Top Ten Reasons the Democrats Should Not Win the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

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1 Democrats would create things like ObamaCare

Every country in the free world has a national health care plan, and now the U.S. Is included, thanks to Obamacare. It's not perfect, and of course Republicans don't want it to succeed and have been working to destroy it. Ted Cruz might back off a bit, now that he's on it! Call it Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, or whatever you want to, but we do need a plan if we want to be considered one of the greatest countries in the world.

Obamacare was a good idea, just flawed. I would like to see a revision in the future. It would help so many people.

By the way, ISIS was ONLY a threat with Obama in office. They're a fairly new terrorist group, compared to Al-Queda anyway.

Also, Obama is a better president than Nixon and Bush. Can't say the same for Carter though. I'll admit that he's one of our worsts. Don't know much about the third one you've mentioned. I'll have to do my research.

Also, like Positron mentioned, this is pretty much the exact same list as before.

Ter president than - Alpha101

Buddy, how is this any different from your previous list? It's just the same things reworded for a liberal's perspective. - PositronWildhawk

Oh, I'm sorry universal healthcare for everyone was a terrible idea, when your mom is old and she is sitting in a garbage bin of hypodermic needles because she doesn't have healthcare, tell me how you feel then.

2 Barack Obama has damaged this country, and the next democrat will make it worse

Republicans are guilty of that too. They straight up said they wouldn't let Obama do anything when he was reelected. So, they straight up said that they wouldn't let Obama accomplish anything when he was reelected. So, they straight up said that they were going to sacrifice FOUR YEARS of hard work just so the democrats don't win! - HeavyDonkeyKong

And all I'm waiting for is the

Support your argument, man. - keycha1n

3 Democrats would raise the taxes even further

Taxes have only gone up on the richest one percent under Obama, and they were grossly underpaying before. You'll recall how Warren Buffett pointed out that his secretary pays more in taxes than he does.

BlueTopazIceVanilla, please grow up. This comment is one of the reasons why people hate you. You will pay taxes when you grow up, so swallow the truth.

Raising the taxes feeds the rich, but it buries the poor. Poor people need to make a living too. - Nonpointed

Um... what did I just read? I always thought cutting taxes feeds the rich, and raising taxes helps the poor. As the guy 2 comments above you said, taxes only went up on the richest one percent under Obama. - allamassal

How does anyone know that? - JaneMoffat

4 The democrats would make our military even weaker

If a republican wins, it won't be. - Therandom

We spend over 10% of GDP on our military.

More than nearly any other country.

I fail to see why we need a better military. - keycha1n

So we can kill every member of ISIS. We need better control. Our military has really weakened over the years. - Therandom

No. hillary is a hawk, she would make the military stronger

5 Democrats are against the death penalty, which means more criminals

The death penalty is murder. There are other ways to handle criminals - JaneMoffat

I'm a Republican and I don't support the death penalty. The death penalty is murder just like abortion so I don't support either of those. It's better for them to rot in prison than murder them. - emily3232

Democrats are against the death penalty? So was Jesus...

No. death pleanty don't reduce crime, incraniation does. the piont is, you give people life in prison instead of death

6 ISIS has been more of a threat with Obama in office

ISIS exists because of Republican George Bush. Republicans know this is true, because they won't let Bush campaign for their candidates and they go out of their way to ignore him. Even Bush's own brother tries not to acknowledge him.

If we had a Republican, this would be over. - Therandom

Technically, ISIS was founded mainly because of Bush's policies on the Middle East. Sure, Obama did let ISIS gain more territory by temporarily removing troops from Iraq, I'll give you that. But ISIS is now steadily losing ground. - Alpha101

ISIS exists because of both Bush and Obama. - marmalade_skies

Not every democrat is the same as Obama - JaneMoffat

7 Their only pro is allowing gay marriage to be legal

With this summer's court ruling, this ship has pretty much sailed...

And that's a good thing. - Pegasister12

God says NOOO to gay marriage

8 They don't care about all working classes

I guess being able to go to college and not having to declare bankruptcy over hospital bills is really a drain on the working class. - marmalade_skies

You don't seriously think the Republicans are going to do anything to help poor people, do you? They only help those who contribute to their campaigns, like the Koch brothers and the NRA.

