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61 Harvey Beaks or Breadwinners?

Unfortunately, The Person Who Voted For This Was You. WHY IS IT ALWAYS YOU?! GO AWAY!

Really Have You Even Watched an Episode. Can Someone Other Than Disney1994 please comment?

No. Liv and Maddie sucks, and just because it has one small pee scene doesn't mean it sucks. - Powerfulgirl10

Definitely Harvey Beaks. At least that show's good. - Powerfulgirl10

Harvey beaks - Trollsfan536

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62 American Dad! or Family Guy?

Family Guy. American Dad is kinda like a more kid-friendly version of Family Guy. - AlphaQ

American Dad. - Powerfulgirl10

American Dad - Trollsfan536

American Dad - Cartoonfan202

63 Oh Yeah Cartoons or Random! Cartoons?

I prefer Oh Yeah Cartoons to Random! Cartoons. They are pretty similar though. Almost like Random! ripped off Oh Yeah. - RalphBob

Do Any Of Those Even Count As Shows? Or Is This Just A Trick Question?

I grew up with Random Cartoons. So I'm going have to go with that... - SapphireGrim

Oh Yeah Cartoons. - Cartoonfan202

64 Clarence or Home Movies? V 1 Comment
65 The Powerpuff Girls (1998) or The Powerpuff Girls (2016)?

Of course the 1998 version, the new version sucks. - AnimeDrawer

1998 version of course - Chromium

Powerpuff Girls (1998). - Powerfulgirl10

1998 (Duh) - AlphaQ

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66 Rick and Morty or The Loud House?

Rick and Morty for life screw the loud House and its unfunny immature toilet humor - christangrant

I love both, but definitely Rick and Morty. - 445956

Rick and Morty - GravityFallsAndWBBLover18

Rick & Morty - Cartoonfan202

67 Gurren Lagann or Mobile Fighter G Gundam?

G Gundam - PerfectImpulseX

68 Power Rangers or TMNT

I don't like either. - PatrickStar

This is another tough decision, I love both. I don't KNOW! - SapphireGrim

TMNT are better in my opinion - Ajkloth

Power Rangers. - AlphaQ

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69 Fawlty Towers or Father Ted?

I do not know - Cartoonfan202

70 Full House or Family Matters

I like Full House more than Family Matters. - Ajkloth

Full House. - Powerfulgirl10

Full house! - EliHbk

Full house - Trollsfan536

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71 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Go Diego Go!

Hate them both because Clubhouse ruined Mickey while Go Diego Go! Is a rip-off of Dora the Explorer which is bad enough to begin with. - Jake09

I don't like either. But at least I could stand Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. - nintendofan126

Go Diego Go. At least it didn't RUIN any show. - Minecraftcrazy530

Mickey mouse clubhouse - Trollsfan536

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72 Seinfeld or Mulaney?

Seinfeld as a show is funnier but John Mulaney is funnier than Jerry Seinfeld (in my opinion)

Seinfeld - Cartoonfan202

73 My Little Pony or Adventure Time?

Adventure Time. My Little Pony is crap. - cosmo

Of Course, It's Gonna Be Adventure Time. I Mean, Seriously? Who Wouldn't Choose Adventure Time. This Is Such A Dumb Question.

Adventure Time. Actually I like My Little Pony but just their toys. But I dislike their show. - 05yusuf09

Adventure Time - GravityFallsAndWBBLover18

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74 The Amazing World of Gumball or Kim Possible?

Kim Possible. I wish they would bring it back! - Fandom_Lover

It's been tears since ice seen Kim possible. But both are great shows. - nintendofan126

HARD CHOICE! I love both them. - 05yusuf09

Gumball - Trollsfan536

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75 The Wild Thornberrys or Regular Show?

Wild thornberrys, and I even laugh at the Robot Chicken parody. - Trollsfan536

Regular Show, because Wild Thornberrys kind of went downhill - Cartoonfan202

Both are really good shows but I would pick Regular Show. - CartoonsGirl

Wild Thornberrys, that movie brought tears to my eyes. - 445956

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76 Regular Show or Family Guy?

Regular Show is a fun show to watch. I can't tolerate Family Guy at all - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Regular Show is better so I pick Regular Show. - CartoonsGirl

My favorite show (regular show) is better - EpicJake

Regular Show - Trollsfan536

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77 iCarly or Hannah Montana?

ICarly. Never really liked Hannah Montana.

ICarly. The first season was not that bad. - Minecraftcrazy530

I don't like ICarly and I hate Hannah Montana. So I pick ICarly. - EpicJake

ICarly - Trollsfan536

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78 iCarly or Victorious?

How is this last? This arguably the best question on here. Like come on, what does My Little Pony have in common with Sanjay and Craig (besides being stupid?) I still haven't seen MLP, but it's one of the biggest examples of my theory that no show ever made is objectively likable because there's ALWAYS a reason to hate. One of my friends (Mrs. Jackie) doesn't like it either. Still, is it really worse than Sanjay and Craig?

Victorious, Victorious had a slightly better plot and morals, but the humor is just as crude as with iCarly, Plus there were a few truly violent episodes that kids should've stayed away from.

ICarly is funnier than Victorious but for some reason Victorious is more popular. Personally, I see iCarly as an entertaining show even though its humor is obviously childish and PG-13 (it's a Nickelodeon show, after all) but I can't stand Victorious mostly because of the cast. Most of the cast in Victorious can't act.

ICarly is better because I watched some of it's episodes and they are good - Neonco31

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79 Hey Arnold! or CatDog

I choose Hey Arnold. I like CatDog, but it started going downhill before Hey Arnold. - RalphBob

Hey Arnold gets my vote! - nintendofan126

I pick Hey Arnold. - cosmo

Hey Arnold - Trollsfan536

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80 Breadwinners or iCarly?

Some of these questions are stupid beyond belief. Of course iCarly is better!

ICarly hands down, even though I don't like it. I hate Breadwinners! - EpicJake

ICarly. This coming from someone who hates the show. - Minecraftcrazy530

ICarly - Trollsfan536

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