Top 10 Reasons Why Christmas Celebrations In Puerto Rico Are the Best

No offense to any country, Christmas in other countries are sensational but here in Puerto Rico the christmas are better

The Top Ten Reasons Why Christmas Celebrations In Puerto Rico Are the Best

1 In Puerto Rico The Christmas Are The Longest In The World

That 's the truth - VainillaKid

2 Puerto Rico Celebrates Santa Claus And The Magi That We Bring Gifts

We give and we give gifts away twice in Christmas - VainillaKid

3 The Octavitas

The Octavitas are 8 days of festivities when the day of the Magi ends - VainillaKid

4 The Celebrations Of The Street San Sebastian

There are 4 days of festivities in San Sebastian Street when Octavitas have just begin the festivities of San Sebastian street to dance and enjoy the festival is a traditional carnival parade of Castles - VainillaKid

5 The Octaves

No place already, but were 8 days of celebration more before Octavitas - VainillaKid

6 Christmas in Puerto Rico begin in November

In the Thanksgiving and Christmas began - VainillaKid

7 The Octavones

When the festivities of San Sebastian Street is finished, start the eighth day octavones more partying - VainillaKid

8 The Christmas Assaults

Do not get me wrong, Christmas assaults are partying people do not warn you and you yell assault in front of your house and mounted a party - VainillaKid

9 The Aguinaldo Of Puerto Rico

It is a musical genre but it is also a Christmas gift - VainillaKid

10 The Christmas Food & Drinks

Roast pork, rice and beans, Sweet Rice, pastry. black pudding & Majarete are the food and Coquito, sweet wine, rum and clandestine ron cured are the drinks - VainillaKid

Puerto Rican food is the best! Not that I'm biased or anything. - Puerto_Rico

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