Top Ten Reasons Metal Is Better Than Modern Pop

You are either 1 of these people: 1. Loves Pop and hates Metal OR 2. Loves Metal and hates Pop

What's even worse are the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) here in the Philippines. And I'm sure you're number 2.

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1 Metal is fast, complex, a masterpiece. Pop is just the same slow tempo and nice vocals but boring singing

How many pop epics are there? In metal longer (10 + minutes) songs and concept albums are everywhere. Plus, metal bands know how to vary the style a bit: on albums you get faster songs, slower songs, epic songs, etc... In fact just look at the name "pop" for populist - pop is a genre of music that is defined by mass appeal, it caters exclusively by definition of the lowest common denominator

If you have ever heard Pop songs here in Philippines, or the old Pop songs, you will end up hating it, its just the same slow tempo with different vocal approach and different lyrics - Oceraux

Honesty man, pop music is garbage and the fact that this list exists gives me hope in humanity ( making this comment while listening to testament lml)

I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has realized this.

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2 Metal has complex instrumentals and needs a lot of effort and time to write and talks about important subjects

Pop music is simplistic, manufactured, uninspired, and feel good. Metal is complex, technical, fast, inspired, and intelligent. Heavy metal has lasted for over 3 decades. How many genres of music last that long while managing to keep and recruit die-hard fans?

Not to mention that the complexity makes you smarter! It's not only classical music that does that!

Modern Pop is nothing but waste; all it is is getting money and getting your girlfriend pregnant. Metal and other Rock bands take on performance and team-ship. Metal unites people together and is more powerful than some Justin Berber song. It takes hard-work, time, and a lot of effort in order to create a song with meaning and rhythm.

The majority of pop songs are about butts and sex. - 906389

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3 Metal lyrics are far more intelligent and educated sounding than pop lyrics.

Pop is either about sex, partying or cheap teenage romances. Where as metal you can find plenty of song that talk about almost every topic you can think of.

I find that metal music is more relatable to me, and how I feel. Even though to some people it sounds like death, but I hear words that have lots of meaning. Just like the quote I found online "You call it demonic because you hear screaming, I call it life saving because I hear the meaning,"

The amity affliction being post-hardcore and not true "metal" has probably the deepest lyrics out of any band or artist I've ever listened to

Metal and instrumental is the equivalent of classical music in the modern era.

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4 No auto-tune, somehow better vocals

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but if you're calling yourself a singer I don't think it's too much to expect you to be able to actual sing. I really prefer to call a lot of these pop singers "performers" rather than "singers"... No, I'm not saying they don't have talent, a lot of them have really catchy songs and are great dancers, but if you just judge their vocal abilities, a lot of them NEED that autotune. It's really too bad, because what I love most about music is that you can hear the emotions and intensity behind the vocalist's voice, and those things are easily lost in autotune. Whenever I come across a pop singer's live concert, they're either lip sycning or attempting to sing live (which I can never enjoy because I can literally feel their voices about to give way any second and I get so nervous for them). For metal concerts though, it's totally different. I know for a solid fact that they can nail every single notes and the experience is just amazing. I mostly listen to ...more

If the best singers in metal (such as Dickinson or Turunen) don't need autotune, than why should the "best" singers in pop need it? In fact, why should any singer need it?

Haha this is so true there are dozens of pop singers who use autotune to make money but metal singers can ACTUALLY SING

I love Harsh Vocals, and cleans in metal but in pop its terrible, they rip out every single piece of there voice to make it "better".
If you listen to a metal singer in a studio then its exactly the same as the finished version.
Pop singers are disgusting they need to realize the treu potential of their voice but they don't!
Listen to some of The Agonist with the singer Vicky you will soon realize she absolutely does not use autotune!

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5 Metal pumps you up, energizes you even though you're not doing any exercise

That's why I love and feed on metal. The energy coming out just makes you wanna smash and destroy everything in your path. Pop? Just don't get me started.

Basically you don't need 5-hour energy to pump you up. All you need is aggressive and fast metal songs. Here is a list of songs that energizes you.

Sudden Death:Megadeth
Dyers Eve:Metallica

This is true! For me it's Man of War, To Hell and Back by Sabaton, The night by Disturbed and Haunted, also by Disturbed. - 906389

Death metal? OF COURSE that'll pump you up.

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6 Most metal songs are realistic and deep

I find metal music so much more relatable to me, even if they sing about suicide, to someone going through the same thing can realize they're not alone, and that these people know about it.

Metal songs deal with real issues in the world, whereas pop music never gets deeper or more realistic than crappy teenage melodramatics.

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7 Most metal songs come from the heart, while most uncreative pop songs are written by ghostwriters

I find that my favorite bands (Mushroomhead, Slipknot, Hollywood Undead) write how they are feeling at the time. For example a metal band might have an album that's harsher or sader, then the next album can be less painful, and if while recording the next album they loose someone close or something similar, that next album is influenced by that.

Well, I guess metalcore is still metal, Miss May I has tons of amazing songs... top favorite album: Deathless and my favorite Motionless In White album is Reincarnate.

Yep. Compare a song by Meghan Trainor with a song by Ingested. No contest which one is better.

8 Headbanging is better than any pop dances

Pop dances are so stupid. While headbanging gives off mass energy.

