Top Ten Reasons Why California Is the Best State In the U.S.

California is the most popular state, and this list explains why it is the best.

The Top Ten

1 It's Home to Hollywood

It's true. Most films were made in this city. - Jackthetoptenguy5

2 It's Next to The Pacific Ocean

There are tons of beaches there. - Jackthetoptenguy5

3 It Has Great Cities

Los Angeles is popular because of a billion things, it's hard to explain. - Jackthetoptenguy5

4 It's Home to The Golden Gate Bridge

There should be a YouTube video of a guy walking down this bridge, it's amazing. - Jackthetoptenguy5

5 It Has Nice Mountains

Mountains like the Sierra Nevada Mountains. - Jackthetoptenguy5

6 It Is The Most Populous State

Most people who live in the U.S. live in California. - Jackthetoptenguy5

7 Many Celebrities were Born in California
8 Most YouTube users Live There

Since California is the most populated state, most of the YouTube users in the U.S. probably live there. - Jackthetoptenguy5

I wish I met YouTubers every single time I visit CA :(

9 It's home to Sequoia National Park

There are lots of tall trees there, perfect for a YouTube video. - Jackthetoptenguy5

10 It Has Great Forests

The Contenders

11 They Have the Most Boba Shops.
12 Disneyland
13 Awesome Airports
14 Diverse Population
15 Most Malls & Amusement Parks

Malls are everywhere in the big cities here, and we have Disneyland, California Adventure, Knotts berry farm, and a ton of boardwalks. We also have every kind of cuisine from each country you can think ofM

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