Top 10 Reasons to Hate Rule 34

Is the home of porn and I hate it do you? Then add some comments and add some idems too.

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1 It makes porn of your favorite character

.-. Is it weird if I like it

Stop making porn of Ms. Chalice you sick freaks - Flowerrose

All pedos should burn in hell

What makes me angry about this disgusting art is that they even make porn of child characters.I hope all pedos burn in hell

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2 Includes child-porn

(cough) Maggie Pesky fanart (cough) - xandermartin98

This is what sickens me me the most about R34, when you have child looking characters like Elmyra being seen unclothed there's a serious problem.

Mabel Pines porn is everywhere, I ran, everywhere! I hated that stuff. She's just a teenager for heck's sake! And also, seeing Luan or Lynn Loud being sexualized is just sick! - Fandomstuck

I would agree with that because I hate child-porn it makes me say "TOO YOUNG! " like unbelievably loud. - TLHFanBaseSucks

This I believe is the main problem and concern when dealing with "rule 34". No one should have to be confronted with or even produce such content. It's disturbing and in no way should be acceptable for viewing pleasure.

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3 It's weird

Everything is weird to someone. Being weird is not something to hate. This should definitely not be #1 - iiKyodaiKickz

I see MLP Rule 34 all the time! It's weird, creepy, and has nothing to do with the point of the show which is about friendship not sex! - RiverClanRocks

Yeah, Maybe something else will be #1, Not this one - GenoKenneth

I don't like it! It's just weird! - BorisRule

4 It ruins your childhood

I thought rule 34 was an anime, so I looked it up. I was SCARRED FOR LIFE! (I'm only 11, too.)

It didn’t ruin my childhood (i'm still a kid)

It literally ruins it! - Powerfulgirl10

5 It ruined Cuphead

Lame copy paste to classic cartoon so no!

Cuphead so Overrated what the hell people care about them so mush?

Cuphead has the Worst Fanbase!

No More Cuphead!

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6 Crossover shipping at it's absolute worst

Maggie x Flecko for example (VIOLENTLY SHUDDERS) - xandermartin98

Shadow x Shrek for example. - Powerfulgirl10

What sane person would ship an OGRE AND A HEDGEHOG!?!

EDIT: None. There is no sane person that would ship an ogre and a hedgehog unironically. - 404_name_missing

Exactly. - 404_name_missing

7 You cannot get the images out of your head

The images are so disgusting and revolting

Most disgusting images I ever seen!

It's worser than a bad song ear worm. We just can't sleep in peace when we see a r34 pic.

I know, when I saw some of that tickling crap, I was disturbed, offended, and extremely unnerved by it.

(EDIT: Look at that, I use very immature terminology, but then I use big words... Real mature.) - 404_name_missing

Why did you have to bring up one of my favorite games in this crap?!

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8 It's disgusting

It's gross when characters are drawn with disproportionated body parts.

Some characters are ugly or just awkward to look, and no orgasm would be achieved while looking at them doing sexual activities, man.

Just not disgusting, It's very gross and rude. - 05yusuf09

9 It makes porn of real people
10 Your mom thinks that you're weird

If the mom finds that her son draws porn she should slap him

What kind of parents let they're kids watch porn - Flowerrose

Not only our parents. Tutors and teachers find it weird too!

Our parents just find it sick.

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? Pokeporn

The Contenders

11 It ruins your humanity

I've seen old forums (around 2007) where rule 34 is explained, and every user was disgusted by the idea, but nowadays it seems pretty normal. How do you explain that?

Most stuff isn't that bad but I know what people are trying to say like spider porn or teletubies its pretty nasty

12 It's disturbing

Especially when it takes place inside someone's brain - xandermartin98

One of my biggest fears is the cartoon series I'm working on being r34'ed. People say things like "just ignore it", but once I know it happened, I get traumatizef.

Tell me about it. I've made a ton of cartoon characters, and I'm paranoid I'm gonna end up seeing porn of them. Luckily I've seen one good fan art so far. - Powerfulgirl10

Damn you Rule 34 illustraros! - 05yusuf09

It's like a mix between porn and horror, with the plot being either your raped childhood or your loved characters doing what they wouldn't normally do.

13 It makes some creators get upset

Let's say I made an awesome video game. Then rule34 artists draw porn of my characters. I would go on live rant stage. Then I would tell illegal websites and Encyclopedia Dramatica to post the address of the artists so I can genocidally kill every single one of them and their families and all of their friends. Then I would burn their house and hire bombers to drop atomic bombs (Tsar Bomba) on their house. They deserved that and finally NO MORE RULE34!

Nobody thinks about the poor original creators! Weird artists that make dirty pictures and dirty fanfiction writers are cruel and society justifies it!

This is one of the fears I have if I make my character famous. I might just run into a rule 34 porno of my character, and have my mind shattered to pieces.

The creators of Star Wars, The Stooges, Archie Comics and others aren't just ok with this. We must respect creators who don't want their creations to be r34'ed

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14 People cringe about it too much

Yeah tru that - MarcoCrafted

15 It includes tickling fetishism

Tickling overall is not that bad for me, such as soft one. However I agree tickling fetishism and intense tickling are bad! - BorisRule

A notable example is shadowultd ruining pokemon. - 404_name_missing

Why isn't this a little bit higher on the list, say, 12th place? - 404_name_missing

And you all know how much I hate tickling. - 404_name_missing

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16 It supports all kinds of evil and greed
17 It copies everything

True erotic artists make porn of their OWN characters, intead of exploiting something that's not made by them to please perverts.

See some authors prefer to not see porn of their characters, and others can get really offended, especially when the character is a cartoon version of themselves!

Exactly! If you want to clone 50 shades of grey/gray do it with your own characters, not my OC that I will make a video game about. - 404_name_missing

If you wanna do it, DO IT WITH YOUR OCS - BorisRule

18 It's pointless

It shouldn't even be considered a rule! We know you can do anything on internet, but people still "obey" to this as if it was an obligation. Silly...

It makes people sicker.

19 It supports rape and sexual assault
20 It makes kids angry

Seeing my favorite character turned into porn for the perverts to cap to makes me REALLY mad at the internet

Made me angry as frick when I saw all the tickling fetish art of tails. - 404_name_missing

Same. I felt the same way when I first saw tickling fetish 'art' of undertale.

21 Porn of characters who are underage
22 It's a waste of time

Go outside and do fun outdoorsy stuff and spend time with friends and family if you have any.

You're just using someone that doesn't exist and isn't made to turn you on as a sexual object.

It's O.K. to be a fap addict, but rule 34 makes you 5x addicted and morbous than normal porn.

23 It makes you be off from your favorite fandom

I try so hard to still like httyd but the fandom is almost ruining it.

Wanna know my secret how I still see things same way after R34zation?
1. Take a break from your favourite characters (at least a week)
2. Do things to forget about R34 one
3. Rewatch the whole episodes more than one time
It works for me? What about you? - BorisRule

24 Skeleton Porn

Due to morbid Undertale fangirls. - IceFoxPlayz

25 It's not good for people under the age of 18

It's no good for ANYONE! - BorisRule

Exactly! - 404_name_missing

26 Robot Porn

That Jenny rule34 video... that's bad as the N word. - BorisRule

27 Ruins new things that exist

tru this - MarcoCrafted

28 Pony Porn
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1. It ruins your childhood
2. Includes child-porn
3. Crossover shipping at it's absolute worst
1. It's disgusting
2. It makes porn of your favorite character
3. It ruins your childhood
1. Includes child-porn
2. Crossover shipping at it's absolute worst
3. It makes porn of your favorite character

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