Top 10 Reasons Why Foodfight! is a Good Movie


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1 Mr. Clipboard is a awesome villain.

For good grief, WHAT DO YOU SEE IN IT?! I understand people are entitled to their own opinions even if they're unpopular, but while I can see you're trying to be reasonable, I'm pretty sure a lot of these reasons aren't true. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Usually I respect opinions, but if you think Foodfight is good, you are sadly mistaken - MegaSoulhero

What? I seriously do not understand anything there is to like about this movie, sorry. - Phillip873

He’s creepy

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2 Christopher Lloyd's voice performance is incredible.

He sounded like he was having a stroke. - egnomac

He sounds like he was jacked up on drugs. He is much better in Back to the Future, The Addams Family and Anastasia. - RoseRedFlower

Better than playing Doc Brown from Back to the Future I don't think so. - egnomac

"Your Cuccuccucustomers won't know who they lived without brand X" - egnomac

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3 The film is unique.

Its unique all right Uniquely bad. - egnomac

Just because something is unique, doesn't make it good. Even junk food has to taste good. - RoseRedFlower

It's literally just the food version of Toy Story. - cjWriter1997

The guy who created this list probably have seizures now. This film does'nt look good but I have to say that the film is really not unique.
Okay, this list is just another pathetic excuse for getting brainwashed by that awful film.

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4 The film is funny.

So is having a car door slammed in your face over and over again. - egnomac

Shindler's List is funnier than this garbage - Phillip873

The flim was ugly - BoyGenius234

Nope. - RoseRedFlower

5 The songs are really good.

The songs sound like a donkey throwing up, or a horse getting his tail getting stepped on

I love listening to the songs. - girlcool

6 Dex is a pretty good protagonist.

Famous Dex.

Cat? Tuna. Monkey? Banana.
Dog?...raisins? - mattstat716

7 The plot is moderately interesting.

Not in my opinion. - RoseRedFlower

With better execution, this could have been a decent film--certainly not the Shrek of its day, but at least not this bad.

The film probably would have been much better if it had better animation and a better script. The story itself seems ok.

... not really to be honest - mattstat716

8 Most of the characters aren't annoying.

Did we even watch the same movie? - RoseRedFlower

False. - mattstat716

9 It has iconic mascots.

Too bad they don't actually do anything even though they take up more space than Dex and his girlfriend in the DVD cover. - egnomac

Just because it has iconic mascots doesn't make it good. Just look at the horrible, overrated abomination known as the Kingdom Hearts series of video games. It is an awful series, yet so many people think it's good just because it has Disney and Final Fantasy characters in it.

Who cares? Stephenie Meyer made a cameo in Twilight, the movie still sucks. - RoseRedFlower

Yeah but their doing nothing absolutely nothing why have them in the movie if your not gonna do anything with them.

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10 It wasn't released in theaters

Because no one would pay to see this crap in theaters. - egnomac

Yeah because most good movies play in theaters. - RoseRedFlower

It had a limited theatrical release in the UK.

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11 Charlie Sheen's voice acting is well done.

He sounds mono toned. I highly doubt he cared about what he was doing. - RoseRedFlower

Charlie Sheen does his best I really don't give a S-T about this movie performance. - egnomac

12 It’s scary

It is scarily bad! Seriously though, I cannot find anything to even somewhat admire about this movie, other than it succeeding in being recognized as one of the worst animated movies of all time! - Phillip873

Especially that scene where Dex and Dan go to the real world.

This isn't a horror film. It's not scary at ALL. - mattstat716

13 The puns
14 It's free on Youtube, so you don't have to spend any money to watch it

Who would pay to watch this in the first place?

15 It’s on Amazon Prime
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