Top Ten Reasons Why Adolf Hitler is Better Than Casey Alexander

Adolf Hitler was horrible but Casey Alexander is the worst kid's show writer ever.

The Top Ten

1 Hitler made a bigger historical impact to our world

How is a writer on a kids show worse than a dictator who killed millions of innocent people?

This list makes me want to die. - RalphBob

This list is seriously the epitome of Mr. Enter-esque retardation... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

2 The SpongeBob episodes that Casey wrote were disrespectful to fans. Hitler never did anything to insult his supporters.

Are you serious? - Jint

How?! - RalphBob

3 Casey's writing is immature
4 Hitler haters have better reasons to hate him than those who hate Casey

Casey only wrote bad cartoon episodes, HE IS NOT Hitler IDIOTS!

5 Hitler was more serious
6 More people liked Hitler when he was alive than those who like Casey
7 Casey is a terrible writer

How does that make him worse than Hitler? - GamerBoy

I agree with you. Hitler kidnapped a bunch of Jews, put them in a concentration camp, and starved them to death. He then killed himself just to avoid getting punished.

Casey Alexander may have written infamous SpongeBob episodes, but he is a really nice guy and doesn't let his haters bring him down, and I know I said this before, but he's a cat lover like me. - Murvine_Taylor

Hitler is WAY worse. - TwilightKitsune

8 Adolf Hitler is not bald
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