Top Ten Reasons Why Alice in Chains is Better Than Evanescence

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1 Alice In Chains talks about many issues like loneliness, depression, death, war, addiction, and relationships while all Evanescence talks about is teen angst.

Another factually incorrect entry, but I bet if I debunked your claim, you'd still find a reason to whine. - DCfnaf

Lmao this is so untrue on so many levels - wrests

Not true at all.

Untrue, very untrue

2 Layne Staley as a vocalist with Jerry Cantrell on backing vocals is better then Amy Lee, because they have more variety and their voices sound better.

Exactly, Amy lee is nothing in comparison...Her band is so overrated...God.. - Ananya

I agree. I don't hate Evanescence so to speak, but Amy Lee's voice, while objectivity good, was always too over the top emotional for me. If you want a fantastic female fronted band, try Leaves' Eyes.

And of course I love Alice in Chains. Very close to being in my top ten bands. - IronSabbathPriest

I would say "don't base your opinion on the metal fanbase based on this site", but I'd know it wouldn't be true. At least half of today's metal fans don't have any respect for artists outside metal. Not trying to make myself seem like the perfect metal fan because I used to be ignorant too. - IronSabbathPriest

I disagree.

3 Evanescence has annoying fans that praise their few overrated songs, while Alice In Chains fans know more of their material which has more variety.

My brother used to play Evanescence non stop so I'll admit I'm slightly biased as to not liking them. But it's the reason I never listen to them. - IronSabbathPriest

4 Alice In Chains sounds good live, Evanescence does not.

Have you heard Evanescence live? They're kick ass live!

5 Alice In Chains has made many genres like alternative metal, glam metal, sludge metal, hard rock, indie, grunge and metal, where all of Evanescence has made is pop rock.

I don't like Evanescence but I doubt that's true. - Soulstealer

If you go through everything in their discography (including demos), they are fairly diverse.
They did Nu Metal, Alt Rock, Slowcore, Ambient, Symphonic Rock, Neoclassical Darkwave, Grunge, Piano Rock, Electronic Rock, and some other genres I probably missed (most of these are evident in their many demos).
So, why yes, all they've made is Pop Rock... - wrests

No they have electronic elements to and gothic rock aesthetics they're varied.

Actually Evanescence are very varied

I think "Something In Your Mouth" is worse, but "Rockstar" is definitely a garbage Nickelback Song. - DCfnaf

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6 Dirt and Jar of Flies are some of the best releases of all time, where all of Evanescence releases are bad.

This is proof that you only made this list to hate on Evanescence. You don’t have to like them, but you don’t have to sit here and complain about them (especially since they’re obscure now) when you could just listen to bands you like (the FEW bands you like). - DCfnaf

Not really.

7 Evanescence is mainly known for memes, while Alice In Chains is known for the members personalities and many records.

Evanescence can't help it. Memes became overrated. - Userguy44

Have you heard any of their songs beside Bring Me to Life?

...what? So are Evanescence, more so than AiC actually

8 Alice In Chains have more releases.

By that logic, Blood on the Dance Floor must be musical gods because they have a lot of releases. - wrests

So? Evanescence will release more

9 Alice In Chains has kept more members and stayed together longer and still made music, while Evanescence hasn't.

They’re more consistent.

This list screams elitism, and this entry proves that you don’t know what you’re talking about. - DCfnaf

They're still together.

Evanescence are still together aren't they?

10 Alice in Chains were more influential

That's true

They were.

That's not a reason. 'Influential' and 'good' are totally different things.

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11 Alice In Chains songs do not contain profanities

What a stupid reason. - wrests

12 Alice In Chains has a better bassist.

Mike Starr is a god! - Userguy44

They do!

Finally an unbiased reason

Eh that's debateable.

13 Alice in Chains has had 6 members, total, in 30 years... Evanescence has switched out 6 members in 22 years
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