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41 Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl? Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl?

Pretty little liars because it has mystery and character development, interesting storylines and many plot twists while gossip girl is plain soap for teens.

PLL. Who is A? I think its Aria. It can't be Ali because she was in jail

I guess I'll go with PLL. - Cartoonfan202

42 Sherlock or Doctor Who?

Doctor Who - Cartoonfan202

Doctor Who - Du

Sherlock,Sherlock and Sherlock.There isn't a single T.V. show (sherlock type) which is close to sherlock. - zxm

43 American Big Brother or British Big Brother?

American BB, hands down. - Turkeyasylum

What - Cartoonfan202

44 Mock the Week or Have I Got News?

What? - Cartoonfan202

45 SpongeBob SquarePants or Arthur?

SpongeBob is 1,000,000 times better. - Jake09

SpongeBob due to Arthur being overrated - EpicJake

SpongeBob -Floppy Kitten

Spongebob, but I like both - Trollsfan536

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46 Empire or South Park?

Empire. It has good songs. South Park makes me wanna throw up. It's my opinion - JaysTop10List

How can you compare a soap opera to a cartoon. And I never watched Empire - simpsondude

No contest South Park one of my favourite shows! - KingFab

South Park. No competition. - AlphaQ

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47 Pokèmon or Yu-Gi-Oh!?

Pokemon is better - Neonco31

Pokemon - Cartoonfan202

I'm not really a fan of anime. But I choose Pokèmon since its more popular, though Yu-Gi-Oh! is OK too. - kcianciulli

48 Fawlty Towers or Father Ted?

I do not know - Cartoonfan202

49 Dexter's Laboratory or Johnny Test?

Dexter's laboratory! Johnny Test is one of the most annoying shows I ever saw in my entire life. Plus Johnny Test rip off of Dexter's laboratory. - CartoonsGirl

Obviously, Dexter. I hate Johnny Test. - EpicJake

Johnny Test is a guilty pleasure, I'll probably get hated now - simpsondude

I would not hate you I mean you were honest and you expressed your opinion even if I don't like the show I still appreciated that you tolled your opinion. - CartoonsGirl

Dexter. - Cartoonfan202

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50 Ed Edd n Eddy or Sanjay and Craig?

Ed, Edd N Eddy, no doubt! Sanjay and Craig sucks with a capital S. - SwagFlicks

This isn't even a question. Ed Edd N, Eddy, hands down! - nintendofan126

Isn't it obvious I would pick Ed, Edd n Eddy. Who would pick Sanjay and Craig over Ed, Edd, n Eddy? - CartoonsGirl

They both suck but Ed edd n eddy is better - 445956

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51 Gravity Falls or Liv and Maddie?

Gravity Falls, eat on that Disney1994

Gravity Falls is Awesome! Liv and Maddie is Terrible!

Gravity Fails. Liv and Maddie is basically the blonde Breadwinners. - AlphaQ

Gravity Falls by 2 million miles. - 445956

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52 Stuck in the Middle or The Loud House?

Neither. Stuck in the Middle is one of those annoying rip-off lame not funny sitcoms on Disneyland Channel and The Loud House is stupid and stereotypic.

Someone Who Likes Henry Danger Wrote That Comment

The Loud House (even though it's okay) - GravityFallsAndWBBLover18

The Loud House - Cartoonfan202

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53 Uncle Grandpa or Teen Titans Go!?

I would rather watch Teen Titans Go! than Uncle Grandpa. Although they both suck.

Uncle Grandpa because it doesn't crap on a great cartoon. - 445956

Both suck, Neither - Fandom_Lover

Uncle Grandpa. It's an OKAY show. - AlphaQ

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54 Clarence or Breadwinners?

Clarence, it's actually funny, Breadwinners sucked heck.

Clarence. It's not as bad as Breadwinners. - nintendofan126

Clarence can be funny but breadwinners is just retarded

Clarence. It was only bad when it started. - 445956

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55 American Dad! or Family Guy?

Family Guy. American Dad is kinda like a more kid-friendly version of Family Guy. - AlphaQ

American Dad. - Powerfulgirl10

American Dad - Cartoonfan202

56 Oh Yeah Cartoons or Random! Cartoons?

I prefer Oh Yeah Cartoons to Random! Cartoons. They are pretty similar though. Almost like Random! ripped off Oh Yeah. - RalphBob

Do Any Of Those Even Count As Shows? Or Is This Just A Trick Question?

I grew up with Random Cartoons. So I'm going have to go with that... - SapphireGrim

Oh Yeah Cartoons. - Cartoonfan202

57 The Powerpuff Girls (1998) or The Powerpuff Girls (2016)?

Of course the 1998 version, the new version sucks. - AnimeDrawer

1998 version of course - Chromium

Powerpuff Girls (1998). - Powerfulgirl10

1998 (Duh) - AlphaQ

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58 Rick and Morty or The Loud House?

Rick and Morty for life screw the loud House and its unfunny immature toilet humor - christangrant

I love both, but definitely Rick and Morty. - 445956

Rick and Morty - GravityFallsAndWBBLover18

Rick & Morty - Cartoonfan202

59 Power Rangers or TMNT

I don't like either. - PatrickStar

This is another tough decision, I love both. I don't KNOW! - SapphireGrim

TMNT are better in my opinion - Ajkloth

Power Rangers. - AlphaQ

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60 Full House or Family Matters

I like Full House more than Family Matters. - Ajkloth

Full House. - Powerfulgirl10

Full House - Cartoonfan202

Full house - Trollsfan536

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