Top 10 Reasons to Hate Nicki Minaj

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101 Her Stupid Hoe song

Anything created by this living creature is a joke.

102 Her Anaconda song
103 She is a hoe

A stupid one too

104 She was a judge on American Idol

WHY?! She has no talent! NO TALENT!

She doesn't even have any talent. Like, at all!

I'm seriously surprised how this is not higher.

105 She's the Freddy Krueger of the music industry

Don't believe me? Watch the music video to Ludacris's My Chick Bed. Nicki Minaj as Freddy Krueger is a very appropriate metaphor.

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106 Her stagename

Do you people really want to know where she got her fictional surname, Minaj, from? It's a play on Menage meaning Threesome in French (a Threesome is three people acting in sexual activities).

And ABC said that Nicki Minaj (or should I say Nicki Threesome) is a role model for the youth of America. Because Threesomes are really appropriate and tasteful for younger kids right? WRONG!

This is true. Ugh. - WonkeyDude98

107 Has no flow
108 She's immature
109 Starships

I can't believe I used to LIKE that song. I'm smarter, now. I like Queen, Abba and The Beatles best.

110 She's scary looking
111 She collaborated with Madonna V 1 Comment
112 She sounds like a 4 year old

She sounds just like my 4 year old nephew being dragged out of toys r us.

No the world she don't! She sounds like a normal 33 year old young woman!

113 Little girls look up to her and cite her as an inspiration
114 She's the female Lil Wayne

She even claimed it herself.

115 She helped kill hip hop
116 She has butt cheek implants

No breast implants and teeth nose implants. Fake barbie doll.

117 She raps about sex, twerking, and strip clubs
118 She's famous for the wrong reasons

I can tolerate people like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Rebecca Black, and even Lil Wayne. But people like Nicki Minaj who are famous right now is what really baffles my mind.

119 She cannot be taken seriously

One minute she's rapping about real stuff, the next she's rapping about starships.

120 She's inappropriate for kids
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1. She's fake
2. She destroyed Madonna's and Eminem's careers by doing songs with them
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WonkeyDude98's Formal Rage: Stupid H** + Nicki Minaj
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