10 Reasons Why Inside Out is Better Than The Good Dinosaur

Last year, there were 2 Pixar movies released: Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur. Overall, in most people's opinions, Inside Out (released in June 2015) was a true Pixar masterpiece while The Good Dinosaur (released in November 2015) was one of the worst children's movies of the 21st century. If you think that The Good Dinosaur was as good as or better than Inside Out, I respect your opinion. In fact, I love both Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur equally. Many people despised The Good Dinosaur but adored Inside Out, and the reasons below could be why. *Please read this before commenting below.*

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1 Riley is a Better Character than Arlo

Arlo is better than Riley. Arlo, despite all the adversities, he managed to get home and overcome his all fears

Yes it is!

Arlo was far whinier than Riley. Riley may not be the main character, but still. - anonygirl

Agree. Arlo is a CRYER. I would torture him to eat venomous berries tied up to vines and I would laugh directly at his face when he cries.

2 Inside Out was More Realistic

In reality, the dinosaurs went extinct. Likewise, the characters in TGD looked unrealistic. Riley was facing a tough challenge of moving out-of-state, something that could happen to a child in real life. - anonygirl

3 Inside Out was More Original

Anybody notice that Osmosis Jones was the first inside your head movie, not Inside Out?

The Good Dinosaur is Dumbo, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, and The Land Before Time all in one. Inside Out on the other hand was original with almost no scenes similar to earlier movies.

How The Good Dinosaur is like The Lion King:
-Both Henry (Arlo's dad) and Mufasa (Simba's dad) died saving their sons.
-The firefly moment with Arlo and Henry was very similar to the "star of past kings" moment with Simba and Mufasa. Both scenes involved fathers having talks with their sons about bravery.
-Both Henry and Mufasa come back in spirit to guide their sons.
-Both Simba and Arlo wanted to accomplish something huge (Arlo wanted to make his mark and Simba wanted to become king), and it took them a long journey to do so. Neither of their accomplishments have been succeeded until the end of the movie.

How TGD is like Dumbo:
-Both Dumbo and Arlo were made fun of for the things they did.
-Both Arlo and Dumbo were befriended by someone smaller than they were ...more - anonygirl

4 Nobody Died in Inside Out

Unless you want to count Ping Pong for being thrown into the area Riley's forgotten memories, Inside Out did not have any tragic deaths. The Good Dinosaur, on the other hand, consisted of Henry getting killed saving his son, Arlo. I do not count Ping Pong fading away in the forgotten memories as an actual death for some reason. I don't know why. - anonygirl

Bing Bong died!

5 Joy & Sadness Make a Better Pair Than Arlo & Spot

Because Sadness is the best.

At least Joy and Sadness could both speak. Spot could not speak. - anonygirl

6 Inside Out Was for All Audiences. 

The characters and storyline of The Good Dinosaur was too childish for anyone 7 or older to enjoy, but it was too violent for anyone under 7 to watch. Inside Out was mature enough for teens and adults to enjoy, but it was cute enough for children to enjoy as well. Almost every Pixar movie (except The Good Dinosaur) had interest to at some audiences (if not all audiences). Cars was at least interesting to boys ages 2-5, and at least Brave was enjoyable to girls ages 9-12. I mean, what is the target audience for The Good Dinosaur (it was too childish for teens and adults, but too scary for children)? - anonygirl

Totally agree with you man! that movie was way too disturbing and violent for kids under 7, and I hate that movie a lot. in inside out, no one practically died, and it was so perfect and had a thoughtful message. on the other hand, The Good Dinosaur could scare kids and traumatize them for the rest of their lives, and it had a lot of pain, grief, violence, and a message not so appropriate to children: The Berries.

7 "Inside Out" is a More Creative Title Than "The Good Dinosaur"

The Good Dinosaur should get cancelled

8 Inside Out Looks More Futuristic

The scenery in The Good Dinosaur may be stunning, but Inside Out looked far more colorful. Headquarters looked pretty similar to the Jetsons. TGD seemed outdated (a movie I would expect to see 30 years earlier). - anonygirl

9 The Good Dinosaur Had Far More Plot Holes Than Inside Out
10 The Good Dinosaur Was Pixar's First Grossing Failure

According to a website called Cinema Blend, Pixar had a target of $500 million worth of marketing. The Good Dinosaur was the first movie was the first Pixar movie to not reach $500 million. Even Cars 2 reached its peak at $559 million (Brave was probably more than that). The Good Dinosaur had a peak grossing of maybe $300 million. Very shortly after Inside Out was released, Inside Out managed to bring in $185. All this is information from Cinema Blend. - anonygirl

HAH! I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, OH YEAH! I guessed that it could have been a box office failure all my life, but now I have PROOF! THIS IS A GOOD DAY!

I am a girl, so please do not call me man, bro, or sir. - anonygirl

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11 Riley Doesn't Whine Like Arlo Does


Arlo does not whine

12 Inside Out is More Gender Neutral


13 It’s More Relatable
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