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281 The Fairly OddParents or What a Fairly Odd Universe

Who's ever adding all these shows that don't exist. STOP IT! Your being nothing but a troll! - nintendofan126

I don't know what a Fairly Odd Universe is, so I pick The Fairly Oddparents. - CartoonsGirl

Why are people adding shows that don't exist? - cosmo

Does the Fairly Odd Universe even exist? - Minecraftcrazy530

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282 Back To The Future or Back To The Fuhrer

These are actually movies but if this were a movie list I choose Back to the Future. - cosmo

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283 Tom & Jerry or Itchy & Scratchy?

I like Tom and Jerry better because it's so funny, but I like Itchy and Scratchy too. - CartoonsGirl

Itchy & Scratchy isn't even real. But I grew up with Tom & Jerry - simpsondude

Itchy and Scratchy. It's way more violent (That's why Bart and Lisa like it so much! ) - Goatworlds

Itchy and Scratchy. - Powerfulgirl10

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