Top 10 Reasons to Hate Nicki Minaj

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81 At her previous job, American Idol, she cussed Mariah Carey

And they say American Idol is supposed to be a family show.

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82 She dresses like she's Barbie
83 She encourages self pleasure by showing pictures on Instagram V 1 Comment
84 Her rivalry with Lil Kim

That rivalry should've never existed.

85 She swears on American Idol to be cool

She ruined American Idol for me.

86 She wears ugly clothing

Well really she wears cute and gorgeous clothing! I love it

Well I hate it.

87 Her rapping

Can't make her own song without stealing someone else's lyrics or beat.

88 She wants attention
89 She copies Lil Kim

Like kim said "get your own. why you copying mine?"

That's where she get the Barbie image from

Jeez your so mainstream, then tell Lil Kim to stop copying barbie, and Alicia Douvall to stop copying her, Lil Kim doesn't own the rights to barbie, anyone can copy her image. you are merely simple minded

90 She is from young money

The whole group is garbage anyways

Anybody who's signed to young money sucks.

Lol garbage. I haven even heard a album from them yet. Aka Niki is a regarded ass bitch just saying brbri

91 She writes her songs

That's why they are awful

92 She calls herself barbie V 3 Comments
93 She is not classy
94 She thinks Lil Wayne is the best rapper ever

She even said that she is the female version of Lil Wayne.

Do you know Stalin is the best European ever

No to that iggy is the best rapper

Yes! She is right Lil Wayne is the best rapper ever been seen and all the people that hate Nicki minaj guest what f*ck off and leave her alone her life she can do what ever she want.

95 In beam me up Scotty, she made fun of many religions

Who cares if she made fun of religion! She's become a religion! Corrupt, Malicious, vain, etc...

If she ever talk bout my religion. Ill. Punch her in her face and tell everyone her bazoka butt is fake like her brbrii

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96 Her fans are dumber than she is

Her fans are mindless retarded zombies. Somebody get Nicki Minaj out of the public eye and convert her fans to rock music.

I honestly think people need to wake up and realize that she's a disaster of a music artist.

Thinking she is legendary pfft!

So glad someone finally said it

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97 Her lyrics are dumb and annoying

She don't write her own lyrics rember someone write for her but u right her lyrics garbage brbri

98 She loves Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne: 2/10 overall; 9/10 before 2007, 0/10 after
Nicki Minaj: 1.5/10 overall - WonkeyDude98

Lil Wayne. Is cool but nicki minaz is a man really

I love him too

NICKI MINAJ: 0/10 - For every reason on this list
MAX COVERI: 10/10 - For running in the 90s

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99 Almost everybody hates her so it's fine if you do

I love this one. Yes people find her more annoying than Lady Gaga. Gaga isn't that bad though. But this particular artists does.

That shouldn't be the reason. - ParkerFang



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100 Two girls sang Super Bass on Ellen DeGeneres, and nobody cared

Having two little girls sing Nicki Minaj on national television, would be like having two little girls sing bands like Slayer, Slipknot, Gorgoroth, Cannibal Corpse, Death, and Behemoth on national television.

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