Top 10 Reasons Why Girls Suck


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21 They yell in your ear
22 They cry and giggle too much

You Know What?

23 They always look for problems

What Is It With You Sexist People (Girls And Dudes) Seriously You Guys Are Acting Like Kids Under The Age Of 11.

The Items On This List Aren't Even True About 30% Of Girls. - 12cc

I think YOU are the one looking for problems, not us - XxFireDracoxX

I am under eleven

24 They get butthurt when someone dislikes anything about them

Just look at this list

25 They think all boys should die

That's the first thing this stupid app is true like this comment if it's true after all the mean things there telling about us

What this is actually a list? Lol this is Ridiculous and I can't take this seriously and I'm a guy! - 51im_Ro55_2002

26 They are completely disloyal if a better offer comes along

Oh yep

27 They scream in high-pitched and shrill voices

That pissed me off so much in boyhood that I want beat the crap out of them for screamin' like the bitches they are.

28 They think that they're superior

Ok, what you said there is actually quite sexist. Anyone can think that whichever gender is superior and whichever is inferior. Oh and I'm not going for this list I'm just against the other comment here.

Technically, if you look at it from a biological and moral view, girls are indeed superior.

Ok, that other comment is quite sexist. Anyone can think their own gender is superior and the other gender is inferior. P.S I'm not agreeing with this list, it's that I'm against another person's comment. I'm just defending my own gender from stuff I don't agree with.

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29 They marry men

What are they supposed to do? How is that a problem?

This is the real problem. - AnonymousChick

Honestly...this is just so STUPID - XxFireDracoxX

Well do they need to marry attack helicopters or bigender nonbinary transgender pansexual biromatic demimales or something? - Lucretia

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30 They are sexist

Wow, you are such a hypocrite. You are the most sexist on TheTopTens, and a crybaby. This whole list is either stereotypical, not a problem at all, or something both genders have.

Says the person who makes a list to demean the opposite gender...

Hello, hypocrite. This is a very sexist list. I don't know if I should laugh of the irony, or cry of the stupidity. - PastelFlowers

And you are also being a sexist -_- idiot - XxFireDracoxX

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31 They think it's all about themselves

I hate thinking about myself. It's pointless. I love to think about running, though.

And boys DON'T?!?! There was a guy in our class who was making a fuss over who made a POWERPOINT. A POWERPOINT. How ridiculous! He said, 'Oh, I'm the fastest typer so I should do it.
And guess how many words were done!
So what did we do?
Fail the test.


32 They always get their way

Yep, who gets the kids in a divorce case? Always the girl, unless she's a crack head, that's the one scenario

This sexist world makes it so girls do not get their way. At all. You bastard.

33 They are annoying
34 They are needy

Especially Around guys they want to have everything they want makeup, clothes, shoes. And hey act all stupid and drunk like so guys will get them want they want.

35 They break your heart V 1 Comment
36 A lot of them get jealous easily

They call beautiful girls ugly, but they are probaly jealous a lot.

37 They harass boys when they have the chance to

Not all girls - yunafreya648

38 They are stupid
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