Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Is Better Than Selena Gomez


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21 Miley's not a boring goodie-goodie.

Selena Gomez is a boring goodie-goodie, but compare her to Ariana Grande. Who's more of a heartless, boring, dependent goodie-goodie? YOU DECIDE! My answer is Ariana Grande.

I hate Selena, she is a boring goodie two shoe.

Miley is not boring goodie goodie type. She's entertainer, funny, talented, beautiful, cute, sexy, pretty, hot...

On the other hand selena is so boring, untalented, copycat, actgoodie, trashy, skinny, disgusting, stupid, dump, selfish, thirstforpopularity lol

Yeah! She's a stupid slut!

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22 Miley doesn't talk about sex in her songs

In Selena's album "Stars dance", Selena talks too much of sex like she's missing it

You can't be serious. - DCfnaf

23 She shows her boobs more

I love miley better than Selena

Or better yet, she shows her naked body more!

24 Miley is a better actress
25 Miley tried harder to get into Hannah Montana

She tried her best to get into the show even after failures and succeeded

Most secesfull Disney show. Go. Look it up because I was reading Disney company Time lineit Disney had end one of the most secesfull T.V. sires Hannah Montana

26 Miley Cyrus shows that she makes mistakes and that just because she's famous doesn't mean she's not human

Yeah. Miley has made mistakes and that even though she's famous she's still a human. Unlike Selena. Selena tries to be all perfect.

She has done stupid things but at least she's being herself.

Selena wouldn't admit to a mistake to save her life.

I hate making mistakes, I am a perfectionist. If you think Selena tries to be perfect, then me too!

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27 Selena tries to be Ms. Perfect

Selena has literally never made a mistake. Gets annoying

It is so annoying.

May be selena better than Taylor swift.

She is always been try to be a perfect singer. But unfortunatly she is getting worst day by day.

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28 Miley dances better than Selena Gomez

Miley can dance where selena can't. I don't think selena has any talent at all.

Hah! Miley always been better singer and dancer than selena. No need to prove it.

Selena can't even sing. She always need autotune to make her voice good. But how can be she ever dance?
She can't dance either. Oh I get it camera settings. Laughing out loud

Miley is better dance and sing than stupid untalented selena gomezoo

Not sorry to reveal that Selena's better. #TEAMSELENA!

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29 Miley is the Teen Queen

Honorific nickname in popular music Miley teen queen

Honorific nickname in popular music Miley nickname teen queend go look it up

30 Miley has meaningful songs

That's why Miley sells more

31 Miley Cyrus is not scared of anything And Selena is

Jacob Sartorius is WAY more of a scaredy-cat.

32 Miley Cyrus curses

Yes, and Selena Gomez sometimes does. Those that do not take offense need to cuss sometimes. Ariana Grande is too much of an overrated goody-goody and "Miss Perfect (Former) Nickelodeon Girl" to the point where she screams out cuss words like a little girl just to get Justin Bieber's heart.. - The Ultimate Daredevil

33 Miley has talent

At least this girl can sing live

No like selena can't even sing like ew

Miley has real talent.
She can sing
She can act
She dance
She doesn't need autotune
Has natural voice
Sing live at concert
Won many awards like vma and wma
Named most powerful teen singer

It won't be end if I start to praise her more. Therefore bye

Miley dance better than slutena homez

34 Sex appeal
35 Miley made it time

Whenever she release her album she made her time. Her most talked year is 2014. Cause after 3 years latter she release her album. Her song always big hits while selena nothing to compare with her. Miley is better and always will be.

Miley made time twice Selena made time zero

36 Miley Cyrus sold more records

Geniuses of world record most charted teen richest teen

#8 pop queen rolling stone

37 Miley isn't in love with Justin Bieber

I'm not even a Smiler or a Selenator, but I like them both. Even if Miley is not acting like some goody goody Hannah Montana girl anymore. Even if I don't like her music videos, she still has okay music. Same with Selena. Stop bashing onto people you dumb crazy fans (only goes for the extremely crazy fans who worship their favorite singer(s)/band like gods, not the more open-minded fans who know how to respect other people), and this goes for all fanbases's extremely crazy and insane fans, and please please learn how to respect other people for liking different types of music. - Anonymousxcxc

But honesty I love jelena. @smiler

38 Miley is in The Guinness Book of World Records

Miley will always be better than Her

Since when?!

Miley Cyrus made Guinness of world records5x Selena made it 0x

39 Miley Is The Queen of Pop according to Rolling Stone

Miley just better than her

Yup... She is now nlknown as pop princess..

40 Miley got a nod for a Grammy

Selena nod for kca That's telling you Miley better

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