing and a super interesting character. His character development is going great, and they're showing his sensitive side, which is something refreshing to see. I love Toby

Toby is a hottie. I felt bad for him in season 1 because he was getting death threats and people would cross the side walk because they saw him coming. Toby is a strong character, and I'm happy to see that Spencer is nice to him.

Toby is about as interesting as a dishwasher. His character is always trying to get involved and won't leave Spencer alone when she is trying to do something that doesn't involve him. He also thinks that a massage from him will solve all of Spencer's problems. - Anonymous3

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8 Caleb Rivers

By far my fave, he's such a sweetheart, and the most loyal boyfriend to Hanna. He is honestly all I want in a guy. He's so talented with computers and technology, as well as his super sad past which I just admire him for. Also he's like really cute and that shaggy hair though?

I hope you have fate to look up for your bravery

Team Haleb for ever I love Caleb so much

I think that Caleb is the best bad boy and the perfect boyfriend of all them!

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9 Maya St. Germain

Maya was pretty and outgoing. Her character actually had some humor. I did not agree with a lot of things she said and did but at least I could watch her on the screen without cringing.

Maya deserved more. She was a hilarious, strong character that took no crap from anyone. She saw the best in everyone and made a lasting impression in everyone. She didn't have to die.

I love Maya! Why comment in this section if all you have to say is bad things, go back to the Aria comments idiots!

Loved her

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10 CeCe Drake

Ce ce is a marvellous char played by the actor so brilliantly. Beautiful, charming, mysterious & the best villian in rosewood. I loved the way she was portrayed & loved it when she was A. She is a beauty too. No wonder her admirers are numerous

Best character... She deserved bettet

I love her she is a very mysterious character she keeps me hanging waiting for the next episode

Best Character and adds a new dimension to the show. Wish she was on it more often

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11 Noel Kahn

He was gone for the first half of Season 4. He will return in the finale. Even though, he is kinda creepy but he is very sexy.

The show didn't do him justice. Noel's character was greatly expanded in the books.

I don't like him, he is really weird.

He is a nerd

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12 Jenna Marshall

I love Jenna, I think she is not the person you must be afraid of. She is so beautiful. I understand that she is that bad cause what "the 5" had done... She has got a good character.

Even though she can scare me, her character is a real nice addition to the show.

I love her character she is very unexplainable but I feel like she is perfect for this show

I love the fact that she can be as manipulative and strong as Alison even when she is blind

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13 Mike Montgomery

I miss him! Cody Christian<3 he hasn't been here since season 2, and I miss him. So glad he's coming back in Gamma Zeta Die.

He gets my heart pounding when he enters the episode because I'm worried if Mona will be with him

He is very cute boy, but very mysterious and suspicious.

So nice of you to think about your sister like that

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14 Jason DiLaurentis

He's been my favorite since beginning. I really ship him and Aria and was disappointed that he wasn't given much screen time

Where has this guy been!? I miss him. He's an awesome character. If Jake leaves, I hope they allow him to be with Aria. Jason is a really hot and awesome character. I hope they reveal more about his past soon.

Handsome, hot, kind of mystic, independent and rather quiet but still lovely and honestly! He's always alone but stays strong though. just the best pll guy of all! Don't get how aria could choose Ezra instead of him?!

In my opinion he should be in more drama it's fun watching him

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15 Ezra Fitz

He's the best

Why isn't Ezra in the top ten AT LEAST? He's amazing and so kind hearted and sweet! Not even to mention good looking. If he was my teacher I would have have done the same as Aria!

I couldn't stand Ezra. Am I the only one who thinks its weird that his eyes are automatically drawn to teenage girls? - Anonymous3

He's just adorable and him and Aria are the cutest couple ever

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16 Ashley Marin

She is such a good and interesting person. Hanna Has luck.

I just really like Hanna's mom for some reason haha

Best mom ever! Except for the fling with Jason

I wish she was my mother

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17 Paige McCullers

She loves Emily SO MUCH!

Don't kill me, but I think she is annoying. Always wanting to protect emily like she her 2 year old child

Truly, and utterly, she's not that bad a character. Sure, she stared (and ended) a little (a lot) shaky, but in the middle, a good character. She had some really memorable moments, such as, saving Spencer from A on the Ghosttrain? ANyone REMEMBER THAT? HUH? HUH?

Don't fix your friendship with Emily fields you are butter off without her

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18 Ella Montgomery

She is my favorite. I love charmed so much - iggyjepsen

She is very pretty mommy

She's so nice and caring, like I watching Piper again. I love her

Why is this charmed one not in the top 10?

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19 Alex Santiago
20 Melissa Hastings

At first I didn't like her, but actually she's a really interesting character.

She's so hot, should've been more on the show.

Love her so much

She stunning

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21 Wren Kingston

He's so hot and he never took advantage of spencer

22 Isaac Colbert

Don't even remember who this Isaac is... WHERE IS WREN? He should be #5 after Hanna, spencer, aria and emily (no order of them 4 because they r equally amazing)

23 Jake (Unknown Last Name)

Don't hate me, but I'm loving the mystery of Jake. The actor Ryan Guzman is definitely a hottie, but what drew me to him is his mysterious character. We don't know where he came from, but he's all of a sudden here. I feel like there's plenty of twists with Jake, and I want to see his relationship with Aria thrive. I hope they allow Jake to stick around, and without Ezra and Aria together :( Ezra is going to mess Jake and Aria up, I hate that! Jake has so much potential!

I love Jake he was an awesome character and he's amazing

24 Meredith Gates Stevens
25 Sean Ackard
26 A

A is the best villain of all time.

A team 4life

Why isn't A higher on this list?! A is highly intelligent, skillful in just about everything, and always keeps the Liars on their toes... - DieGedankenSindFrei

Homegirl/boy was lit

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27 Lucas Gottesman

Lucas is my favorite, even topping Mona for me. He is adorable and I love him so much. Yay Lucas!

I really like Lucas.When he first comes into pretty little liars, we all kind of thought that there might be a sort of love connection with Hanna Marin but when she finds out that lucas destroyed Alison memorial it was almost as if she was breaking up with him even though they where never together. I think he is reall great and I light up when ever he is in a scene!
Great actor

He's so cute

28 Andrew Campbell
29 Alex Drake

She is such a bitch but I love it

30 Darren Wilden
31 Byron Montgomery
32 Pam Fields
33 Carla Grunwald
34 Ben Coogan
35 Samara
36 Shana Fring

She may be a creepy two faced stalker, but she was a great addition to the cast.

She is gone long time she is not good after all

37 Sydney Driscoll

Was a sunshine in the room with her heart at time

38 Meredith Sorenson

I hate her. She is crazy

39 Isabel Marin
40 Mrs. DiLaurentis
41 Veronica Hastings

Strong mum. Loves her daughters and even though her family is sorta messed up and she is kinda strict I like her

42 Dianne Fitzgerald
43 Charles DiLaurentis
44 Sara Harvey Sara Harvey


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