Reasons the Garbage Pail Kids Movie is Horrible

I hate The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. It’s the worst film I’ve ever seen.
I’m not joking. I hate this film so much I decided to make this list.

The Top Ten Reasons the Garbage Pail Kids Movie is Horrible

It’s the most unpleasant film you’ll ever see

There was a scene where that ugly alligator thing took out a box of severed fingers, toes, you name it from humans he killed. Then Dodger, the kid, was going to take a bath. After that, he was in a bathtub wiggling his toes, then that ugly alligator creep appears again AND TRIES TO BITE HIS TOES OFF! Then the father forced him not to. After that, I stopped watching this pile of garbage. How this became KIDS MOVIE in the first place?! Boo! This movie sucks.

This is the worst movie of all time. Easily. - DCfnaf

Where The Dead Go To Die is a lot worse since it has both child porn and brutality, according to reviews, but this movie is still one of the worst.

They look ugly.

The poor little kid Dodger just gets bullied by these 20 year olds constantly. They even go as far as to pour sewer water on him (What the hell is wrong with you? This kid is like, 10, and you’re a bunch of 20 year olds. Clearly you have the advantage.). The Garbage Pail Kids are vile. One of them pulls out a box of severed human appendages, implying he killed multiple humans to get them. (THIS FILM IS RATED PG.)

It’s not funny at all

Not funny, I did not laugh at any of the dumb humor of this movie.

All of the humor comes from immature toilet humor. Toilet humor can be good if it’s done well (AVGN), but this isn’t done well at all.

The garbage pail kids are horrible characters

One of them has severed human appendages. One of them threatens people with a knife. One of them vomits constantly (mostly on other people). One of them pisses their pants all the time. Do I need to go on?

The acting is horrible

Just look at the actresses horrible laugh didn't even attempt to make it convincing. - egnomac

It's like they knew ahead of times this movie was going to suck and didn't even bother to try to give a decent performance. - egnomac

It’s pointless

It was just a spoof of the cabbage patch kids which people either called ugly or cute.

It’s about a trading card series. Why do you need to make a movie about this?

It looks unfinished

The Garbage Pail Kids are unfinished. The film looks like it was rushed. Do I need to go on?

The plot sucks

The movie barely has a plot most of the movie consists of the garbage pail kids doing pretty much nothing interesting even the human characters are boring to watch. - egnomac

Just read any synopsis or watch the movie. It’s awful!

It’s gross

I think this one’s self explanatory.

It’s boring

Oh my god, is it boring. Nothing ever happens! Half the movie is just The Garbage Pail Kids being gross.

It was made for kids

Why would parents take their kids to this turd of a movie unless they were purposely trying to punish and torture their kids. - egnomac

The Contenders

It’s repetitive

It’s just the kid getting bullied, and the garbage Pail Kids being gross.

It’s annoying
It's creepy
It's incredibly mean spirited
It makes you lose your lunch
It makes fun of people with braces
The main character kid is wimpy
It's a 1980's version of Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig and Teen Titans Go
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