Top Ten Most Punk Sounding Songs of the 1960s


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1 Kick Out the Jams - Mc5

This one is really sounds like a pure punk rock song from 1969 - somekindofaguy

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2 I Wanna Be Your Dog - Stooges
3 I Heard Her Call My Name - The Velvet Underground

Lou Reed really outdid himself in this one. The vocals and the lyrics are very good, and the guitar solo is worth a mention, too! It's so sad just because it's heavier than their psychedelic/poppy songs it's so underrated... - somekindofaguy

4 She's Got Eyes that Tell Lies - Him and the Others
5 Pushin' Too Hard - Seeds
6 Cinderella - The Sonics
7 Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin

Ripped off song

8 All Day and All of the Night - The Kinks
9 You're Gonna Miss Me - 13th Floor Elevators
10 Helter Skelter - The Beatles

However it's mentioned everywhere as proto-metal, it's closer to punk than metal. There is hardly any elements in this song that sounds like inspried metal, but you can hear elements through the song that sounds like inspired punk. - somekindofaguy

The Contenders

11 My Generation - The Who

Antisocial lyrics, raw and angry vocals and stripped down power chord guitar riffs. Sounds like punk to me. - TheStargazer

@TheStargazer Yes, it is punk enough, too. The earlier Who with their wild behavior and loud music influented the later punk music very well, no doubt. - somekindofaguy

12 You Really Got Me - The Kinks
13 Strychnine - Sonics
14 Leaving Here - The Birds
15 It Always Happens that Way - The Shadows of Knight
16 I'm a Man - The Elois
17 You're Driving Me Insane - The Missing Links
18 Crawdaddy Simone - The Syndicates
19 It's Shocking What They Call Me - The Game
20 I Don't Care - Thor's Hammer V 1 Comment
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1. Kick Out the Jams - Mc5
2. I Wanna Be Your Dog - Stooges
3. I Heard Her Call My Name - The Velvet Underground



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