Top 10 Reasons People Start School Shootings

Are you worried that a person will start firing bullets at your school? I know I am. Here are the most likely reasons that people with guns cause such a disaster at school.

The Top Ten

1 They want revenge on those that hurt them They want revenge on those that hurt them

By breaking the hearts of people that loved them? There is NO reason you should feel the need to shoot up a school other than you’re heartless, period! - 3DG20

2 They have mental problems

It's pretty self-explanatory

They ate crazy

Niklas Cruz - 445956

3 Other kids, or students hurt them
4 They don't value life

They don’t value their own life, so they go end others? - 3DG20

5 They've been physically abused at home

They don’t need to take that out on hundreds of innocent children though. - 3DG20

6 It's easy for them to get guns It's easy for them to get guns

In america, that is

7 They fight with their parents a lot, or they just don't get along with them

Again, they don’t need to take it out on other people! - 3DG20

8 They witnessed physical abuse at home

Still no excuse to be taking it out on others. - 3DG20

9 They are depressed

So you’re gonna hurt hundreds of families by making them have to go through the loss of a kid 18 years old or younger? - 3DG20

10 Disappointment with U.S. politics

The only thing they should be disappointed in is themselves. - 3DG20

This one's hilarious - SnuckleBerg

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? They hate themselves

The Contenders

11 They have no heart

This is the only reason that makes sense! You don’t need to kill hundreds of kids putting their families through pain just because you have a bad life! - 3DG20

12 They drink alcohol or use drugs
13 They don't have any good friends
14 They are influenced by violent media
15 They play too many violent video games
16 They're releasing the anger they've been holding
17 They think it's cool
18 They have an undiagnosed mental condition
19 They think it is fun to kill
20 They get bad grades
21 They are monsters
22 They are idiots
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