Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than the Hunger Games

In this everyone can see that Harry Potter is way better than the Stupid The Hunger Games books and films. I am saying this since the first film of The Hunger Games came out. It just takes an amount of time before a new fandom war will start between these films. Just enjoy this list, I'm curious if you agree,

The Top Ten Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than the Hunger Games

1 Storyline

First of all, I've read harry potter and watched all their movies.
Last but not least, hunger games are better. Yes, I'm a hater Boi
I LOVE HUNGER GAMES but I respect why you think harry potter is better. Its okay to have diffeeent opinions... :P (although you should really watch hunger games before hating on it

Throughout the Harry Potter books and films many storylines are taking place. But from beginning to end everything is brilliant. So many storyline and everything in the whole story is good, without any mistakes. While The Hunger Games is a trilogy and just has maybe a few Storylines. - Lordmistery

I do like Hunger Games but the plot gets more and more ridiculous as it goes along. Harry Potter has one of the most complicated plots ever and even then it is memorable and amazing. It also has less plot holes and the whole plot has many twists and turns in it that Hunger Games can never match.

Okay, you are really just saying better than the stupid hunger games books and novels? That is extremely rude and disrespectful. The author worked so hard on the hunger games (which is a masterpiece by the way) and you are basically saying it's nothing. I am a hunger games fan and I fully respect harry potter and I like J.K. Rowling as a person and I don't even like harry potter so why don't you get some class before you start a debate because you are seriously being a jerk.

2 Cast and Crew

The Cast and crew of Harry Potter is brilliant. To begin with the crew. Every single Director who came in Harry Potter brought something special to it. Stuart Craig did an amazing job on making the Harry Potter universe real. And every single actor was cast perfectly. Every actor and actress was perfect for his or her role.In Hunger Games you have not these great actors or actresses. They just do their role and that's it. In Harry Potter the people really love the films beside the fact they are perfect for what they do for the films. - Lordmistery

If the first movie had poor acting, just keep in mind you are comparing children to a fully grown and professional actor.

Jennifer Lawrence did a phenomenal job and in the first movie it had extremely poor acting.

Both casts and crews were amazing, but I prefer the Hunger Games cast and crew. - ThatEmoLoner

3 Music

John Williams did such an amazing job, especially on Hedwig's Theme. It will always be recognized as Harry's Theme or something related to Harry Potter. While you look at Hunger Games, they don't have that. - Lordmistery

This isn't even a reason. This list is full of stupid, petty reasons. Don't get me wrong though, I do worship both series. - ThatEmoLoner

How is having one movie having a better score than another not qualify as a real reason? - HamsterKing27

I agree, Hanging tree is a good song though.

What about the four note whistle?

4 Timeless

Facts. This is 2016 and I'm 11, and I just finished reading it. Not once, not twice, but 10 times each!

Harry Potters magic stays with you the rest of your life. It has a strong message about love and friendship

They will both hold up to any date. - ThatEmoLoner

Harry Potter is Timeless, even now after 2 years since the last film people keep reaidng the books and keep watching the films. Ans are still posting things on Facebook and on the internet. I think in a few years time Hunger Games will be forgotton. - Lordmistery

5 Building of the Series

In Harry Potter everything has been build up so brilliant. You really wait 7 books or/and 8 films for the final big confrontation with You-Know-Who. You really wait 7 books and 8 films for answers for questions. While The Hunger Games hasn't been build up so very good. - Lordmistery

I love both series but this lis tis definitely true in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong


6 Home

Hogwarts does really feel like a home. The first time where you as reader especially as a kid read about Hogwarts it feels like a home. In The Hunger Games there isn't such a place. It doesn't have that kind of power or magic or love that touches the reader. - Lordmistery

I loved the harry potter series and I still do, it's one of the most important things in the world to me and has always made me feel at home when I used to feel isolated from my friends. I did like the hunger games but the last book was kind of a disappointment and I felt like the ending just kind of faded away and wasn't really the best - pjo

What? , you should've made this a list on reasons why Harry Potter is great. - ThatEmoLoner

Okay I agree that Harry Potter hits home for many people, but Suzanne Collins wanted the world of panem to be a cruel, uncomforting place. Even Katniss didn't feel at home in the place the character was born. Harry felt at home in Hogwarts with the other wizards after being treated like trash before. That itself is a huge disadvantage to thg on this one

