Reasons Why the Pledge of Allegiance is Stupid

Hm... Definitely gonna get a lot of hate for this list, but meh. I do it because I can.

Like I can buuuurrrn the flag.... Hehehe....

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1 "Under God" is not appropriate for a country founded on religious freedom

This country was founded on Christian values. You cannot argue with that. The Pilgrims were Christian. Most of the Founding Fathers were Christian. People need to stop getting offended over that heritage. The founders still believed in the freedom of religion. Besides, most 'religions' believe in a God or some other higher power, so why would it be inappropriate anyway?

And also, This line wasn't even added until 1954, where the U.S.A wanted to "escape" the Godless communists.

2 You're pledging allegiance to a piece of fabric

It's a piece of fabric that represents everything we stand for! This list is garbage

The flag has no value more than a shirt you would wear.

3 There is no liberty and/or freedom for everybody

If you have an equal opportunity then if you worked harder someone who worked less will get a bigger reward is basically what your saying.

Freedom gives equal opportunity for all. NOT equal outcome. People are responsible for their own lives and destinies.

This is true. America is improving though.

4 Kids are forced to say this every single day

I never do it for religious reasons, so you don't have to do it if you don't salute the United States of America or if you have other concerns/reasons.

This is only true for kids that are in k-12th grade. They only have to do this while they're in school. Once you're in college, they stopped doing this.

They pledge to something every single day if they don't understand why they are doing it

5 It was made by a socialist
6 It was made to sell more flags

Yes, it was made by a socialist to sell more flags for a company. Deal with it.

7 If you don't say it, you get rejected

Not in high school. You can just stand there only.

When I was in like kindergarten to 8th grade all the students had to say it, no exceptions. In high school, though, saying it was optional. The students are only required to stand. Even the teachers didn't have to say it.

The only exception was my special ed teacher, who DEMANDED US to say it, despite the fact that the other staff and students can just stand. Once, we didn't say it, and we all got told off for it.

I don't get rejected, and I'm pretty sure lots of other people at my school say it just because they feel they have to/are used to it. I do feel bad for those who do get rejected when they shouldn't. Saying the pledge should be a personal choice for every school, because some people don't do it for religious reasons and/or have other concerns and reasons.

8 Kids know little about the thing they're pledging allegiance to
9 America is not "indivisible"
10 It's a violation to the First Amendment

Freedom of speech is established in the 1st Amendment specifically for the protection of 'offensive' speech. Otherwise, anyone can say anything is 'offensive' and have it censored.

Freedom of speech is in the first amendment,and the pledge doesn't keep you from saying something.

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11 Because stupid liberals are going to throw a fit about it

Oh, I'm liberal all right... and I'm about ready to throw a full-on fit about this stupid list. First of all, what is this "You're pledging allegiance to a piece of fabric" nonsense? The American flag is a symbol of everything great that America stands for! In addition, once again, the creator of this list comes up with poor and often contradictory arguments. I mean, really? "It's a violation to the First Amendment". HOW? People are free on whether to do the pledge of allegiance. Your religion lists were already atrocious enough, and now I have to deal with your anti-American malarkey. Finally, ever heard of Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow? The pledge of allegiance does not violate the Establishment Clause.

12 It forces nationalism

Taking prides in one nation is ok. Being proud to be where you from is ok. But this is something that's straight out of dictatorship. It indirectly forces child to stand for a country that does evil and not question said evil.

13 The rest of developed world doesn't have this silly ritual

Even developing countries don't have anything as stupid as the pledge. Most of the world is smarter than dumb americans not to treat their flag like it's a sacred item on par with the Holy Grail. Only really dumb people swear allegiance to a piece of cloth.

14 If an enemy country of the US forced their kids to pledge allegiance, we would find it fascist and want to liberate them

You know the snowflake conservatives would be like oh Iran forces public to sing the national anthem every morning than pledge to their country flag. They would want to liberate them or find it crazy. Like look at Iran brainwashing their citizens. Yet they don't connect the dots back to their own country.

15 It's unnecessary
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