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Put in Random sentences that you made up. They don't have to make sense.

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1 I am so blue I'm greener than purple.

blue is greener than purple for sure - moose4life19

I said this to my friend randomly and she was like what! So funny!

hahahahah thats so super funny! :D made me laugh so hard! I love this

Someones color spectrum is off! I think their on drugs!

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2 I stepped on a Corn Flake, now I'm a Cereal Killer

Imagine Lil' Wayne rapping this and it is GOLDEN

so funny

Oh God this is hilarious! - MattAffterburner

Its sexy

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3 On a scale from one to ten what is your favourite colour of the alphabet.

The boys in my class always say that... my answer is potato

My favourite colour of the alphabet is "yeah"

Honestly, I can't decide between The Plague, Isosceles Triangle, or Sidewalk Chalk...

Best one

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4 Everyday a grape licks a friendly cow

Thanks. I think I will never eat any grapes again...

Yea Man!

I can't look at grapes the same anymore.

An erection shoots through my Woodstove and eats 20 grandpas, before landing on Pluto.

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5 Llamas eat sexy paper clips

Captain Caveman rides in on his Sabertooth camel called Wilf shooting pegs at a little Asian woman

Is that homosexual, heterosexual, or whatsexual?

How is a paper clip sexy? - Firemist

But I once saw a sexy paper clip eat a llama.

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6 Banana error.

I can imagine my friend standing up in class and randomly calling out "BANANA ERROR! "

yes me too

Ba-na-na er-ror! - Firemist

Short and sweet! LOVE IT! Two words that are completely random and had me laughing for 2 minutes straight. There is also nothing that would offend anyone.

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7 Don't touch my crayons, they can smell glue

Bastard potato poot wedge and law enforcement suckers behind the national debt that Willy ate took attraction to that fat hamburger we all knew and rested in dinner peace - JTaylor9

Oh no now its on your shirt cursed crayons haunt you with a sulfur stint. - htoutlaws2012

I don't know why but when I read this the Gatorade I was drinking came out my nose

Okay, can your crayons smell dry glue? - TeamRocket747

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8 There's a purple mushroom in my backyard, screaming Taco's!

Shiny unicorn

Wendy berry dookie fries - JTaylor9

They are not a god of the immigrants and the country is the immigrants who have their own government and laws and government and their government laws of government and their country country laws of laws and government and their government resources laws of government laws laws protect their country laws from their government resources laws laws of government laws and laws protect laws and government laws protect the immigrants from countries from the country and their laws and protect the laws protect the country.

Chica ate a purple sexy llama eating coleslaw and pineapples on a Wednesday while partying on a deranged Jeff the Killer car that was wearing Rainbow Dash underpants and magical pink cats. Meanwhile, Foxy was eating exploding dirt, Bonnie was singing "Let it Go" while pooping, and Freddy was dancing on Mary Sues. Also, Mangle and Toy Chica were partying on a rainbow goat that farted little cupcakes.

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9 My nose is a communist.

If a quack is salty then my nose must enjoy wondering down a long path of meow meow me me big boy shoelaces

You're lucky. I have a capitalist one.

You mean our nose, comrade.

My butt is a Putin licker

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10 Metallica ate a hairy garilla with purple nipples then swaped a red tyre with a fire breathing goat last Tuesday at breakfast

Did he put 55 farts in his fro? Or did John legend wipe his ass with a California quarter in Roswell New Mexico while he binge watched cotton weed his favorite congressman? - JTaylor9

This doesn't make any sense but I love it!


It's gorilla, not garilla.

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11 If your canoe is stuck in a tree with the headlights on, how many pancakes does it take to get to the moon?

None, because snakes don't have armpits.

264 pancakes because armadillos have belly buttons.

Pancakes are 7, so it must 42 of them to reach life multiplied by Saturn, so 7/Saturn must equal the moon. Using this theory, we can calculate that the meaning of life is not 42, but blue. Using this new info, and using the unicorn theorem, we find that the amount of pancakes used to get to the moon, is exactly 1.462423847927948372947234 headlights.

Amazing it's so clear now - ThePursuer78

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12 Look, a distraction!

Haha, you would be surprised at how many people fell for that!

My class was playing prisoner of war and I tried this on my best friend. It actually worked! - Catlover2004

The yard duties at our school forgot their whistles, so they told my friend group to whistle and round everyone up. We didn't know how to whistle so we just shouted "WHISTLE NOISE! "

I like distractions

I did this one and much it made me laugh my sister said the wrong thing

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13 I mean, Tree!

