Top Ten Reasons Why Alice in Chains is Better Then Linkin Park

The Top Ten

1 Layne Staley could sing most songs, if Chester Bennington tried to sing a song requiring good range he would break his vocals cords.

The only true objective reason on this list

2 Alice In Chains is not overrated, and deserves their praise, Linkin Park does not.

Opinion based

3 Linkin Park is a teen angst band, Alice In Chains has a huge variety of fans.


4 Alice In Chains has a better backing vocalist, Jerry Cantrell, while even Jake Paul is a better rapper then Mike Shinoda.

Very untrue

5 Linkin Park only focuses on the lead singers, Alice In Chains members share attention.

Lol no. - Userguy44


6 Layne Staley has a touching, beautiful voice while Chester's is whiny.

Opinion based

7 Alice In Chains did not have a lot of members.


8 Alice In Chains is not edgy and annoying.

Opinion based and they are edgy.

Also coming from the black metal fan...?

9 Alice In Chains members are better people who experience hardships and still made amazing music, Linkin Park had easy lives and made bad music

Chester Bennington was abused, bullied, addicted to drugs and alcohol and he’s had depression for decades. You call that an easy life? - 3DG20

Ha easy lives... You really need to do more research on Chester Bennington

10 Alice In Chains is not mispelled, but Linkin Park is.

This is the dumbest reason to hate something.
also lol misspelled is spelled wrong - wrests

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