Top 10 Kitchen Nightmares Restaurants We're Glad Closed

These restaurants were not savable, no matter what Gordon Ramsay tried.

This is a list of restaurants seen on the US version of Kitchen Nightmares, where Gordon Ramsay had tried to help, but when he left, things just got messy again. The restaurant must have closed completely to qualify for the list. If it moved locations or was sold to new owners, it doesn't count as a closure.
The Top Ten
1 Amy's Baking Company

Let's face it, the moment Sammy said "Chef Ramsay is coming here to tell the people our food is good" you knew that they weren't looking for change. The food was appalling enough, but what made this restaurant truly laughable was the psychotic nature of Amy and Sammy. Refusing to take criticism, to the point where every negative comment was an "attack." Honestly I could go on forever, but there are many more restaurants to cover.

"Chef Ramsay is coming here to tell the people our food is good"?!
The prediction has been proven false.

2 Down City

You could say everything this restaurant could've had was all down somewhere else. The owner, Abby, was incredibly inept and in denial about the problems with her restaurant, and made really petty excuses for everything Chef Ramsay pointed out. You'd think people would be happy with whatever changes Chef Ramsay would've implemented, but nope. Complaints continued, ultimately leading to the restaurant's demise.

3 Fiesta Sunrise

You're kidding me. Nearly every single step Chef Ramsay attempted to make was met with another step back. The food was gross, and the kitchen was even worse. The staff could not talk to each other, and the overall vibe of the restaurant was absolutely horrid. It's no wonder they closed before the episode could even air.

4 Dillon's

Probably one of the most disgusting restaurants ever seen. It was riddled with rotten food, and the staff just really didn't seem to care to do anything. It's no wonder this restaurant had to get a new chef. But yet, despite all that, it still wasn't enough. The owner had attempted to sue the show to prevent the episode from airing (which obviously failed), and the restaurant closed shortly after. Ta ta!

Jesus, they could have killed someone.

5 Peter's

This is the episode that started it all. Co-manager Peter was a complete psycho, and his terrible behavior, accompanied with the horrible food and equally disgusting kitchen, led to the restaurant's major failure. To think Gordon Ramsay's changes and advice would've even lasted a day would've been a miracle. Of course, the changes weren't helping at all, and the restaurant closed a while after the episode aired.

6 Mill Street Bistro

How could you possibly forget Mill Street Bistro? Joe Nagi had to be one of the most irritating owners ever seen on the show, and it was astounding to see Chef Ramsay even be able to help him. And yet despite the help, people still complained about Joe's behavior, and surprisingly enough, the restaurant closed.

7 Flamangos

The tropic theme was not a good one to go with the location the restaurant was in. Unfortunately the owner Adele didn't see that. Gordon Ramsay had no choice but to get rid of everything and change the restaurant to something new. Flamangos was renamed The Junction, and the new restaurant had a completely new vibe. Sadly Adele just didn't like her new restaurant, and shortly after Chef Ramsay left, the restaurant closed. Goes to show some people can't change.

8 Burger Kitchen

As mentioned before, family businesses can sometimes lead to complete chaos. Take the family run Burger Kitchen, whose burgers were so unappetizing that Gordon Ramsay couldn't even fit one into his mouth. The way the family tried working with each other crossed the line between irritating and hilarious. It's no wonder the restaurant went under new ownership, and soon closed down completely.

Things we got to know about Gen:

-She's a medium rare girl
-She's 64 years old
-She tastes a strong taste (flavour) when the headchef made the Redemption Burger.
-She's not that powerful
-She's a Karen.

Also the headchef David did the right thing leaving the restaurant. Wherever he is I hope he's living a more successful life that the owners of this restaurant who showed no shame taking their son's money.

9 Sushi Ko

This restaurant was gross. The food was ridiculous (Sushi pizza? What? ), the kitchen was a mess, and the staff was out of control. Sometimes family businesses work, sometimes they don't. In this case, it was a huge flop. It's no surprise that the restaurant closed before the episode even aired.

10 The Secret Garden

The kitchen was a legit mold dump with toxic waste and maggots glad it closed down

The Contenders
11 Chappy's

Chappy took a crappy all over the business. The food was appalling, the kitchen was terrible, but the worst part was Chappy. He was a terrible man. Even right after Gordon Ramsay had left Chappy was unable to stick to his word. The restaurant's failure is all thanks to the pajama-wearing Santa Claus look-alike.

12 The Seascape
13 Zeke's
14 Mixing Bowl
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