Top 10 Reasons Why the Dutch-Belgian Border Near Baarle Is the Funniest International Border Ever

Nobody guards this border because there's no need. There aren't conflicts.
But the section of the border that goes through the town of Baarle is one of the most unusual borders in the world. The entire Belgian municipality Baarle-Hertog has very complicated borders with the Netherlands.

Baarle-Hertog is a Flemish municipality of Belgium where people speak Dutch and actually the population on the both sides of the border speak the same language. They also use the same currency - Euro.

It's the funniest border ever. Here's why:

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1 Some houses are divided between the two countries and you actually cross the border a million times in your own home if you live there

That sounds hilarious - PhoenixAura81

Just imagine, lol - awesomedp900

RE. SPECT. WALK. Are you talking to me? - lilrocketman

Are you talking about the lyrics to Pantera's Walk? Man, this list isn't about Pantera's lyrics. - Metal_Treasure

2 This international border goes through the town of Baarle, separating it into 2 parts: Dutch and Belgian

You see the border in the image - Dutch side (NL, left) and Belgian side (B, right).
It doesn't even look like a border. - Metal_Treasure

3 At one time, Dutch restaurants had to close earlier but this simply meant that the customers had to move to a table on the Belgian side

That was possible for the restaurants on the border. Two countries, two different laws. One restaurant.
The restaurants located entirely in the Dutch part just had to close earlier. - Metal_Treasure

4 The border goes through a supermarket where you technically take your grocery from one country and pay in another
5 There are 20 Belgian exclaves in the Netherlands and 7 Dutch exclaves within the Belgian exclaves (i.e., counter-exclaves)

An exclave is a piece of land of a country located in another country in such a way that it's completely surrounded by the territory of another country. The only way to access the territory of an exclave is by crossing the territory of the surrounding country.
So there are 20 Belgian bits of land in the Netherlands, some of which have Dutch bits of land within the Belgian bits of land that are in the Netherlands! - Metal_Treasure

6 Because of all those exclaves and counter-exclaves, you can cross 4 international borders in just 4 minutes
7 Buildings sitting within both countries pay taxes according to where their front doors are located and some businesses move their doors depending on the tax policies of the two countries
8 The separated town of Baarle has 2 names: Baarle-Nassau (Dutch part) and Baarle-Hertog (Belgian part)
9 If your washroom is in Belgium, and the rest of the house - in the Netherlands, you can say "I'm going to Belgium" instead of "I'm going to the washroom"

- Honey, where are you? You know I need your help in the kitchen.
- I'm in Belgium. - Metal_Treasure

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10 When the border goes through your bedroom, you and your wife / husband probably sleep in different countries

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11 The same house / building has 2 different postal codes and addresses if the border goes through it

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