Top Ten Reasons Why Animal Abuse Is Horrible and Must Stop

A list that explains why animal abuse is horrible and it must stop.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Animal Abuse Is Horrible and Must Stop

1 Animals do not know better

Huh? Animals do not know better is not a reason animal abuse is horrible and most stop. That's not a reason animal abuse must stop. Animal abuse must STOP because man does NOT have the right to abuse animals & should have the book thrown at him/her if they're caught abusing animals. Animals are helpless when they're abused, just as children and old folk are helpless when they're abused.

Animal abuse needs to die. It's wrong and I feel that it is just as bad as terrorism. So I will never ever do it because of these reasons. Attention to all animal abusers, how would you like it if someone treated you that way. Not very good. So animal abusers, stop abusing the animals.

The worst part is animals can't speak so no one knows that they're crying for help - BananaBrain

Animal abusers should be in jail and so should everyone at PETA. - InfinateSuperstorm

"Animal abusers and everyone at PETA"
What's the difference between those 2? - RoseWeasley

2 It mainly happens to dogs

I really hope that they stop hurting animals I love animals so much and I will never hurt them never. so STOP HURTING ANIMALS

Dogs are my all time favourite animal and I don't want them to get hurt

People should be in jail because they are hurting these animals

Especially the breeds that are very misunderstood, such as pit bulls.

3 Some people do it for entertainment

Why the hell would any want to hurt an animal FOR FUN. I just want to go up to those people who abuse animals and just rip out their lungs and watch them die

This one is the worst! This one woman shot her puppy then took a picture and uploaded it on Facebook. In the picture she was SMILING! Like what! - flamingsoul

Killing an innocent puppy? That's not something to be smiling about. - ThePwoperMuser101

Every one who abuses animals sicken me. I want to hurt them 90 times more than they abused their animal. I want to kill them and burn them.

How is this not number 1?! It's just... I can't even use words to describe how sick abusing animals for entertainment is. - GentleTrouter

4 It is cruel

The animals don't do nothing to us and some people do horrible things to the animals.

But the live bring back the bad things that some people did.

Why would you hit an innocent animal. - Therandom

The dog farm in Korea, the kept dogs in cages where they could barely sit, and I saw a picture of two dogs curled up, their paws slipping through the cage floor bars, couldn't even move. I donated to help shut it down and it was by the Humane Society, I plan to work there when I'm a little older, GO NO ANIMAL ABUSE! - Swiftdawn

I think bird wing clipping is CRUEL. It's like someone with scissors who cuts off YOUR hands so you can't pick things up.

5 When an animal is misbehaving, all you say is don't do that

I HATE animal abuse! Animals have feeling like a human being and deserves better love as well as equal rights and respect. I LOVE animals because God is a loving God that has made animals in their own unique way.

Nate, that depends on the animal.

That is what you should say. - Therandom

Anima abuse is wrong because it hurts them

6 It scares the animals

I'll scare the abusers - Nateawesomeness

Who in the world put the comment "Sexy? " - Gehenna

Animals are just like us

It hurt and scare animals for life

7 It's depressing

I hate those commercials, I really don't like seeing beat-up dogs on television.

I always get sad when those commercials come up. I also has a video of a dog that almost got and a dog tossed in the dumpster. I was horrified. - Therandom

It is absolutely heart breaking when you see the pics online.

Hey, Nateawesomeness! How can you hate animal abusers if you like jocks more than nerds? In case you haven't noticed, there are jocks who abuse animals. And those athletes are the bullying types. Hell, bullies and animal abusers make me ashamed to be human.

8 Animals are living things just like people.

Killing an animal is just as brutal as killing one of your own kind. - TwilightKitsune

God did not make Animals to be abused they were made just like us.

Imagine if you were that animal. It would suck!

#1 post I bolive it to.

9 The methods are horrible

If you want to kill an animal at least don't make it slow and painful even though it is not acceptable don't make them suffer!

The things they do to horses are very sad and depressing

Animals live matter

sad sad

10 Too many people are abusing animals

I agree people are sick, animals are like children they need you to care for them not hurt them.
I will never under stand why people do this it needs to be stopped soon. So many animals have died and suffered for human mistakes.

