Reasons to Love Nicki Minaj


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1 She is inspirational

She means the world to me

Nicki Minaj is an inspiration trough her songs. Most people will say that her songs are "only about sex, ass and tits" but they aren't! Some songs are, but that is because she makes some songs to "lift up the roof". But if you listen to the other songs you will hear her message. All things go - Nicki Minaj, is a song about her and whats shes been trough since young age, she had an abortian at young age cause the man she was going to have the baby died and she was afraid. Her father tried to kill her mother and the childrens by burning the house. She also says that everybody works, that you are beautiful no matter what. She is an inspiration by showing that you can get trough everything bad, and show the world you are something. She has a message and she is going to tell it to the people. She has been through much worse than some people critize her, and she will never give up cause some "haters" don't like her music,style, voice and so on.

2 She has good flow

She has a ok flow at best.

3 She is a great singer

Man datt boiii can sang I was just blastin save me

4 The song super bass is good

One of her few good songs. - Neonco31

I agree with this one. - Powerfulgirl10

5 She is a great rapper
6 Her uniqueness in her music

I'm sorry but her music is as unique as stale cardboard.

7 Her songs are catchy

That's true, except I don't like her singing.

8 Her voice is amazing
9 Her style is awesome
10 She is the queen of rap

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11 Her outfits are great

Yes - Nickiminaj4life

12 She is beautiful
13 Not all of her songs are about butts
14 She pays her fans' college tuition
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