Top Ten Reasons Metal Is Better Than Modern Pop


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41 Metal musicians are given record deals because of their musical talent while pop musicians are picked for their looks.
42 Metal musicians are better people and friendlier than pop artists

Hell yeah they are. At pretty much any metal concert the band will let you back stage and hang out. Whereas modern po/rap artists twerk and spit on their fans

JB was arrested, Kanye West interrupted the Grammys, need I go on?

43 Metal is more interesting
44 Metal can save your life

Sure saved my life. Before metal I was always lazy and lack in energy. Now that I listen to thrash metal I have unexplainable energy that I never had that I later use to exercise. It's true what they: metal is better than pop.

45 It isn't generic
46 Metal songs aren't a flavor of the month

Because it is an important part of Metal-respect

47 Pop always focuses on the same exact subject

This is why I don't like pop music

48 Metal toughens you up

Who would you consider a true badass:
Someone walking down the street listening to Bruno Mars or someone blasting Devourment?

49 Metal lyrics make sense
50 Metal music can be happy while pop can be sickening

The song "Battery":
Crowd would be jumping up and down so excited over the high energy. Song dedicated to the fans.
Typical Bubblegum pop:
Song hs too much "sweetness" to it.

51 Most pop is sensual

How hypocritical is that when people say Metal is a bad influence because it's too violent yet some pop and rap is too sexual and filled with drugs.

Yep. It's why a lot of teens are getting pregnant.

52 Metal song lyrics have deeper and more sensible meanings.

So true! The Amity Affliction has lyrics that I can truly relate to. Being as an Ocean has written songs that have made me cry from the lyrics. Born of Osiris has great lyrics too. Listen to Follow The Signs.

Metal songs talk about politics, society, life and death, sometimes religion and many more complex issues... unlike pop where its all about party, sex, and dope.

53 Some metal songs are educational V 1 Comment
54 Metal will teach you not to judge by appearances

It certainly will! I used to think that metal was just a tool of Satan and required no talent whatsoever. But then I listened to Three Days Grace (who aren't metal, but have made some metal sounding songs) and I started to realize that metal isn't satanic at all. Heck it can even prevent depression and suicide because it has so much more meaningful lyrics than pop. I really, really wish that people for once would not judge by appearances.

55 Some pop can influence bad behavior
56 Metal is more diverse
57 Most pop is simple-minded V 1 Comment
58 Metal vocalist actually sing on stage, Pop singers just lip-sync

Just watch Deny the Cross by Overkill live. You'll notice that Blitz gives out his voice with extreme power. Now compare it to pop singers on stage. Type back if you noticed anything.

59 Metal has better album covers

The Great Stone War by Winds of Plague compared to a Selena Gomez cover? It's obvious which one looks better and more epic.

See the cover art of South Of Heaven. Even the simplicity of Death Magnetic. Many Megadeth cover arts.

60 Most metal songs have positive messages

"Wrong Side of Heaven" by FFDP talks about helping our veterans and accepting them.

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1. Metal isn't stupid
1. Metal has complex instrumentals and needs a lot of effort and time to write and talks about important subjects
2. Metal lyrics are far more intelligent and educated sounding than pop lyrics.
3. Most metal songs are realistic and deep
1. Metal is fast, complex, a masterpiece. Pop is just the same slow tempo and nice vocals but boring singing
2. Metal has complex instrumentals and needs a lot of effort and time to write and talks about important subjects
3. Metal pumps you up, energizes you even though you're not doing any exercise

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