Top 10 Reasons Why Jefferson Airplane is Better Than the Beatles

Don't get me wrong I like The Beatles as well, but since I've become such a big fan of Psychedelic music, I can no longer say that the Beatles are one of my favorite Psychedelic bands. They would not even be in my top 10 Psychedelic bands right now. However, I would definitely call Jefferson Airplane one of my favorite Psychedelic bands. I'm comparing them since they both made Psychedelic music during the latter half of the 60s. Let's begin.

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1 Jefferson Airplane made better psychedelic albums than the Beatles

The Beatles didn't choose to concentrate on "psychedelic music". Having a different focus doesn't make Airplane "better" overall, it just makes the 2 groups different. - Billyv

2 Paul Kantner was a better guitarist than George Harrison

According to...? - Billyv

3 Jefferson Airplane was more experimental than the Beatles

Perhaps, but The Beatles experiments were more successful, diverse and groundbreaking. - Billyv

4 Jefferson Airplane's lyrical content is more varied

That's because at least Jefferson airplane has more verity in their music when it comes to lyrical content, and at least Jefferson Airplane does not have several albums which have exclusively love songs.

5 Jefferson Airplane's members were better songwriters

That's a minority opinion. It's certainly debateable and subjective, but Lennon, McCartney and perhaps even Harrison are regarded as better songwriters by most professionals and music fans. - Billyv

6 Jefferson Airplane did not start out as the world's first boy band

Nor did The Beatles. They had no resemblance to a "boy band" when they first formed and played clubs in Germany. - Billyv

7 Jefferson Airplane was more psychedelic

Being "more psychedelic" and a "better psychedelic band" does not make one band "better" than another band in terms of overall talent and music - which the title of the list implies. - Billyv

8 Jefferson Airplane helped start West Coast Rock and Psychedelic Rock in the U.S.A.

While The Beatles are often credited as the inventor of Psychedelic rock, which is not true in my humble opinion, because The Yardbirds, The Byrds, Frank Zappa, and Kim Fowley did Psych Rock before the Beatles even released Revolver.

9 Paul Kantner and Grace Slick were better singers than Paul McCartney and John Lennon
10 Spencer Dryden was a better Drummer than Ringo Star

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11 Grace Slick was a more powerful vocalist
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