Reasons Why EDM is "Real Music"


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1 It keeps a rhytym

I agree with this, screw "Real Music". I'd rather stay alone and isolated than be friends with annoying "Listen to REAL MUSIC! " whiners - Neonco31

Every music is music. Music depends on listening. If you like it then it's good. I listen to all kinds of music. And for me rock,metal,pop,folk,edm etc all are good as long as it makes me to listen the songs. - zxm

True EDM is the best.Here is how I put it in terms of types of music I like.

Electronic/Electronic Dance Music>Rap/Hip Hop>Rock>Pop>Country>Any genre that ends with the suffix "core".

2 The M literally stands for Music

Title speaks it all


3 It follows a melody

There's no such thing as "real music". - SwagFlicks

I was tired of all the claims that EDM shouldn't be considered as music, so I put the quotations in the title - ProPanda

4 It requires a lot of talent

I don't think this is quite clear for all you em haters out there, since you all are saying so much against it, I am going to expect you have never taken the time of creating edm. Because CLEARLY, you have no idea how much time and effort and, well, talent goes into the songs you are hating on (except maybe bigroom because that's easy)

No offense, but the 'talent' that people refer to when they say "this music requires real talent", is being able to repeat the music you make in the studio, live. I respect your opinion and all, but pressing one button on a keyboard and letting Pro Tools do the rest isn't talent. - Brobusky

Yeah just like Jacob satorius has talent

Talent is to be able to CREATE, not REPEAT thank you very much.
Also assuming that one button creates a track tells me you have no idea how EDM is created,

5 It follows the same pattern as other genres
6 You can sing it

I prefer EDM without vocals. It's just about music for me. - Userguy44

7 It has many different forms to create a vast of diversity on the sounds we call music
8 It has lyrics that can be meaningful

Just listen to Rootkit- Against the Sun - wrests

Alan Walker’s Sing Me To Sleep has meaningful (but sad) lyrics.

9 It shows how advanced technology has gotten into music

Yeah, I agree with this too - Neonco31

It's music of the future, do not hate it cause of being an over nostalgitard - SpectralOwl

10 It's fun to listen to at times, and sad to listen to at others...

Middle by DJ Snake gives me nostalgia - Neonco31

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11 Edm includes a wide variety of electronic music not only the usual yet famous House and etc...
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1. The M literally stands for Music
2. It has lyrics that can be meaningful
3. It has many different forms to create a vast of diversity on the sounds we call music
1. It follows a melody
2. It keeps a rhytym
3. The M literally stands for Music


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