Top Ten Reasons Why Animal Abuse Is Horrible and Must Stop

A list that explains why animal abuse is horrible and it must stop.

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21 Animals have rights

Animals don't deserve this.

22 Animals are supposed to be our pets not just toys to play around with

God created animals to love and to be our beloved pets not something to use for food or clothes or to make fun of them by uploading youtube videos just for fame

No they’re not

23 They're Cute and Completely Innocent

That is right and its just plain mean they did not know better.

24 Animals can't tell you that they've been abused
25 It makes them scared of other humans
26 They're Cute and Completely Innocent
27 Innocent animals are being used

Most well-written comment I had read in this forum

Innocent animals are being used for videos, circuses, and epically fighting. Dogs are being breed to fight, abusers are training their dogs to fight other dogs. People are doing this for fun, they think its entertainment. They are getting paid to have their dog kill other dogs.
Male chicken fighting (roosters/cock-fighting) Just like dog fighting roosters are being trained to beat the crap out of other roosters for entertainment, money, and laughter.
Some cat owners are using their cats to get subscribers and followers, they are grabbing their cats and forcing them to do things they don’t want to do.
Animals in circuses isn’t as good as you may think it is, these animals are made for wild were their home is or with a more caring place where they wont be caged up and have to travel. These animals shouldn’t be forced to do things they don’t want.

Thank you for reading what I have to say, you may agree or disagree but this is my opinion. Some of these types of ...more

28 It's not a good use of time

There are better ways to use time than for abusing animals. - drdevil

29 You don't know what they go through

They could go through a lot of abuse throughout their life and, you don't know that. Your just making it harder on them.

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1. The methods are horrible
2. Animals are equal to us
3. Animals do not know better
1. It is cruel
2. Animals do not know better
3. It's depressing
1. I mainly happens to dogs
2. It is cruel
3. Animals do not know better

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