Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Win the 2016 Presidential Election

The Top Ten Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Win the 2016 Presidential Election

1 She's experienced

This list aged really badly... - BlueTelegraph

She did a bad job as Secretary of State, on the other hand Trump would be better even if he doesn't have much experience!

Before I thought that she was at least better than Trump. Now I'm not sure about which is worse. - Martinglez

Look at it this way. Either a corrupt candidate who thinks America is in good shape, or an honest candidate who knows America should change. - Therandom

Hillary hasn't accomplished anything as a politician besides marrying Bill, and she can't even please him let alone America. She is a lying, backstabbing criminal. If she wins, we are f%*&$ed - ryanrimmel

2 She cares about everyone

False, only 40 year old democrats - 1337

Nope, she is a liar

She cares about NO ONE. Research. Wikileaks!
She doesn't write her own speeches, she only says what people want to hear so she could win. - ryanrimmel

This list is false. The only accurate thing is that she has experience. - Therandom

3 She's more reasonable than Donald Trump

NOPE! NEVER! Trump is reasonable. Hillary is a part timer. Bad mic skills. Remove this.

At least Trump is not afraid to say his honest opinions, I think Clinton secretely wants America doomed

Hm, last I check, intimidating women who get raped by Bill Clinton doesn't make her sound reasonable.

4 As a former First Lady, she knows what being in the White House feels like

Being a first lady doesn't qualify you to be president. She's basically the Jaden Smith of the election - ryanrimmel

5 She knows what she is doing

No she doesn't. she takes orders from her advisors - ryanrimmel


6 It's about time for a female president

I hate it When people use this reason. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't care if there is a male or female president, but it has to be a good president, and neither Hillary or Trump will be. - Martinglez

It's "let's have a black president" all over again. - Puga

I'm sick of people saying "she'll be the first women president! Let's vote for her! " I have no problem with a women president, but she has to actually be good. If someone like Mary Falin or Joni Earnst ran, then they'd have my support.(unless there's a better candidate, but if they were the nominee, I'd totally support them). - Therandom

Worst reason ever. You should NEVER vote for someone because of their gender or race, that's absolutely deplorable. It should be based on qualification - ryanrimmel

7 Unlike Donald Trump, she knows how to solve problems

Anyone can solve a problem. It doesn't take a genius to solve any problem; what makes people think that Trump is incapable of solving anything? - NuMetalManiak

8 She is never happy with that status quo
9 She's not racist
10 She has been an inspiration for many people

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11 She's a Democrat

Which would have meant Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court and another Democrat rather than Neil Gorsuch and Brat Kavanaugh. Everyone who didn't vote for Hillary betrayed America. We'll have a majority conservative Supreme Court for decades thanks to these holier-than-thou third party-voting ignoramuses. "I'll vote for Jill Stein instead! Or Bernie! Or Harambe the dead gorilla! What? Trump won? This is YOUR fault Hillary, why didn't you win?! " If you didn't want Trump, YOU SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR HER!

12 Your other choice is Donald Trump

Trump may be an pompous ass, but he can get stuff done. He knows how to make money, and that's exactly what this country needs. - ryanrimmel

Donald Trump sucks. Hillary Clinton sucks too, but I'd rather vote for her.

Screw them both. Vote for Gary Johnson.

Anyone who votes for Trump should die

13 Donald Trump has no clue about ordinary Americans

Ha, it's the other way around, dumb@$$. Clinton doesn't give a **** about everyday Americans. She's been in power for 30 YEARS. She hasn't done SQUAT!

Donald doesn't know
who ruled the land of us
she knows

14 She will ban all guns

So you want her to break the 2nd amendment which will prove her as someone who doesn't follow the Constitution - shawnmccaul22

That's not a good thing.

..and that's Un-american.

Amendment II - Maddox121

15 She will make history

As the worst president in U.S. history - ryanrimmel

How? By being the last president of the United States?

She will be known as the one who destroted America - Hiimme

16 She's female

How very shallow. If the American people have stooped this low, they deserve what's coming to them if Hillary gets elected. She will destroy this country.

And I'm a dog elect me we have never had a dog president - Hiimme

17 She's competent
18 Everyone loves a good horror story
19 She’s liberal
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