Top 10 Worst Things About Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

The Top Ten
1 Too many idols

Why on earth did they replant the idol so many times? I heard somewhere that if an idol gets too powerful or they get too far in the game, they stop replanting them. So why did they replant an idol on Day 37 (two days before the final day)?

2 Confusing edits

I get they were trying to edit the episodes to make it look like there were really big blindsides, but it backfired so badly because they gave too much screen time to one side and not enough for the other. Heck, the first episode had some of the laziest editing of any season!

3 Ben

Ben was terrible. He only got far because the producers were purely stupid and pretty much gave him three idols as Christmas presents. He was cruel, broke apart a majority alliance HE formed, and always used the sob story technique to get people on his side. I couldn't handle watching him at all. How on Earth did he win?!

4 The reunion

That reunion sucked! Back then, everyone got a chance to speak (heck, Richard Hatch barely spoke at the Borneo reunion), but this season only four people spoke! Favoritism at its finest!

5 The advantages

Did they not learn from the immunity train last season? They continued with the dumb advantages and gave too much power to anyone that found it.

6 Awful finale

Mike and Devon both deserved to go to the final three and were both blindly screwed over thanks to the idols and advantages (and Lauren too, I guess). Plus, the final tribal council focused more on emotion rather than gameplay. I think Chrissy executed herself the best at that tribal and could've won the jury over if she didn't focus so much on the social aspect. Not to mention Ben winning the jury over with his sob story (seriously, it seems like that's the only move anyone goes for at the finale nowadays). If you didn't play a good game, you don't deserve the money, simple as that.

7 Awful challenges

Too many endurance challenges. I want to really see some action. It gets really irritating when I'm just sitting there watching people stand in these positions and wait for all of them to drop. Come on, Survivor, get more creative!

8 Jeff encouraging bad gameplay

Probst made the huge mistake of constantly advertising people to always use the advantages as if they only mattered. He always mentioned those were the "big moves" in this game, but to be honest, the real big moves are the ones where people don't use any advantages. Dang it.

9 The castaways were just game bots

A little explanation, most of the castaways clearly weren't in it for the strategy, they were mostly in it for the advantages and idols. The only exceptions were everyone that didn't make the jury.

10 The game being advertised as a game full of "secrets"

Survivor isn't about secrets, it's about survival. This one falls into the advantages category considering most of the "secrets" were just the advantages. Blech!

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