Top Ten Reasons Not to Give Up On Anything

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The satisfaction that the law of averages says you will succeed sooner or later

I wish that it gets sooner than later! Oh, I miss you a lot Tina! I hope this whole thing solves soon! - keyson

You are too stubborn to give in

I am the master of my fate. I call the shots. I will not let fate tell me what to do!

That aside, welcome back! I hope the biz with the messages works out itself soon. - keycha1n

Repeat after me: I am the master of my fate. I call the shots. I will not let fate tell me what to do! - Britgirl

So very true. It's nice to finally see Britgirl back in the action! - Therandom

People may be relying on you
It gives you something to focus on
You'll feel defeated

This morning, I was trying to get Paul McCartney tickets. After failing for almost an hour, I finally got through and found them.

However, I never doubted I'd be going to the show. Even when I'd heard the concert was sold out, I kept trying, and eventually, it paid off.

Welcome back, my friend. - PetSounds

Giving up is such a terrible feeling. I remember watching a movie on T.V. called "Jewel Robbery", and I found out that it wasn't available in stores... After searching almost EVERY FILM STORE IN TOWN! I sadly sighed and gave up, but then, I discovered that I could buy it online but I'd have to buy it with seven other Hollywood classic movies for thirty dollars. But I didn't care! I bought it! Since then, it has been one of my favorite movies. Too bad though. Its an underrated classic. And only like one other user knows and has seen it. - MontyPython

Awful feeling. So the alternative is... - Britgirl

Relieves boredom
Success tastes sweet

Keep pushing, and it will undoubtedly make a difference. The result will feel great. - PositronWildhawk

It tastes like victory cheesecake! I'm hungry now... - Danguy10

It can lead to greater things
Anything is possible

@visitor - Fair enough, it's your opinion. What I'm trying to get across is, if you give up, you'll never know if you would ever have succeeded. It's like walking the first 50 miles towards your destination, getting tired and bored and turning to walk all the way back. What a waste of time and energy that is. Why not push forward and carry on to get where you set out to be? What's "incredibly stupid" IS giving up. - Britgirl

This is an incredibly stupid list! I’m tired of all this “never give up” nonsense. I have had some dreams that I have gave up because I kept trying to make them come true and it didn’t work. Giving up won’t make you a bad person, a coward, or a loser. Sometimes giving up is the best choice. Let’s face it. Not all hopes and dreams will come true and that’s just how life is.

It's one in the eye for the non-believers and haters.

Today, (20th March 2017) something I worked so hard on for a long time and which some people said I would never succeed in, paid off! I am so flippin' happy! :D
Thank you to those who never believed in me. You made me more determined to prove you wrong. - Britgirl

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You will feel fulfilled that you at least tried

Really, I wouldn't be comfortable giving up on something without trying. Something good is still sure to come out of it, concrete or abstract. - Entranced98

So very true. Glad your back my friend - Curti2594

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