Top 10 Ways to Improve Big Brother (U.S.)

As a superfan of Big Brother US, I wanted add my Top 10 what can be done to improve the show. I have grown frustrated over the show the last several years and it's time to speak out.
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1 Let the game be played more organically

Big Brother 10 is proof with limited twists it can be success. It's one of the most beloved seasons because of this and it's intense game drama.

2 Fire Allison Grodner

She should had been given her walking papers years ago. Between her botched and flop twists, favoritism towards certain newbies/returnees and ratings steadily declining - it's time for Les Moonves and Julie Chen to have a meeting of the minds find a producer that will restore the glory days of Big Brother.

3 Get rid of the showmance bait

This comes down CBS, Allison and Robyn but most of us superfans are over these showmances eating the show whole every damn summer! I can deal with one, but multiple showmances in one season (example: BB19) takes away from gameplayers who came to play and not wanting to fall in love! If I wanted to watch The Bachelor or their daytime show Bold and the Beautiful, I will do that. But I want to see gameplay and game moves on my T.V.!

4 Stop with the returning players

Unless you are giving me and diehards another all-stars or returnees vs Survivor favorites then I'm over TPTB and CBS favorites coming back to play with newbies! This is has gotten to be repetitious, boring and a kiss ass marathon. Enough! Bring on superfan newbies that love this game and want to play.

5 Find superfans of diversity and not tokens

I'm an African American superfan of Big Brother, but I can't be the only BB fan who has notice the lily-whiteness of this show compared to Survivor and Amazing Race! Robyn Kass, Allison G. and CBS always gives the audience the same ol cast: 11-13 white hgs, 2-3 people of color and a sassy shady gay guy. Come on now you all can do better than that! In Celebrity Big Brother US (that Robyn didn't cast), the final 5 had a successful black woman, a Latina beauty queen, a white rock star, a gay friendly big haired loudmouth, and a gay rat comp beast. Marissa and Ross actually made F2. Yeah that would never happen on a regular season of BBUS because the casting ratio will not allow diversity to make it far in the game. Usually black women HGs are the quickest targeted and evicted! I want to see more of the melting pot on this show not just the status quo. If Robyn Kass can't do better she should follow Allison out the door too!

6 Once you're evicted, you're evicted. No play back ins

It's another tired twist of Allison's but I'm over this one too. Get rid of it! Once you're out, you're out. If you sucked at Big Brother you just sucked. I liked Victor from BB18 but he was evicted twice and came back in the game, absolutely stupid. The four last houseguests to be evicted play back in is dull and so expected for fans. It's no longer a 'wow' moment.

7 Stop casting famewhores and recruits

You know why Jason Roy is one of the most popular BB favorites ever because not only is he a superfan but he lived in his mom's basement and worked at a grocery store. It would be nice to see more of these players like him be casted then the same old VIP cocktail waitress, models, supposed social media moguls living off their pop star sister's name! I wouldn't have a problem with them because I loved Janelle and Rachel but at least they played the game and/or were fans of the show once casted. Now recruits get on and use the show as a entry-level employment job and have no concept of how to play the game. It's so obvious when some are recruits when you watch or read their preseason interviews drop! Cast actual fans who love the show.

8 During sequester house, stop giving them only BB16 to watch

Every preseason and even on the Livefeeds many fans groan, as recruits usually admits their favorite season is Big Brother 16 or the players from it. Word on the street during sequester house, TPTB only gives the soon to be newbies Big Brother 16 to watch! That's why every preseason interview sounds the same from recruits. Maybe if TPTB gave them more enjoyable, iconic seasons like season 2-4, 6-8, 10-13 & now 20 I wouldn't jump to much conclusion who's a recruit or not.

9 Bring back beloved twists like Pandora's box, diamond veto and coup d'etat

When this show had limited twists and limited production manipulation, these were the only twists that I truly enjoyed. I wouldn't mind new twists each season but Allison screws them up or make them favorable for her favorites.

10 Reduce the season length to 80-85 days

With ratings steadily declining, one of the biggest reasons why the length of the season. When the show was only 80-85 days long, the game was more intense, strategic, iconic alliances, fun rivalries and deserving winners. Since the show has expanded the days to 90-99, it has hindered the game quite a bit.

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