Seems that way to me. And it makes me really pissed. Therefore, I want revenge on those bastards by doing to them what they did to those creatures. Hell, I'd love to have animals get revenge on those creeps who make me misanthropic.


what? //

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11 Animals feel the same pain humans do

Hey, how would the abusers like it if I slowly made them suffer? I bet that would hurt, well THAT'S IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING, BASTARDS! GOING TO HELL! - Swiftdawn

I like animals

Animals definitely feel pain if you hurt them. - Userguy44

You know that humans don't understand animals... they only think of themselves I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I know that I would never do that to an animal.
you can understand an animal and know how it feels to be them, but that doesn't mean peolpe should do this I would give up my life for an animal

12 Humans are animals too

Its true, we are just tailess monkeys that somehow invent stuff that boosts our survival.

Yes, we are actually animals

That's what I always say

We're just fully advanced animals that is.

13 Animals just want to be with their owner

There is a reason there called domestic animals its because they are tame so you can but shouldn't just through the animals in the wild they need love and companionship.

They want to be both with their owner and the wild - Nateawesomeness

No. They just want to be in the wild.

Some want to be free, some want a good home with us and food and cuddles like my cats - Swiftdawn

14 Animals are equal to us

YES! I live to teach people this! Listen up closely, I'm only going to say this once (Or maybe a couple hundred times): ANIMALS ARE NOT ANY DUMBER THAN US! We are all equal, and we know that...we're just too arrogant to admit it. Animals are incredibly smart and know how to use tools, what and what not to do, how to survive in the wild, understand what other animals are saying (just by having random sounds called out to them - WOW), what is safe and what is not, etc.

But wait. Another AMAZING thing about animals is that they are nicer than us. An animal in a pack would GIVE UP THEIR OWN LIFE just to ensure the safety of his/her pack. They also don't judge us, eat us, say mean things about us, annoy us for fun, or ABUSE us like this!

So - for the sake of animals everywhere - can we stop ridiculing them and calling them stupid? It's not fair. Just because you don't understand someone, doesn't mean that you are superior to them, because if you do, you're the STUPID ...more

Animals are just like us, but with fur and no ability to speak (except for some birds). - RoseWeasley

This is so true these gentle giants are here to love on us and watch us. They aren't here to be treated badly for no reason.

When you think about it, animals aren't that different from us. They breathe and get tired and hungry, like us. They feel pain and can be tricked, like us. They have homes and children, like us. They know what to and what not to do, like us. So if you use logic and research, you'll know that the animals are equal to us. - Ultron123

15 They never did anything to you
16 It's illegal

How would you like to have a slow, suffer-filled, painfilled death? Not a fan, well... ME AND THE ANIMALS AREN'T A FAN OF YOUR ABUSE! JUST DIE - Swiftdawn

let em die

17 It's not a good use of time

There are better ways to use time than for abusing animals.

18 Animals can't tell you that they've been abused

They don't have a voice to tell us to stop so we just have to stop automaticlly

While child/domestic abuse is absolutely sickening at least someone being abused can TELL another person that they’re being abused. Animals can’t do that. - PhoenixAura81

19 Animals aren't evil

You should only be allowed to hurt an animal if they attacked you seriously. - RoseWeasley

Most animals in Australia won't kill you unless you threaten them!

Animals are pure of heart no matter what they do they are innocent they do what they do to survive but no matter what people will fear them and that's not fair at all because they are just like us.

Not all of them.

20 Cats are used for YouTube Videos

Cole & Marmalade's cat logic video = funny
Cats being pushed into toilets = not funny - RoseWeasley

IT'S SO TRUE! Why'll your watching a funny cat video, some people choke their cats to say things, or force them to do things that may harm them, the same goes for most animal videos

Like when a cat falls in a toilet and hates water so it screeches and tries to get out but it can't, that's not funny! That is vile animal abuse! - Swiftdawn

That's terrible, I wouldn't even do that. - Gehenna

21 Animals can't talk and can't let you know if they were being abused or not


Yeah you're right.Animal aubers should dieee

22 Animals have feelings

Exactly. But sadly, some told me that they don't have feelings when he and I were in sixth grade. What a liar he is.

Think about it, how would you abusers feel if you we in a cage where you can't move, getting sold for meat or dying slowly, suffering, can you imagine? Then how do you think those animals feel, bastards? - Swiftdawn

23 Animals aren't able to say sorry

Of course, they can't actually say sorry with their mouths but they can express it. Once, my dog bit my foot and I was upset. He could tell I was upset, so he started being all friendly with me in an attempt to apologise.

