Top Ten Reasons Scarlett Johansson is Better Than Sunny Leone


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1 Scarlett Johansson is talented

Sunny is a porn star. - Therandom

Porn is a terrible thing, and Sunny Leone should be ashamed... - CasinLetsGoBowling

There's a thing that's kind of annoying me, could someone answer please:
Who is Sunny Leone? And why is suddenly everyone making lists about her all of a sudden? - Martinglez

Scarlett has talent unlike that weak porn star!

2 Sunny's "talent" is sex

She is so beautiful and pretty and don't get me started on those boobs.Yo she is so SEXY

3 Sunny is not as attractive as Scarlett

Definitely true - BeatlesFan1964

I don't talk about talent but in the beauty department it's Sunny Leone who's more attractive. I know many people who agrees with me.

Only item on this list I disagree with - gemcloben

Wait, you actually think Sunny Leone is attractive? I um, hope you were joking. - cosmo

100% true

4 Scarlett Johansson can do other things besides act, Sunny can't do anything other than porn
5 Scarlett has a better name than Sunny

Scarlett is a beautiful shade of red,Sunny is just a bit...immature. - SamuiNeko

Says the one who called a user a "monster" for calling Sunny immature. - Therandom

Scarlett sounds like a name of the 17th century. Sunny is more joyful and modern as a name!

6 Scarlett has a kid, Sunny does not
7 Sunny isn't married, Scarlett is

Sunny doesn't have any self control. - Therandom

8 Scarlett has actually done something that is good, Sunny has not
9 Sunny has perverts as fans, Scarlett has actually fans

Well, at least he likes real people instead of 12 year old, animated, Japansese schoolgirls. Right? Please tell me you're not a Weaboo - SirSkeletorThe3rd

10 Scarlett does not star in vulgar movies

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11 Sunny is plastic, Scarlett is not

Sunny is a real piece of plastic, Scarlett is a real piece of art. - SamuiNeko

Ha good one therandom you speak the truth

This visitor knows common sense. I hope other visitors can be like this visitor - Therandom

12 Scarlett is not vulgar
13 Scarlett is stronger
14 Scarlett is an Artist
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1. Scarlett Johansson is talented
2. Sunny's "talent" is sex
3. Scarlett Johansson can do other things besides act, Sunny can't do anything other than porn


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