I rather headbanging than doing the whip. The whip makes you look stupid

I like whipping my hair back and forth like willow smith

You see all these girls learning these complex dances to songs whereas put a metal song on and a metalheads natural instinct is to headbang they don't need to learn it

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9 Metal is produced with your own two hands. (i.e. Guitars, Bass, Drums, Raw Vocals, Keyboard) while pop is mostly computerized.

Metal is real music made with real effort and real instruments. - NikBrusk

Metal takes talent and hard work to do, while most pop songs is nothing but repeated noises and computerized.

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10 Metal is very hard to play, especially the solos

With a computer it's so easy make a song, but the metal got REAL instruments, and don't think that is easy to learn metal, the legendary bands like Metallica, iron maiden, judas priest, Black Sabbath, megadeth, kreator, blind guardian, dio, exodus, slayer, helloween, dragonforce, deep purple, scorpion, AC/DC, etc, hears so good thanks to the practice

Shred. Shred, shred, shred, shred, shred, CHRIS BRODERICK! - Oceraux

That what makes metal great isn't it? Commenting while hearing Holy Wars.

And solos is what makes metal great. Isn't that right Dave Mustaine?

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11 Metal is more creative

Indead I love metallic and nnirvana because it is creative but some people SOME PEOPLE rap about let's say s phone (drake) and I live in a world of metal and a school of rap. WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO IN THAT SITUATION?

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12 Rap metal is still better than (rap) pop

Oh no doubt. I'd rather listen to rap metal (RATM) than to ordinary rap (Lil Wayne Drake etc) - Danielsun182

Nu Metal sounds GREAT compared to mainstream rap. Especially considering the downtuned to D riffs (nu metal). Lil Wayne can't even play a guitar! D riffs vs Lil Wayne's so called "solo". I'd take Nu Metal.

Why is this even a comment anything with the word metal over any pop/rap

Anything with metal (like Metalstep) is totally awesome! The Enigma TNG is a good example of Metalstep, etc.

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13 Very unique sounding, doesn't sound electronic/robotic

Dude, with all these drums, distorted guitars and vocals, heavy bass, you couldn't get heavier, and higher JUST LIKE A SUPER COLLIDER (if you know what I mean) - Oceraux

Actually, it also sounds great when combined with electronic.

14 Metal is good for exercising

Dyers Eve, Damage Inc, My Apocalypse, Seasons In The Abyss, Painkiller, you name it! Good run songs.

15 It takes more talent being a metal vocalist

I've been saying this for as long as I've been listening to metal. I bet you Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Justin Beaver can't sing, for example, Slipknot Spit It Out (which is less than 3 minutes long), let alone a whole Slipknot concert without their voices giving out. Corey can sing like that for a whole concert night after night, for Slipknot or Stone Sour - Danielsun182

Most of the professional vocalists with the highest range are metal, like Corey Taylor.

Hey, non-metalheads! Try doing a song by Make Them Suffer. Hurts your throats, doesn't it? The members practiced for hours each day perfecting that sound.

Everyone is talking about Corey Taylor and I wouldn't want to do it but I find him annoying thrash and NWOBHM are the places for the best voices

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16 Good Metal never gets old, whereas modern Pop songs get forgotten about after a month or so.

Iron Maiden is now 41 years old. Still my favourite band and will be forever. And other teens are like "you're listening to THAT song? It's like 3 months old! " And something like this.

Apsolutely statistically speaking even pop fans have a better chance of recognizing good old thrash now of course it would be cliche such as enter sandman or raining blood anyway these chart topping hits have even permeated the clogged ears of these pop fanatics this only scrapes the surface but even gold ol' boys such as anthrax had more talent in I'm the man than I have ever heard come from any pop rap artist

This is true I still listen to kill em all witch is like 30 years old or something like that

That's True! I listen to Iron man by black sabbath every day! That song is like 40-50 years old.. but it's a absolute classic!

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17 Most pop songs have awful lyrics

Modern pop "music" is the soundtrack of societal and cultural degeneracy. By contrast, there are many metal songs with lyrics promoting individualistic strength and rejection of societal herd conformity.

Agreed. Every pop song is the same...

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18 Metal is eargasmic

"OhoHoH! " said your ear while listening to Tornado of Souls' solo. Its Marty Friedman, female dogs (You know what that means, just read it that way). - Oceraux

You can listen to metal for hours on end, and still feel pumped!

19 Metal isn't stupid

Metal has far better lyrics, sound, beats, and combinations of electronics and raw material

Metal makes smart and poop... oops! I mean pop makes you stupid.

While pop is damn stupid (Thumbs Up (y))

20 Metal singers have more masculinity than most men in pop industry

Justin Bieber, Duh? Let him burn in the next church Varg will destroy. And the Big 4, Dave M, James, Tom/Kerry. Scott, they still are vulgar, strong, drinks beer, gets drunk, but probably not drugs. - Oceraux

Even the feminine in metal are more manlier than the guys from modern mainstream pop - yungstirjoey666

Yeah and most of the big four haven't done drugs or gone to rehab and these rapstars are rapping about doing heroin

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1. Metal has complex instrumentals and needs a lot of effort and time to write and talks about important subjects
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1. Metal is fast, complex, a masterpiece. Pop is just the same slow tempo and nice vocals but boring singing
2. Metal has complex instrumentals and needs a lot of effort and time to write and talks about important subjects
3. Metal pumps you up, energizes you even though you're not doing any exercise

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