Reasons Why Finding Dory is Awful


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1 The Story is the Same Thing as the First One

Finding (Insert person here) is the story of finding dory - VideoGamefan5

No. It's as subtle as the prequel. - AinezoChan

Nope,the main story is about finding Dorys past,the subplot is about the two fish finding Dory. - DapperPickle

2 It Will Make Kids Gay/Lesbian

What's wrong with being gay? It's literally just two people of the same sex having loving and caring thoughts and feelings for each other. - ARandomPerson

There were no gay people in the movie.

You only said that because Dory's actress is a lesbian. That doesn't mean Dory herself is a lesbian

As much as I agree with the list's title (unpopular opinion I know), nearly every option here is dumb. This one in particular is ridiculous. How are kids going to know that the voice actress is gay just by hearing her voice? - PageEmperor

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3 It's Predictable

"Find my family" this, "find my family" that. Almost all the time I feel like this quote is mentioned. It's obvious that Dory will find her family. - DisneyLover19

Of couse shes going to find her parents - VideoGamefan5

Well,no,not really. - DapperPickle

Nope - Nateawesomeness

4 It Insulted Ellen Degeneres

How is Dory lesbian? - DapperPickle

I feel really bad for her to be in this atrocity made her look like a lesbian fish who is stupid - VideoGamefan5

If Your Calling Dory A Lesbian Fish
You Are Also Insulting Ellen Degeneres
You Are The Meanest User Ever

5 Dory is the Protagonist Dory is the Protagonist Dory is a major character from the film, Finding Nemo and its sequel, Finding Dory. She is a blue tang known for her short-term memory loss and tends to forget almost everything, even the fish that she knows personally. This makes the mission to find Nemo even more difficult for Marlin.

I thought they learnt from their mistakes in Cars 2 to not make the supporting character the main character. Every single time a movie franchise does that, it's bound to be worse than the previous films. - DisneyLover19

Take it off the list

This List Is Awful

What do you mean protagonist?

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6 Bailey is Dumb
7 Squirt and Crush are the Only Good Characters

They are cool the other characters really suck ( Especially Dory and destiny) - VideoGamefan5

8 It is Dumb
9 It's Overhyped

Its probably the most overhyped movie of 2016 along with batman v superman - VideoGamefan5

10 It Moves Too Fast

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11 It's Overrated
12 Pixar is a Sequel Factory
13 Not Enough Gill
14 Dory is Dumb

But that’s the point of her character. - 3DG20

15 It Borrowed Heavily from Finding Nemo

I like Finding Nemo way better than the movie that came out in 2016. Finding Dory is a rip off version of the original version, and plus, I knew that I wasn't going to like that movie in the first place.

16 The Seagulls are Back
17 It is pro-communist propaganda
18 Dory Admits She Blinks
19 It's A Rip Off Of Finding Nemo
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