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1 Spread Your Wings

One of my top 3 underrated Queen songs

So happy it's #1

Should have been on Greatest Hits as it was a classic song. It reached number 34 in the UK, but was released after the album.

This is a great song that deserves more attention and is one of the best songs on the news of the world album

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2 Another One Bites the Dust

I love this one. Very simple, but powerful enough to become masterpiece as it is now. - Userguy44

This song always gets stuck in my head

The best bass riff ever

Great bass riff!
This was Michael Jackson's favourite Queen song!

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3 I Want to Break Free

There isn't any human being in the hall world, who doesn't love this song. It's everbody's favourite, everybody can sing the full song perfectly.

This is one of my favourite.

Oh, wow, I thought Roger wrote this one. I love this song. I love the video, and it's so funny the way each of them is dressed up. Especially Freddie, keeping that beautiful signature mustache. I also laugh whenever I see Roger dressed up as a schoolgirl.
Long live Queen. Long live Freddie Mercury.

One of my favourite.

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4 You're My Best Friend

I love this song! It speaks to my heart!

Wrote it for his wife, as they got married this year. HUGE hit. Everyone knows this song.

Cute song. :3 - Misfire

5 One Year of Love

One of John Deacon's masterpieces, most people think Freddie wrote the song with him, but no it's all John's work. I think the song they are getting it mixed with is Pain To Close To Pleasure.

The finest song from John and Freddie. Without John Deacon's melody or Freddie Mercury's voice, this song wouldn't be so emotional and enchanting. If I have to live by only one song, this could be it.

6 My Life Has Been Saved

The last song written by John Deacon. A brilliant song, especially the version on "Made in Heaven". The song is one final masterpiece from the second greatest songwriter in Queen.

7 Who Needs You

Just amazing. I love this song so much.

8 Back Chat

An awesome song! I love this song so much! The best from Hot Space!

9 You and I

Yet another great song, again totally underrated

This, along with Spread Your Wings, really deserved to be better known than it is. Both songs are superb, lyrically strong, catchy without relying on simple repetitive chords, and just plain fun to listen to. Ultimately, I voted for You and I as I think Spread Your Wings is finally starting to get some long-due respect (was on the recent Deep Cuts II album) whilst this one is still languishing in relative obscurity.

10 Need Your Loving Tonight

Queen's most underrated song

Very good

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11 In Only Seven Days

I adore this song. Pure beauty.

12 Misfire

This is a great 'calling out' song. Catchy tune and lyrics that, basically, say "Tell me how you really feel and don't aim for just the nerve". When I was younger I would play this song repetitively to give me strength when it came to affairs of the heart.

13 If You Can't Beat Them
14 Rain Must Fall

A very underrated song by John Deacon, and could have been the last single released from the Miracle Album

15 All Dead, All Dead

Amazing vocals

Awesome transitions

Catchy and relaxing

Written by Brian May!

16 Execution of Flash
17 Friends Will Be Friends
18 The Hitman

John Deacon wrote this hard rock classic? That is awesome! - Userguy44

19 Stone Cold Crazy

It was actually written by every member. - Userguy44

20 Arboria (Planet of the Tree Men)
21 Cool Cat
22 Under Pressure
23 Pain is So Close to Pleasure
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1. Spread Your Wings
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1. I Want to Break Free
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3. One Year of Love


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