7 Characters

HG never the took the time it needed to build up their characters. It felt like I ultimately knew more about Ron and Hermione by the end of the first book then I did about Gale and Peeta’s throughout the whole series. - HamsterKing27

HG never the took the time it needed to build up there characters. It felt like I ultimately knew more about Ron and Hermione by the end of the first book then I did about Gale and Peet’s throughout the whole series. - HamsterKing27

From the very first page you fall in love with the characters. Because it is such a big series and the characters are so different you really love them. And Harry ultimately is a kind of friend for the reader. HG doesn't have that power - Lordmistery

I love all the characters from both series - ThatEmoLoner

8 Not Just One Theme

One of the reasons why Harry Potter is the greatest book series and film series ever is that it isn't just a fantasy theme. Why is Harry Potter such a rare thing? Well in my opinion because it also has big emotional moments which doesn't make it a Fantasy series or a romance series or Young adult or teenage or a child story. From all the themes it has something. Hunger Games is a typical young adult story. - Lordmistery

Completely untrue. - ThatEmoLoner

9 People In Harry Potter Actually Smile

Even Snape smiles well more of a sneer but still

They teach you how to smile even in the darkest of times.

The HG is all about pulling through the struggles and never giving up! And yes, characters in the HG do feel joy. - ThatEmoLoner

These are terrible reasons because the people in thg do smile. Before you TRY and insult someone else’s fandom please read the books or at least watch the movies.

10 Grow Up

The Harry Potter generation really grew up with Harry Ron & Hermione and some of the cast members. The Hunger Games are only a trilogy so it will never have the power that the fanbase will grow up with the characters or cast. - Lordmistery

We saw the actors in Harry Potter go from children to young adults.

Because HP is longer... - ThatEmoLoner

The Contenders

11 For All Ages

This doesn't make it better though... - ThatEmoLoner

Not just adults enjoy the series,
I myself am a teen and love the Harry potter series. My sister is under the age of 10 and enjoys it as well. - avagranger

Harry potter is enjoyable for all ages unlike hunger games, I, myself being a teen love harry potter and my sister under the age of 10 years old enjoys harry potter too. Hunger games on the other hand has a lot of violence which is not really appropriate for kids (although my sister has watched it😂) - avagranger

12 The HP Community

Absolutely, totally, without a doubt right!

The Harry Potter community is a more of one big family. Hunger Games fans are just, well, fans. There is a large difference between HG fans and the HP family.


13 Deaths

In harry potter if you fall in love with a character (like dobby) if they pass away you will a surge of emotion. Its really upsetting and it shows how well written it is. While in the hunger games they only sad death was really prim and maybe finnick. But that's not really as sad as fred or Sirius or dobby or lupin. You fall in love with the characters of harry potter when with hunger games you don't really feel that emotion.

Both series include extremely sad deaths. But Prim and Finnick had sadder deaths to me than any of the HP deaths (although both are extremely depressing, I did cry for days) - ThatEmoLoner

Well, Rue's was sad

True, finnick was my favourite character and (spoiler) when he died I didn't even cry because it wasn't sad. also (spoiler) prim's death could have been so sad but it wasn't written well enough to be sad, the only part of it that actually upset me was the concept of her dying rather than how it was written. the only death I cried at was rue's. - pjo

14 Emma Watson Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is a British actress, model, and activist. Born in Paris and brought up in Oxfordshire, Watson attended the Dragon School as a child and trained as an actress at the Oxford branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts.

Lol, I know this is a joke, but it's still true. - JolteonIsAwesome

She's hot - JolteonIsAwesome


15 Trafalgar Square

July 7th 2011 was maybe the most emotional world premiere ever. And there were so many Harry Potter fans. A worldpremiere like this you will never see in Hunger Games. - Lordmistery

16 There's No Annoying Love Triangle

Harry Hermione Ron love triangle is a movie thing, read the books moron.

Harry Hermione Ron's love triangle is annoying, Harry should've ended up with Hermione. - JolteonIsAwesome

17 Harry Potter is More Immersive and Realistic

Those coal miner rednecks need reality checks. Harry Potter incorporates a unique fantasy while allowing readers to emotionally relate to the characters. Hungers games shows an unrealistically evil and corrupt dystopian society, where most of the 12th district(starving) characters look healthy.

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