I was homeless twie. It was a very stressful period for me and my mom. Governemnt did nothing. There are so mnany people living in poverty! - HeavyDonkeyKong

9 Democrats are supportive of abortion

No, Democrats are not supportive of abortion. I have never met a Democrat who thought abortion was a good thing. What Democrats support is the right of a woman to have a choice. This is where being a democracy with freedom of religion comes in. I'm aware that Christians feel the fetus is alive inside the womb, but not every religion agrees with that and we do have freedom of religion. I'm old enough to remember before the Roe vs. Wade decision, and if you think making abortion illegal would end abortion, you are vastly kidding yourself.

I'm in favor of allowing better access to contraceptives and sexual education in order to reduce the amount of abortions in this country. I'm surprised many have not mentioned this idea yet.

Abortion is murdering living babies

The only time abortion is nessecary, is when the women is dying. I'd make abortion illegal if it was up to me. - Therandom

10 They won't end Common Core

I took common core my senior year. I HATED IT. The material made no sense to me.

This is probably the most legitimate reason to not vote for democrats, at least not yet. Common core does not let students have a personalized learning path. - LegoGeek21

I don't even have to explain why I hate it so much. - TheYoshiOverlord

Oops there's more...

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11 Presidents such as Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, and James Buchanan are considered the worst presidents of all time.

The only democratic president I have a nearly perfect opinion about is JFK. He didn't cause Vietnam War, Lyndon Johnson made it worse. Lyndon Johnson, Obama, Carter, Buchanan, and Andrew Johnson are the worst democratic presidents. - doodie

Actually, Kennedy did cause the Vietnam war. Don't know where you're getting your information from. And sure, Johnson expanded the war, but he had so many other accomplishments. He even regretted his decision to expand the war, and even fell into depression because of it. - Alpha101

Sorry, therandom. Any unbiased list ranking presidents has Obama in the upper third, often ahead of Reagan. Buchanan was too long ago to be relevant. Carter is doing such awful things nowadays like building homes for the poor and overcoming cancer. Should we also mention that neither Buchanan, Carter, nor Obama is running in2016? I see no one on the Republican side that I would have any confidence in whatsoever.

What about George Bush? And then George HW Bush?

Both of them were literally buffoons with clown wigs. - keycha1n

They're not as bad as the ones listed above. And at least they gave us strong military. - Therandom

Andrew Jackson?

12 Nicki Minaj is a Democrat

So you're going to base the future of our country on who Nicki Minaj votes for? Gee, who could argue with that logic?

13 They want to turn America into Europe

Russia, Ukranie, Belarus...? They're not in the EU! Also, Russia is part European but 70% is part Asian as a continent. Learn your geography before you write something. Europe is Holland, Italy, France, Germany etc... Don't see the problem. All those countries have proper working social healthcares, democratic laws etc... When I read this list all I see is a United States with crazy people walking with guns in their hands shooting at Mexicans, black people, Muslims etc... and listening to leaders who are greedy capitalists protected by a military state. Is that the America you want?

What's wrong with that? - 12cc

14 They want to ban guns

What do I read there? What if another country invade us? What if a guy gets a gun illegally? You think you're gonna make the big difference in that case just because you own a gun? Isn't the military army not there for protection? Isn't police not there to protect domestic problems? Are you paying taxes for them just for fun?
If the " guy " did get a gun illegally it's maybe because there are too much guns in circulation, plus a criminal or a criminal mind isn't interested in following laws about guns. If there's a gunban or not he will get a gun if he want to. Or are you saying that just because you own a gun you will be able to stop crime? And where's the question " What if a " guy " gets a gun legally and becomes a criminal afterwards? Just look at mass-shooters in those cases. Guns have only one purpose, to kill. And if you're saying that it's just for protection it means in reality that you're a potential killer too. How come there are less crime rates in countries where ...more

We need to defend our lives

God bless waving gun senators, God bless America and Viva Las Vegas!

So people will not die

Sorry, that's a very ignorant statement. Japan has no gun rights, and almost all murder victims are killed. What if another country invades us? What if a guy illegally gets a gun when you communists ban them? Hmm? It's going to be the Prohibition Era all over again. Crime will NOT decrease. - 1337

15 They usually support socialism

That's not being stupid. It's stupid if you actually are in favor for greedy capitalism, for the GOP ( greedy oligarch party ), for letting banks, corporations, Wall street whatever they want to do with people's earned money. Socialism would bring a equilibrium into the greedy stupid United States.

16 They support making criminal activities legal
17 They want to make America into North Korea
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