Top Ten Best Rappers of Nephop

It was really difficult task for me to post this list. Couple of time I was in muddle whom to place where in this list. And this list I arranged them with their lyrical and rhythmical capabilities.

The Top Ten

1 Laure

Laure is best for me yama can't stand with laure because his raps are not raps but facts which might turn yama's face down lol..

He is also in the level of Yama but I placed him second because his craze increased just because Yama brought him in Raw Barz from where his fame was sky-high. So in a way Yama is Dr. Dre and Laure is Eminem.

He is one of the best rapper in the Nepal but why is he in 2!

No one can match this Nephop king..

2 Yama Buddha

He is God for the lyrics and word been presented in songs... Its not only about rap

He Is the king of nephop no is here to compare yama Buddha. God of nephop

Pride of NEPHOP! Pride of Nepal! #Salute

He is also like Eminem and for him its really easy to rap

3 Balen

He deserves the third cause he also talks about the same topics that Yama and Laure talk of - "The Social Problem" with a perfect rhyme and rhythm.

I love his style... I m great fan of him.. I love you baleen and m waiting for your new song

Balen Balen & Balen... Haha he has good words...

Balen is killer rapper..

4 MC Flo

This guy is here because his rhymes are good but he do talk about boozing and hashes which the rappers above don't. He dissed the Nepali rapper who had dress-up like Koreans and didn't rap in Nepali

Just got addicted of listening him! Lay It Down!

Words of his songs are awesome love you mc flo dai

Die hard fan

5 Unique Poet

This guy also talks about drugs but he is in here because he can keep up with Laure in battle and speaks of different topics.

Best Rapper - Without any doubt

He is bars is so powerful

Current best rapper in the industry

6 Girish

He is a talented guy and rap about any sort of things.

Leader and Creator of NepHop.

Surely he is too good man

Good rapper and is loyal to his wife.

7 Viber B

East or west viber b is the best

He and Bullet Flo are of same band GXSOUL but I placed him down here just because of his slower flow than Bullet Flo but they rhymes are similar.

Really bitch, don't act you know hip hop.

8 Bullet Flo' Thapakaazi

Does not even know what hip hop is. Try to cover the real emcees in the game.

I love bullet flo

I love you bullet flo

He is Nepals fast rapper


He is one of the best rapper supposed to be top 5

One of the most Talented Rapper! King of Nephop!

He born in wrong country, no doubt KING of NEPHOP

He's the King of Nephop

10 Insayn

Search @Insayn in Youtube and you will know why I love his music.

Lots of quality music!

Deserves to be at the top, by the level of music he's put onto years.

International level artist already, dunno why he is in this list?!

The Contenders

11 AirEase

I guess he is the best rapper right now. The speed with his he raps is unbelieveable.

He is the most lyrical rapper in Nepal. His contents are awesome, different and unique.

None of the above mentioned rappers can be more real and dope and inspirational than this guy. Respect

AirEase love your song

12 Easi12
13 Saurav Dewan

A new rapper with awesome lyricism.

I love his new generation lyricism keep it up bro

Such a good voice bro keep it up

Love his lyricism man

14 Nasty

This guy is awesome.

The only guy in Nepal to make quality music.

He's the future

Dope tune with the insane flow..

15 Manas Ghale

What can you say bout this guy, simply too good bro.

Legendry Rapper of Nepal History

16 Rhythms Up

She is very good in rapping, her disses are very sharp. The only reason she is below Tsaymun is because Tsaymun could divert and reply her disses. And in battle with C-Ring, her rhyming was good and expresions were noticeable.

17 Aid Ray

You are dopest

Rapper who real makes blood hot in winter seazon and cold in a hot seazon..he is a the g8 rapper that's it..

18 Tsamyun

I kept her in the ten because she is the Best lady rapper in Nephop. Her rhyming is good in Battle. You must check out her Battles because she disses her competitors in most beautiful way in all the lady rappers present in Raw Barz and Nephop.

Best female rapper with cool attitude great lyrics

19 Brisk Timos

He's growing day by day he's way better than bullet flow that is listed above him here

He is so amazing

20 Anish

He is the best of all he should be at top 10

21 Yodda

Best flow lyricism
Why is he not #1?

Best flow, lyricism
Why is he not #1?

Good rapper

Damn talent

22 Sarkar
23 Litl Grizl
24 Sammy Samrat

I think he is the pioneer of nephop and best freestyler I have ever seen in nepal at that time

King of freestyle

Love his freestyle and he is the true legend.

Miss Rappaz union

25 NIRE aka Niray

Damn good rapper and should be under top 5.

Damn good rapper,love him.

26 SAWIN Aka
27 nepkinG
28 Kurup
29 Nepz Flo
30 Da 69
31 Nirajan
32 Yoka
33 James Shrestha

He is also among one of the talented rappers of Nep-hop. He is quite versatile and I love his lyrics composition. He should also be kept in the top ten list. I find it quite unfair for a talented artist like him to not get sufficient votes. Guys its high time for you to realise his amazing in born talent and rank him among the top.

34 Nepgrulez


35 FlowPilot
36 Pikolo
37 Aroz
38 Hakim
39 Emareff AD
40 Nirnaya da ns'k
41 Arluv Gurung
42 Royal Flo

Nice.. Voice

I like it man

43 Alis Rana

His raps are best

44 Hareep Flo
45 Laybro

Laybro have a song

46 Swaggical Rapstha


48 Digamber Thapa
49 Def' Mind
50 Upesh Gurung
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