Top 10 Reasons Why Foodfight! is a Good Movie


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1 Mr. Clipboard is a awesome villain.

For good grief, WHAT DO YOU SEE IN IT?! I understand people are entitled to their own opinions even if they're unpopular, but while I can see you're trying to be reasonable, I'm pretty sure a lot of these reasons aren't true. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Usually I respect opinions, but if you think Foodfight is good, you are sadly mistaken - MegaSoulhero

What? I seriously do not understand anything there is to like about this movie, sorry. - Phillip873

He’s creepy

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2 Christopher Lloyd's voice performance is incredible.

He sounded like he was having a stroke. - egnomac

He sounds like he was jacked up on drugs. He is much better in Back to the Future, The Addams Family and Anastasia. - RoseRedFlower

Better than playing Doc Brown from Back to the Future I don't think so. - egnomac

"Your Cuccuccucustomers won't know who they lived without brand X" - egnomac

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3 The film is unique.

Its unique all right Uniquely bad. - egnomac

Just because something is unique, doesn't make it good. Even junk food has to taste good. - RoseRedFlower

There are very few films like this one. - girlcool

Uniquely terrible! - Phillip873

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4 The film is funny.

So is having a car door slammed in your face over and over again. - egnomac

Shindler's List is funnier than this garbage - Phillip873

The flim was ugly - BoyGenius234

Nope. - RoseRedFlower

5 The songs are really good.

The songs sound like a donkey throwing up, or a horse getting his tail getting stepped on

I love listening to the songs. - girlcool

6 Dex is a pretty good protagonist.

Famous Dex.

Cat? Tuna. Monkey? Banana.
Dog?...raisins? - mattstat716

7 The plot is moderately interesting.

Not in my opinion. - RoseRedFlower

The film probably would have been much better if it had better animation and a better script. The story itself seems ok.

... not really to be honest - mattstat716

8 Most of the characters aren't annoying.

Did we even watch the same movie? - RoseRedFlower

False. - mattstat716

9 It has iconic mascots.

Too bad they don't actually do anything even though they take up more space than Dex and his girlfriend in the DVD cover. - egnomac

Who cares? Stephenie Meyer made a cameo in Twilight, the movie still sucks. - RoseRedFlower

Fun fact: There's an animated short called Logorama that essentially uses tons of logos and mascots to the point of product placement. Haven't seen it myself, but I do believe that's a much better watch than Foodfight!. And that short won an OSCAR. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah but their doing nothing absolutely nothing why have them in the movie if your not gonna do anything with them.

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10 It wasn't released in theaters

That doesn't make it better, most direct to DVD movies are garbage, so is this one. There's a reason why it wasn't in cinemas, folks! - RaccoonCartoon

Because no one would pay to see this crap in theaters. - egnomac

Yeah because most good movies play in theaters. - RoseRedFlower

It had a limited theatrical release in the UK.

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11 Charlie Sheen's voice acting is well done.

He sounds mono toned. I highly doubt he cared about what he was doing. - RoseRedFlower

Charlie Sheen does his best I really don't give a S-T about this movie performance. - egnomac

12 It’s scary

It is scarily bad! Seriously though, I cannot find anything to even somewhat admire about this movie, other than it succeeding in being recognized as one of the worst animated movies of all time! - Phillip873

Especially that scene where Dex and Dan go to the real world.

This isn't a horror film. It's not scary at ALL. - mattstat716

13 The puns
14 It’s on Amazon Prime
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