Top Ten Ways Republican Politicians Are Irrational

What kind of things do Republicans think that make completely no sense for the greater good of humanity?
The Top Ten
1 Their number one priority is themselves

Lol did a democrat post this? I am an independent but this describes both republicans and democrats. They are more loyal to their stupid political party than to their own country and it is disgraceful. Vote for the best candidate and the one you agree with, don't vote for someone just because of their party.

Their purpose is to help benefit our country, their number one priority should be the middle class

2 They prioritize the welfare of billion dollar corporations over the welfare of America

Trump is in the first place a showman, a entertainer with a great ego problem. The headlines should be about him and that's why you see one strange performance after another ( his public statements and tweets ). That and his proper businesses are the only things he really care about. And it works like a distraction for the American people ( his supporters and his haters ). Truth is that meanwhile his savage part of his right wing administration is fully dedicated to providing support for private corporate powers ( and everything else can be dismissed ) and step by step that's what they're doing with their budget proposals. They eliminate little by little the federal budget ( exept for the military support and for the private wealth of the corporate powers ) trying to benefit the elite of the republican party. Everything else ( tax reforms for the middle-class, Healthcare etc... ) are just sophisticated words to keep the people distracted and happy. At the end it comes to one thing, rich will be richer and poor will not see suddenly a better life.

3 They believe good healthcare isn't a natural right

It says it right in the Declaration of Independence and the constitution, life liberty and pursuit of happiness. I'm pretty darn sure that someone with cancer, isn't happy

4 They lie to us all the time

Aspartame metabolizes in the body to Tyramine ( a natural found in the body molecule ). It's not 100% safe when you take extremely high doses but so is every molecule at high doses. It's in fact safer than Sugar. What worry me more are their political lies about taxes, economics etc... while they're only interested in corporate investments and fundings for military, police and money for their private wealth. All other thing that they're saying or do for the so -called working class and middle class are sophisticated lies.

5 They think spending 400 billion dollars for a defective fighter jet is worth it

Our military is the undisputed world champion, we don't need a billion dollar jet that don't work

6 They desperately deny well-established hard science
7 They are sexist

They don't want women to be paid the same as men.

8 They are racist

Well, Donald Trump wanted to deport ALL illegal immigrants (10 million). Yeah, like that's possible to do so humanely. Aside from that, have you heard of Southern Strategy? Not that only Republicans do it, Bill Clinton did in 1992, but Southern Strategy is very prevalent in the GOP. In fact, Obama only won less than 20% of the white vote in several places such as Texas and Mississippi. Even in conservative states such as North Dakota, Arizona, and Wyoming, most areas have more than 20% of the white vote for Obama.

Not they aren't. This is a 21 century liberal buzzword that is vague and has not meaning to it.

9 They use lies to get themselves elected

"American is dying", every election the republicans say something like that to scare use to vote for them

10 They use religion as an escape goat
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11 They want to bring America back to the 1700s

While European countries and countries like China are making investments for new energies with an economic future, America is thanks to Trump making steps and investments backwards. Trump wants to bring coalmines on a higher level again. First he enact the scientific researches about coal ( higher CO2, cancer giving substance... ) and then he will " create new jobs " to put people in coalmines again who will die a slow death. I pity the people who will have a new job in coalmines ( almost sure that it will be African-Americans and Mexicans that will get those jobs ) since they even got no proper working healthcare for those risk-taking people. America first? Oh yes, god is blessing them since the evolution theory is becoming more and more obsolete in the Trump era.

12 They complain about Muslims more than right-wing extremist terrorists.
13 They think common folk aren't important

The common folk get the stuff done, and feed the economy, "hey I have a great idea lets raise taxes on them"

14 They use bait and switch on every single thing they do

"We need to increase the budget for military spending, there are starving veterans" the money goes to the defective jet, right

15 They keep thinking that Barack Obama is the worst president in history

Of course that's true, after all he is behind the Trail of Tears, Teapot Dome Scandal, and let's not forget Watergate, Iran-Contra, or Lewinsky.

16 They refuse to accept that Trump lost in 2020
17 They are homophobes
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