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Opeth is a Swedish progressive death metal band from Stockholm, formed in 1990 by David Isberg, who invited Mikael Akerfeldt into the band as a bassist. Isberg ended up leaving the band, which lead to Mikael becoming the band's vocalist, guitarist, principal songwriter, and driving force. Along with ...read more.


Opeth is perhaps the perfect Prog metal band. Their music goes to show just how much can be done and accomplished by music. Most bands change their style and tone throughout the course of their entire career, Opeth changes their style multiple times in one song. They may start out with a haunting riff, go full death metal just after, go operatic after that and get back to death growls, and somehow make it sound really natural. And their guitar riffs, oh the riffs. As meaty as it gets. And did I mention Mikael Akerfeldt? That man is a genius. Whatever he does, he does amazingly. Opeth is just a complete package. And an almost perfect one.


Opeth has been and always will be my favorite progressive band on the planet, I discovered their song, When, on a century media sampler CD when I was a teenager many, many years ago and it changed my life forever. At the time I was a metal head but they completely changed the way I looked at music from then on, from their early releases like Morningrise and Still Life, with their Black/death metal roots to their new albums which dropped the metal and moved in a Camel/Pink Floyd direction, I personally have never herd another band in my entire life with the passion, talent and musicianship that Opeth possesses. In my eyes they deserve to top this list.

First class songwriting with awesome dynamics and tempo changes. The songs and arrangements are in focus. High-class musicianship as it should be in this genre, but for me the songs should come first. Prog rock is my cup of tea in many shapes and forms, but I prefer solid melodies and feeling over complexity in songs and playing.

Opeth's music stands out as emotional and atmospheric although intricate and this is the fine balance that I didn't find at other bands.Then it has some finesse and subtlety in shifting moods and styles which is also quite rare, compared only to the best prog-rock bands of the 70's.That's why their music will be quite timeless I think.

Well if I talk about I have really no words to express what this band means to me. I mean I think they are the only band who scare you like in a very gentle way. Simply the vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt he is like truly awesome. I tried so much but never found a band like them. Someone Suggested me BTBAM but seriously NO. One thing I must say Porcupine Tree on #8 man. I think they Should like with Opeth above or below I don't care. Still these two bands are my personal favourite.

Opeth is a masterpiece of music, unmatched by any others. Dream Theater is a bore-fest after a couple songs, but Opeth can manage to never get boring. Their songs evolve just as you start to lose interest, and they meld the brutal with the soft and meaningful so perfectly that to put them any lower than number one is an atrocity. Dream Theater doesn't deserve to play with Opeth.

I grew up a heavy metal fan however I left it in my adult years because it no longer had that extra zing or pep I needed. It was Opeth who not only drew me back to heavy metal but to a more extreme form of it known as death metal. They are now my number 1 rock band of all time.

Most versatile band in the world. They can take your feelings from the deepest bowels of hell to a jazz piano bar then into your lovers arms and finish it with the sadness of your mothers funeral all in one song!

Only true musicians can appreciate their sound. The acoustic parts are unique and very complex. Try listening to "The Moor", "Closure", "Ending Credits", "I Feel The Dark"

If you are a true Progressive Metal fan you'll not discover a single weak song off their discography..yes maybe some production issue in earlier stuffs will obscure some of the hidden gems but in the end if you listen to them with full devotion, I can assure you'll end up appreciating their musicianship.

People really think putting a keyboardist in your band makes you progressive. I'd actually consider them one of the least progressive on this list. They're great in the metal category, but not in the prog category. - naFrovivuS

Opeth is the best band ever! I have heard a great deal of bands but Opeth definitely takes the first place. Its sounds are charming and haunting. The music and lyrics are energizing.

Opeth is everything that good listener is need. I love richard wagner, Schubert, Mozart and Opeth. This band is really progressing.. Keep calm and love Opeth

I don't think there is a single living soul who has heard Ghost Of Perdition and did not like it... Opeth is up there with the best progressive metal bands m/.

Awesome. To the core! Lots of off timing and natural minor variations give them a very unique sound that's both new and familiar

This is it. This is the band that completed my search for the ultimate band AND GREAT MUSIC WITH SOUL. After listening to metal for 10 yrs, I came across 'Opeth', this is the kind of music I always wanted and got it in not just one album but many. All there albums are masterpiece for me. Soft to haunting to aggressive to means and happy to sad. Everything it has, a complete package. This is the number 1 progressive band. This kind of music can CURE A MAN and give a reason to live.

I love their music, it's just the growling that makes me not want to listen to it. If I could find any instrumental versions of their songs, I'd listen to them all the time. - Songsta41

Immensely skilled in all the departments...very innovative and intelligent musicians who puts lots of efforts and thoughts towards their music... INCREDIBLE!

Amazing band. This band is very good both in instrumental talent and great vocals. Blackwater Park, Deliverance, Watershed, and even Heritage (though Heritage is so different). These albums are just amazing. The only prog metal band that is near equal to Opeth is BTBAM and I really hope this band tops DT... Can't stand James's Whiny voice, but I'll admit Petrucci is damn good at guitar.

omg can't believe opeth is not number one... akerfeldt alone can't be beaten by DT.. OPETH rules metal not just prog metal.. DT should be 3rd n tool 2nd.. - theapostleintriumph

Opeth should be above Tool hands down. Mikael Akerfeldt is one of the most brilliant composers of our time. A hell of a lot more progressive than Tool.

Nothing compares to Opeth for me. They have become a huge part of my life. Honestly a bit sad after Heritage, but Pale Communion is better.

Opeth bends both dream theater and tool over. Enough said.

Without doubt best prog metal band forever