Top Ten Questions to Ask a Serial Killer During an Interview

The Top Ten

1 Did you prefer your women dead or alive?
2 When did you first taste human flesh?

Maybe... 2 minutes ago. - Ananya

3 Did you have an abusive childhood?
4 Why did you choose to strangle your victims
5 How did you feel when you slit their throats?

Actually, I killed them with a stone hammer.

6 What did you use for dismemberment
7 Do you think you deserve the death penalty?

I think they do. - Therandom

Hell NO! I don't wanna die just 'because I killed innocent people! You crazy or summat? - Britgirl

8 Why did you use a gun?

No...I prefer axe - Ananya

9 Do you like to start fires?

Nope, arsons are boring - Ananya

10 Did you torture and kill animals as a child?

No, they tortured me. And I feel too bad hurting animals, so people shall be killed.

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