Top Ten Greatest Hip-Hop Songs Named 'Intro'

The greatest songs, (not skits), that opened up Hip-Hop albums and go by the title 'Intro'.
The Top Ten
1 Intro - DMX

An opening to an album that froze the Hip-Hop world despite being hotter than hell. The beginning of an institution of a career, a phenomenon, the late Dark Man X. It's from It's Dark and Hell Is Hot (1998). Gone, but the legacy lives forever.

2 INTRO - DaBaby

DaBaby's INTRO is likely the most recognizable song of the same title among modern rap fans, and for good reason. The opening track is a smooth-flowing, catchy story that provides an overview of the blessings, struggles, and everything that led to his position at the time. This was the intro to his sophomore album.

3 Intro - Meek Mill

In Meek's Intro, he's angry and hyped up as if he's going to war with every other living rapper. He hypes himself up and explains why nobody can mess with him or his style. The song is from his album Championships (2018).

4 Intro - JAY-Z

Don't be fooled by Jay's mellow vocals. He's hungrier than any emcee has ever been. Jay-Z is at the point in his career where he's essentially created a Dynasty with his label and crew. It certainly wasn't from his most celebrated album, but the storytelling and flow in the intro are definitely welcoming.

5 Intro - Clipse

A hood intro where the two brothers from Virginia, part of the duo Clipse - Pusha T and No Malice - describe their story. The track is featured on Lord Willin' (2002).

6 Intro - Logic (2021)

This is not to be confused with the opening track from Logic's debut album, "Under Pressure," which is also named "Intro." In this one, Logic, in one verse, raps about the struggles of life, relationships, and making his wayinto the rap game. He states that, "My name is Logic. I wrote this record at nineteen. And now at thirty-one, I read pages from my old rhyme book."

7 Intro - Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch tells the story of rags to riches through the vocal forms of singing, rapping, and melodic rapping. It's not the intro to his debut album, but rather his second one, and comes at a time when his career and name were on the rise. Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial was released in 2019. The song is followed by his mainstream breakout hit, The Box.

8 Intro - NF

A bit of braggadocious rhymes with a tad of cockiness (despite NF denying it) over very fast rapping makes for a compelling opening song for NF's debut album, Mansion (2015).

9 Intro - Lil Wayne (Tha Carter IV)

Weezy's album-opening track marks his return after incarceration. While he may not talk about anything important, nor maintain cohesiveness throughout the song, it's very feel-good. The song is from "Tha Carter IV" (2011) and features the line "Mr. Carter's Home."

10 Intro - Ludacris (Theater of the Mind)

An established Ludacris confidently and quickly speaks of successes in the rap game. The song is from Theater of the Mind (2008). This was one of a few Luda songs with the title Intro.

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