When I cry my dog tries to cheer me up and I can tell she feels bad for me and my two cats now do too imagine if they were born in China and those sweet animals were killed for meat innocent adorable friendly animals like them are tortured every day all around the world! I hope every animal abuser burns in hell - ihatetrump

24 It makes them scared of other humans

I agree it is scary

I had a dog who died a month ago but he was abused and we saved him and got to keep him his name was ted - ihatetrump

25 Animals have rights

I totally agree with this animals have rights just like us human beings on earth we have been told to respect other things put on earth and that hounour and respect also go to animals animals have rights just like us they can,t talk but there feeling are pure.

26 Rat testing is horrifyingly inhumane and cruel

Not only that but why don't you test things on a person instead, I mean both a rat and a human are equally living things. Am I right, or am I right?

This is a horrible way of testing! If you test on a human, it might not kill them, but testing on a small, weaker animal like a rat will cause them extreme pain and maybe even death. It's horrible!

Test on people who are willing to do it not animals who don't have a choice! - ihatetrump

Poor ratties

27 They deserve a life

They all are just like us, so why toss away their lives like a ball?

They do deserve a good life, with an awesome family.


28 Animals deserve to be loved.

I'm talking about ANY animals, no animal deserves to beat almost to the point its gonna die. Animals deserve love and not hate. I watched people hurt cows, cats and dogs. It makes me wanna kill humans the most when they abuse CATS. I'm crazy about cats, and seeing people use der fur on them MAKES ME SICK! And for any animal, just please. Stop animal abuse,

29 Innocent animals are being used

an animal hasn't done any damage to the people who abuse them, yet those people still go through with the abusing

Most well-written comment I had read in this forum

Innocent animals are being used for videos, circuses, and epically fighting. Dogs are being breed to fight, abusers are training their dogs to fight other dogs. People are doing this for fun, they think its entertainment. They are getting paid to have their dog kill other dogs.
Male chicken fighting (roosters/cock-fighting) Just like dog fighting roosters are being trained to beat the crap out of other roosters for entertainment, money, and laughter.
Some cat owners are using their cats to get subscribers and followers, they are grabbing their cats and forcing them to do things they don’t want to do.
Animals in circuses isn’t as good as you may think it is, these animals are made for wild were their home is or with a more caring place where they wont be caged up and have to travel. These animals shouldn’t be forced to do things they don’t want.

Thank you for reading what I have to say, you may agree or disagree but this is my opinion. Some of these types of ...more

30 They are also god's creation and god wouldn't want them abused

If someone forced me to either shoot a person or an animal id shoot person - ihatetrump

exactly - ihatetrump

And that's on Periodt poo

31 Animals are supposed to be our pets not just toys to play around with

God created animals to love and to be our beloved pets not something to use for food or clothes or to make fun of them by uploading youtube videos just for fame

No they’re not

32 They're Cute and Completely Innocent

Why the hell would you abuse something with an adorable face? animals have feelings ya know

I love animals those adorable faces HOW CAN YOU ABUSE THEM URGGH

Very true. One of my cats, Faith, scratched my mom who hates that we have two cats (Katie and Faith) my mother spat at her and didn't give her any food, not reporting her, but I had to sneak Faith meals when mother was out or away. - Swiftdawn

That is right and its just plain mean they did not know better.

33 Animals Love You and You Should Love Them Back

Animals love you because you are their owner and you should love them back you shouldn't be abusing them you should be loving and caring to them.

I agree animals should live a happy peacfull life

34 Rats and pigs are the most abused
35 Makeup Is Not Worth The Pain

Animal skin is different from human skin, so it doesn't really do anything. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Feeding animals makeup is not the way to go! this is one of the reasons why animal abuse is worse then murder!

They don't feed the animals makeup they inject the ingredients in the eye and brain (which is even worse) they also shave the hair/fur and put toxic ingredients on their sensitive skin, and it's usually not even to check if it safe just to see if the thickness it right, etc. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

I love makeup, but I’d rather have a bare face than have red lips that an animal was tortured for. - RoseWeasley

I was writing a story about a happy rabbit family WHERE THE PARENTS DIED IN A LAB! Animals have feelings too!
- TheDuttyGyal

36 You don't know what they go through

They could go through a lot of abuse throughout their life and, you don't know that. Your just making it harder on them.

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