Yeah people it's tree! Not three! - lionsforlife

Oh dear those devil Weeds overthere! - htoutlaws2012

Oh, you said bee? - TeamRocket747

Like, SKY!

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14 A demonic starbucks napkin stole my goldfish crackers

Look out! the cat-grapes are attacking!

Hilarious, poor goldfish crackers

15 The China connects the Furby and the toilet

the heck

The Jamaica connects the dancehall and the fans
- TheDuttyGyal

The Japan connects the Profit and the Sumo. - htoutlaws2012

OOhh interesting! - lionsforlife

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16 Hi, that duck over there!

Hi, my name is That Duck Over There, how can I help you?

Hi, that goose over there! - htoutlaws2012

That's what you say when your weird friend starts talking to you, then you walk away

What! What's wrong with ducks):

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17 What do you think about the magical yellow unicorn who dances on the rainbow with a spoonful of blue cheese dressing?

That one is random as a strudel rapped in penguin sauce but the tooth forget to take the toothpaste out of the oven now he can't represent the buttons - Zfump

Someone needs to draw this. I would not be surprised if some one all ready did.

Love it

its funny

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18 Gurklebob is eating eyes with Schadenfreude

I was having a random sentence texting fight with my bestie and I won thanks to this sentence

Awe? fictional eating eyes of a comic strip well splendid I guess. - htoutlaws2012

I love this one

What the heck? - TeamRocket747

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19 The sparkly lamp ate a pillow then punched Larry.

This is no laughing matter, Larry is now in hospital. sad music plays - DapperPickle

R.I.P. Larry Though. Press F to pay respect for the green lake of wisdom.

haha - EnFu3

So funny, I did this with my friend for a whisper challenge... it was so funny...

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20 Bobby Brown yawned in Hitlers face during a meeting, that's why he was yelling in his bunker.
21 Cloth is yum like paper

This is so true

22 The cheese grater is in the way!

Oh, grate. - A_Dying_Parrot

Move the grater outta the way! - htoutlaws2012

I think that the cheese grater should not be there then

No you go around the cheese grater and then run into a polar bear with a machine gun strapped to a machete

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23 Imagination tickles your bed

That cheese is mine

Hehehh but sometimes the bed tickles me instead

Yeah go in there touch your inner self with laughter... and you love it. - htoutlaws2012

This is HILARIOUS! I shared this with my friend and she couldn't stop laughing!

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24 Thank you for noticing this list, your noticing has been noticed

I do like this, I really do.

And I noticed that you noticed that I noticed this list - Randomator

Now your notices have been nullified (jeers coming in seconds later). - htoutlaws2012

We thank you for thanking us for thanking you for participation in this test. The results say that thanking the results for the information they got, will get a result of a result that will say the same thing.

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25 This itim has threee mistakes.

Love this riddle
Mistake #1 is that item was spelled like itim
Mistake #2 is that three was spelled like threee
Mistake #3 is that there were only two mistakes


Wow. Just wow.

26 The cake is not a lie for some reason

Thread your teeth with a tongue - JTaylor9

It was the pie all along blasphemy! - htoutlaws2012

Well, it was made on accident, so it is a lie to this world. - TeamRocket747

Yeah, I never really understood how a cake can't be a lie.

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27 Knock knock Who is there A potato eating a hash brown


That is cannibalism because Peter said so - DaringXx

Knock knock whose there? A living baked potato coming to skin you're hostage potato unpeeled sacks. - htoutlaws2012

Potatoes really like Hash Browns then. - TeamRocket747

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28 Why are there so many metalheads on TheTopTens?

Metal Up Your Ass!

There all outta sites to escape from public insanity. - htoutlaws2012

Good question, but I'm one too. - InsanityJoe

Because this is a quite peaceful place to kick butt and cheaw bubblegum. I ran out of butt and bubblegum is illigal on this planet. - XXHelenaXX

29 My cat ate my homework.



30 When life gives you lemons, chuck them at people you hate

Chuck them at people you hate, then pick them up, cut them in half and squeeze the lemon juice into your enemies eyes

I got to use this sometime, it's brilliant.

I am going to the shop to buy some lemons and I am going to chuck them at a guy called Tom

Love this so much!

