Top Ten Reasons to Buy the Xbox One Instead of a PlayStation 4

Really, regardless of which of these eighth generation console you decide on, you're going to be happy. They are both amazing systems and are leaps and bounds above the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 you have been enjoying for nearly a decade. If money isn't an issue, you might as well get both.

But when you consider that after games and accessories, buying both systems would cost well over $1,000, it makes sense for the time being to pick one.

So far, public sentiment seems to be leaning toward Sony's PlayStation 4. Microsoft completely botched their marketing messaging and lost sight of what the consumer really wants in a gaming console. However, that was the fault of the marketing department and not the engineers.

The fact is that the Xbox One is an amazing machine and the Microsoft infrastructure behind it is unmatched in the world. After all of the talk and mud slinging, once the actual systems hit the shelves and gamers got to try them out, it became apparent that the Xbox One was a worthy competitor, and for the reasons listed below, a better option for some than the PlayStation 4.

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1 PlayStation Fanboys

Even Xbox fans can admit the PlayStation is a good console in its own way. However everyone I know who has a PlayStation constantly brag how their console cannot be beat. "Oh I got my ps4 way cheaper than the Xbox one, plus the multiplayer is free. You got ripped off. You lose the console war." It just steams me.

Just look at E3. At E3 Sony's games lineup they showed pretty much all sucked. They were all crap games for the most part. But when Xbox came out they showed Halo, Forza and many other games.

Oh great, another garbage list made by the idiots within the Console War. I don't get involved with these pathetic wars since I own more than one console of a single generation. - DCfnaf

And Xbox Fanboys Aren't Bad? , Man If Htoutlaws Sees This He Will Be Angry - VideoGamefan5

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2 Xbox Controller

The Xbox One controller is by far the best controller I have ever had so far. I didn't think the 360's controller could be improved on, but they've managed it with the One. Microsoft claimed that over one hundred million dollars was invested in perfecting the controller, and I believe them. It really is an incredible controller. - EvilAngel

More of a subjective point, but many feel the Xbox controller is about as good as it gets, especially for shooters which are by far the most popular genre of console games. Perhaps this is why Microsoft did so little to the actual controller design when moving from the 360 to the One. Instead, they focused on things like improving responsiveness.

If you look at the controller from Xbox 360 and compare it to Xbox one there is no effort

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3 Xbox LIVE

Unlike Sony, Microsoft has always charged for online gaming. And while this was considered a drawback, it allowed Microsoft to build a superior online experience. Moving forward, Sony is also charging for online play, but they have a long way to go to catch up.

Nah I prefer to get a PS4 at the end of the summer. Xbox Live cost money and PS does not. Another reason why the PS is better because is a Blu-Ray Player!

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4 Cloud Computing

Granted, the PlayStation 4's specs are better than those of the Xbox One, slightly. The RAM is a little bit faster on the PlayStation (although more of it is dedicated to the OS) and the video card is more burly. But all that becomes moot if developers are able to make use of Microsoft's cloud computing platform which is the largest in the world. With cloud computing, you're not limited to the specs of your personal machine because you can use computing power provided by thousand of servers located around the world.

5 Dedicated Servers

Again, it's not necessarily what's in the box itself that makes it better. The fact that Microsoft is such a huge company allows it to support the Xbox in a way that Sony cannot match at this time. The benefits of providing dedicated servers, while not currently fully realized, could revolutionize online console play. The 64 and 128 player matches you see on the PC could make their way to the console. Imagine Call of Duty multiplayer matches with as many targets as the campaign modes.

6 Kinect

It sucks that the Kinect is bundled with the Xbox One forcing people to buy something they may not have wanted and setting the price of the Xbox One 25% higher than that of the PlayStation at launch. It may have been the worst, most arrogant thing Microsoft did with the Xbox. However, that does not mean the Kinect is not a good thing.

The Xbox 360 Kinect was a good idea, but it was a tacked on periphery component held back by the processing power of the system. The games were fun, but limited and tended to lack replayability. But when playing them, you couldn't help but sense the potential.

The Xbox One Kinect is far more powerful and responsive. Heck, it can even sense your heart rate. It is going to be really exciting to see what developers are able to do with a Kinect that really works.

7 Better Wireless Connectivity

The Xbox supports a broader wireless spectrum and more wireless bandwidth. The numbers don't lie.

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8 Higher Quality Feel
9 Titanfall

I've seen hardcore ps4 fans switch consoles because of this game alone. - bornmurphed

Yeah well now that titanfall 2 Is on ps4, haha who's laughing now xbox fanboys - VideoGamefan5

Probay an awesome fps game and best shooter coming in 2014 best game in 2014 is probably ssb4

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10 Halo

Only the first three Halos are good

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11 Forza

Simply an amazing series, 'enough said.

12 Backward Compatibility

This is huge to play oblivion and skyrim and mass effect way to go Xbox

This is the main reason I'm buying a xbox one! Me and my freinds have ton of old xbox 360 games and we don't want to throw them in the trash! - DarkXide99

The ps4 offers 414 PS3 games includes major triple a titles and ps2 games that have released I long time before the Xbox

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13 Better Exclusive Series V 1 Comment
14 Ryse: Son of Rome

And look how good it was! Sarcasm

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15 No Yellow Light of Death V 1 Comment
16 Better Games

You can get Dead Rising 3, Goat simulator, and The Escapists are all on Xbox One while PlayStation is hiding in Japan being a big crybaby.

You can now purchase both games other than dead rising 3 on the PS4

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17 Remote Play

Have a ps vita? Well if you have you can remotplay with ps4 and play your games on ps vita screen. This helps when someone is using T.V. or you want privacy in games. Moreover you can have display on T.V. and vita at same time.

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18 Hackers V 2 Comments
19 Better Interface, More User Friendly

The Windows 8/10 interface was a great idea, as well as the update on friends and parties. Everything is so organized, as well as the pin system.

20 Windows 10 Streaming

Since the "Xbox play anywhere" you can stream your Xbox to your computer and play anywhere! Although you can't play all games on the computer. - DarkXide99

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