WonkeyDude98's Formal Rage: Stupid H** + Nicki Minaj

Finally. Let's get this over with.

Now, I've talked about Nicki Minaj a lot lately. My first (and personal favorite) is my rant about Only. I feel like that song is underhated on TTT in favor of its lyric video. Then my rant about Anaconda. While a nice rant, it was disappointing and didn't gain as much traction as I wanted it to. Then my Bang Bang review, which didn't pick up any traction whatsoever despite me actually liking it. That brings us to the moment you've all been waiting for.

The day I review Stupid H**.

This song is a travesty, and you all know it. This song is even more hated than Anaconda (a song I personally believe is worse). I actually really liked SuperBass, and Starships can be tolerable if I can turn my brain off and get past the accents. And yet...the same CANNOT be said about her next hit, whatsoever.

The first thing I have to ask, WHAT IS THIS BEAT?!?!?!!!?!?!! I can't even call this a beat. From the clattery percussion to the squeaky synths that make the track really grating and annoying, to the squealy vocal sample, to the SIREN. To quote TheDoubleAgent (A YouTube reviewer much more talented than I am), this beat is like playing basketball in the middle of the apocalypse.

That's nothing to say of Nicki's scathing voice. Sometimes she sounds like she just got kicked in the stomach, sometimes she sounds like she's failing at her own Roman accent, sometimes she sounds high. Of course, there probably wasn't that much autotune in the song contrary to what is believed. That's one of the only things I'll give this train wreck. If there was autotune she wouldn't sound like a puppy high on weed.

The flow, rhymes, and lyrics are garbage. This is supposed to be a diss track, eh? I COULDN'T TELL. These lyrics are so splattershot and random that it's hard to find out this is a diss towards Lil Kim. There's this one lyrics where she tells Kim to..."s*** my diznik". So....is this Justin Bieber in reverse? Because that made absolutely no sense. Also, this is the rhyme scheme for one part of the song "wrist-es", "b***hes" "diznik". This is the worst Tyga song I've ever heard. I mean, Tyga is known for making up words, using profanity, and extending syllables just to fill up rhymes. The hook is literally just "you a stupi' how, you-a-you-a stupi' how" repeated with no end in sight. Nicki is trying way too hard to sound intimidating and it's just pathetic.

The sad fact is that I think Nicki has done worse. I prefer this to the "icy" club banger Only. I prefer this to the asinine I Endorse These Strippers. In particular I prefer this to the absolutely ugly, sleazy mess that was Anaconda. This is mainly because, well, AT LEAST SHE'S TRYING! (Albeit way too hard)

If any of you predicted a negative score, congratulations you're sane. This is a -1/5 for sure. While I think there are worse than Nicki, there are none that waste their talent like she does. I give Nicki a 0/5 because her good stuff is too few and far in between, and her bad stuff is terrible. This is WonkeyDude98, and now that I'm done directly ripping off VelitelCabal, it's time that I do something I myself want to do.


The worst lyric in my opinion is "Only pretty b*ch*s make it in my posse". - Swellow

Stereotypes...yay. - WonkeyDude98

Yeah, Anaconda is worse - Martinglez

How is that not an agreed on statement? - WonkeyDude98

She a stupid hoe - bobbythebrony

No dip Sherlock lol - WonkeyDude98

Copier! Haha! - visitor

You sound surprised, even though you've known my game plan for a while. - WonkeyDude98

Yeah, I know, but it's almost the same sequence lol - visitor

I think Anaconda is a little better because at least it's trying to do something. (Even though it's failing miserably) Whereas this song is just atrocious nothingness. There is literally no point to this song. - visitor

I've heard Anaconda was a joke. See, at least Stupid H** showed evidence of trying, but again WAY too hard. Anaconda was a plagiarizing ball of sleaze with no effort or creativity put into it at all. - WonkeyDude98

So in your opinion this is worse than Friday and Baby - AlphaQ

It is, - DCfnaf

If you don't know this:

I hate Meghan Trainor's music.. - Frodomar49

As TheDoubleAgent says...
It's like playing basketball in the middle of the apocalypse - JamesBourne