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31 Screw world peace, I want a pony

Chinese government has been a long time since we are - JTaylor9

U mad me pe pant - DaringXx

That's how we start world war 3

I just peed my pant

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32 House fires are cold.

Snow is hot - Pieclone

Wild fires are over the inferno limit. - htoutlaws2012

Then cold is hot - TeamRocket747

Well duh

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33 Yo Darth Vader

Coppercab is darth vader

Yo Lord Vader! Your son approaches... bring him to me! - htoutlaws2012

I'm imagining Darth Sidious saying this... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I am actually your father

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34 No the radios married the avocados in season 4

Sweet music, sweet news. Happy anniversary

No the antenna married the banana peel in season 69. - htoutlaws2012

Well the child could be an avdio! - TeamRocket747

35 I said don't enter the rabbit hole. Now you have the salad.

Best one ever

You, young saladwan, are our last hope.
I find your lack of ceasar dressing... disturbing.
I am your lettuce

36 No sheep is quite as crooked as a bed

''Wait what! I'm not crooked sir! '' - htoutlaws2012

I believe that the government should sack obama.

If this is a minecrap reference, I'm going to the next page - TeamRocket747

I once came across a wooden stick
You must feed me hosre eggs

37 My world is where everybody is a pony and we all eat rainbows and poop butterflies


That shall be my world!

This is from Horton Hears a Who - RedTheGremlin

This made me pee 4 some reason. PEE!

Please don't make me go there! - lionsforlife

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38 Cheese grader shaved my butt skin off

That is strange because James Hetfield climbed Mount Everest to place the peppers pig sock at Mount Fuji But he was distraced by the ghost of an alive man calling out - HEROIN, MARKETS! - DaringXx

I literally could not breath after reading this….

A cheese grader came near my red 2nd layer of gluteus skin like a heat seeking missile of destruction. - htoutlaws2012

Ouch. - Cyri

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39 Hiya Gramama

How's that arthritis?

Well very random - TeamRocket747

Random lol

Hiya Dellala! - htoutlaws2012

40 A Zebra licked a DVD

Did it get sick after that? - GrammarNazi

Now it has the zebra's DNA on the DVD and you can download a personal zebra for your laptop! - Harri666

What a very weird sentence

I hope it's not my DVD... - TheFourthWorld

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41 Did you ever notice that pineapples never wear bathrobes?

I love this so much!

Did you notice that pineapples have one leg, and arm? - htoutlaws2012

I see pineapples in bathrobes all the time

Duh there pet tigers just want the babies for themselves

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42 Honey, you stole the bacon! Now ima twerk at gorillas!

Honey, why are people stealing my bacon! Furthermore don't need to be shaking Harlem shakes moves all over New York City. - htoutlaws2012


Ewww noo - TeamRocket747

43 Oh, Miss Jackson gave me a chicken rice stew with a side of popcorn slices and how many chicken pot pie corn Bread chocolate bar on Starbucks with a side of chocolate candy and an egg and cheese salad with a slice of Angel food cake for ghosts.


Jackson, the meatloaf! - htoutlaws2012

Miss Jackson, how's Percy!?

Percy Jackson's mom? You are sooo coolll! Can I meet her?

44 That is why udders bite Orange juice

That is how the ''testis'' got removed from the hospital room. - htoutlaws2012

Nice story! - TeamRocket747

45 I’m bored.
46 I'm dancing with the Smurfs!
47 Call the pineapple if you feel happy

Call the grapefruits to check his happy meter pulse. - htoutlaws2012

If you call the pineapple than it cannot pineapple as much pineapples as a pineapple can pineapple if a pineapple pineapples with pineapples on pineapples. It has to answer the phone! TYPEWRITER!

*calls pineapple* - TeamRocket747

Sounds like something in a bad lip reading video

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48 We need more cheeeeeeessseeeee!!!


This is like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit because he is obsessed with cheese, so they made a Shopper 13 to go out to get more cheese, only to have a sheep dressed in a sweater eat it all.

Well, go to a cheese factory. - TeamRocket747

We need more cheese from the addictive orange who is purple!

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49 Obviously its Sacramento not 6

No, it's the grapefruits of steel not 6 - htoutlaws2012

No, it's Banana, not Sacramento - TeamRocket747

50 Cows lick peanut butter grape people who pet a dog in their lives eat other kool aid bottles

Great mah dude

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