Top Ten Reasons People Should Stop Hating Jackie Evancho


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1 She's a great singer

I heard her once and I can't sing as soft as she can. - PrincessKiana

2 Her voice is beautiful
3 She has talent

I must agree with this. However, there are so many crazy fans out there to kill you that I don't want to state my opinion about her. ;_;

You could be very talented at something and still be a jerk. Michael Jackson was a good musician but was still somewhat crazy.

Yet another list too short (This list has only 4 items)-_- - EpicJake

She does but is very overrated - InsertCleverName

4 She's not bad
5 She's way better than any pop or rap music of today

Comparing classical to pop is like comparing a bumper sticker to a pebble.

6 She's not worth the trouble

She Stands Up To Bullies And Ignores Haters - Larry24Volo

7 She is very prominent in speaking out in favor of LGBTQ rights

No use, LGBT people are widely accepted across the US. - naFrovivuS


8 Creepiest cartoon character

I don't know bored

9 She's very sweet and caring
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