Top 10 Questions About Politics to Ask People

The Top Ten

1 Trump or Clinton?

I hate both, but Clinton. - Powerfulgirl10

AMerica is doomed. - AnonymousChick

Not Trump anymore, I choose Hillary - Neonco31

I take that Trump back! I choose Clinton instead! - Neonco31

2 Favorite 2016 Candidate Who Dropped Out?

Bernie Sanders - MrCoolC

Bernie Sanders. - Powerfulgirl10

Bernie Sanders - RoseWeasley

Bernie Sanders. - DarkBoi-X

3 Favorite President?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - iliekpiez

Calvin Coolidge - BrideiMacBella

Lydon johnson - RecklessGreed

FDR (except for what he did to Japanese Americans) - RoseWeasley

4 Country with Best Political System?

The United States. Representative democracy, baby. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Don't know, certainly not Spain - Martinglez

Any Nordic country. - MrCoolC

Russia lol. - Therandom

5 What Makes a Good President?

Someone who improves the country, who cares about people, & who cares about important issues. - RoseWeasley

Someone who's balanced. Someone who isn't trying to have all the power because the other branches will prevent them. Someone who's going to be a GOOD figure for the US, one that people look at to ensure they are safe and happy within the nation. - Nonpointed

A president that actually cares about the country, and does a good job and everything. - cosmo

All I care about is that they actually have beliefs and are driven by a desire to improve this country rather than being driven by power or greed - tgbhj

6 How is the Country's Current Political State?

We are in that moment on chess when you can't literally do anything to win. We are stuck.

Update: Now we are screwed - Martinglez

Bad. - Therandom

Crap - blackflower

A sitting duck :( - Neonco31

7 Least Favorite President?

Donald Trump (if he ever becomes president.) - Powerfulgirl10

Now he is. I'm praying desperately to God he doesn't screw around once he gets inaugurated. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Richard Nixon, but Trump's getting there. - iliekpiez

Andrew Jackson. - RoseWeasley

James Bunchman, followed closely by Obama. - Therandom

8 Parliament or Congress?

Congress - Therandom

Congress - iliekpiez

Congress - Nateawesomeness

9 How are the White House, Congress, and Supreme Court Doing Right Now?

White House needs a change. - Therandom

US Poltics is awful. - iliekpiez

Crap - blackflower

10 Opinion on Herbert Hoover?

I'm not the best at US history (i grew up in mexico so don't kill me) but I'm doing the play Annie so I'm pretty sure he was responsible for the depression? If so, he was bad. - AnonymousChick

He was not good - Nonpointed

Bad president - iliekpiez

Bad - Therandom

The Contenders

11 May or Corbyn?

Corbyn, but he is bad - iliekpiez


12 Do You Really Support the Constitution?
13 What does the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States really mean?
14 Are you sick and tired of all this conflict, regardless of political leanings?
15 Would You Like to Escape from Politics?
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