Top Ten Reasons Why Avril Lavigne is Better Than Taylor Swift

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1 Avril Makes Better Music

The quote "I like metal but the fans make me hate it" proves that you base your musical likes on what other people think or say about it, which is very shallow.

So what other people think or say about it affects which music you like? That makes you very shallow.

No I don't care what people say about it and it doesn't affects which music I like this list is just my opinion - lovingicecreams

Both are very boring once you discover how great metal is.

Can you shut up about metal I like metal but the fans makes me hate it - lovingicecreams

2 Avril Make Emotional Songs

Reasoning. - DapperPickle

3 Taylor Has Too Many Songs that are About Her Ex Boyfriends
4 Taylor Swift Has Too Many Ex Boyfriends
5 Avril is More Creative
6 Taylor Swift is Overrated and Avril Lavigne is Underrated
7 Avril Lavigne is More Beautiful

This is very true, and it is important that all non-attractive people be killed immediately.

8 Avril Has a Better Voice

I agree. Avril has a stronger voice. Taylor's voice is nice just not as great as Avril's.

9 Avril Outfits are Great
10 Avril Has a Great Personality
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