Top 10 Reasons Henry Hudson is the Best Explorer of All Time

The Top Ten

1 He was very determined to explore

Many other explorers only explored for the money and the honor. Hudson did have those motives as well, but his desire to explore was genuine. He went on many voyages in a short time, and spent as much time as possible exploring. He always wanted to explore as much as possible, even when urged to return home. - Thisgoronsonfire

2 He never gave up

Many times in Hudson’s journeys, there were moments where the path ahead looked bleak and hopeless. Hudson did not allow these moments to bring him down. He kept going with determination, because he knew that there was always more to be explored, and it was his job to do it. - Thisgoronsonfire

3 He was very influential

The world we live in would not be the same if it weren’t for Henry Hudson. His discoveries paved the way for British colonialism in the Americas, which set in motion everything that resulted from that. - Thisgoronsonfire

4 He did not treat the natives badly

While there was one event that involved a skirmish between the natives and Hudson’s crew, it isn’t clear whether Hudson himself was involved. Most explorers at that time were very cruel to the natives, sometimes even enslaving them. Hudson generally was friendly with them, and even traded on occasion. - Thisgoronsonfire

5 He was a loving father

His son John accompanied him on his final voyage, and was a valuable part of the crew. Hudson was always a good father, and hoped that his son would one day become an explorer and continue his legacy. Sadly, John died with his father during their mutiny, and was unable to fulfill his dreams. - Thisgoronsonfire

6 He explored Manhattan and the surrounding area

September 11 is a very important day for New York City, for obvious reasons. One thing that many people don’t realize, is that September 11 is also the day that Henry Hudson and his crew landed at Manhattan Island, almost 400 years before the 9/11 attacks. It is safe to say that without Hudson’s exploration of the region, New York City would not be what it is today. - Thisgoronsonfire

7 He was very close to finding a Northwest Passage

Had he not been mutinied, it is very possible that Hudson would have been able to navigate the northern islands of present day Canada and emerge on the western side of the continent, having successfully discovered a northwest passage, something that every explorer dreamed of. - Thisgoronsonfire

8 He was not afraid to sail through hazardous conditions

Many explorers would shy away from the northern regions, because they were afraid of the cold and the harsh weather. They preferred to be lazy and stay in the south where they did not have to deal with cold. Hudson was one who was willing to take the challenge of exploring the north with determination. - Thisgoronsonfire

9 He was disciplined

Hudson did not allow himself or his crew to become lazy and slothful like so many other explorers at the time. They were always hard working and ready to explore, and they never relied on slave labor like Columbus and many other explorers. - Thisgoronsonfire

10 He has many things named after him

Hudson discovered so much during his voyages, that he now has an abundance of things named after him, such as the Hudson Bay, the Hudson Strait, the Hudson River, the Henry Hudson Bridge, the Henry Hudson Parkway, and the former Hudson Bay Company. The only explorer that comes close in this department is Amerigo Vespucci. - Thisgoronsonfire

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